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  1. How do I get an avatar pic?

    On the upper right, press the C and it will your profile. On the large rectangular block on the bottom left corner there is a button with a art icon. Press this and options will appear.
  2. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    The Bears changed QBs by putting Chase Daniel in the 2 minute offense. What are going to do now?
  3. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    looks like it.
  4. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    Next week's game was flexed.
  5. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

  6. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    The Bears kickers are having troubles, so Nagy thought a TD chance would be in order.
  7. Week 11 Milk Carton

    He just scored a TD
  9. Ajayi

    Expected to sign with the Eagles today, per NFLN.
  10. Can't assume what the NFL head office. Burfect was suspended for the year for his kept malicious acts.
  11. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    The Bears is low under 2020 cap space
  12. per NFLN Neck injury, could be several weeks to season ending.
  13. per NFLN. Knee injury
  14. Chargers vs Raiders (TNF)

    He is a fullback.
  15. Foles is back as starter

    Minshew on the bench Per conference shown on NFLN
  16. Cam newton

    Carolina just placed him on IR. Per NFLN
  17. Cowboys vs Giants (MNF)

    How did the black cat get in there?
  18. TY Hilton out

    Calf issue. Expected to miss 3-4 weeks.
  19. D. Adams is active

    If you can, add him to your active list.
  20. Week 9 Gameday Thread

    Theilen reaggravated his injury and is questionable to return
  21. Josh Gordon to IR, now released

    NFLN is saying it is the Seahawks.
  22. Josh Gordon to IR, now released

    but to an undisclosed team. I thought that the NFL would announce at 4:00 ET.
  23. TY Hilton out

    Zack Pascal