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  1. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

  2. What a joke

    Maybe ... maybe not ... but the Cowboys will win another Super Bowl before the Chiefs ... bank on that. The Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since WHAT??? 1995, 1994!!!???? You really should not talk when your team has not won a Championship for well over 30 years.
  3. Dallas homers/fans

    IMO Keyshawn had this best game he will have this year last week and though he will put up decent FLEX WR points I doubt he will be able to be counted on as a #1 or #2 FF roster spot. Bledsoe really like Crayton and a whole new dimension will be added with Price entering the game. Parcells wants to be a running team that plays great defense but was forced to pass vs. the Chargers. I still see Keyshawn as a bye week filler or flex slot FF player. Now that all changes if he repeats this performance on Monday night vs. a tough Washington defense.
  4. NFL Names Offensive Player of Week

    You're correct my title should have said NFC Offensive Player of Week.
  5. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    UCLA is favored vs. Oklahoma by 6 1/2 points. WHAT??? a ways they have fallen.
  6. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    I may not be around so here's mine for Week 2: Pittsburgh
  7. I'm Enjoying This Game So Far

    Could not happen to a nicer team.
  8. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Yes, I picked them as well. I'll be at the Monday night home opener for Dallas and I sure hope you're right about the ass kicking that is coming for Washington.
  9. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Where's the link to the complete list of picks?
  10. Crayton

    Bledsoe really looks for Crayton on 3rd down. During the preseason he threw to Crayton alot in those situations. He's becoming a possesion receiver but with the ability to take it to the house. Price will be the 4th WR BTW.
  11. Chargers

    Was there a hell of a lot of Cowboy fans there? Everytime Dallas had a great play there was a lot of cheering, seemed to be about the same as when the Chargers had one.
  12. Chargers

    Maybe ... but Dallas was playing great defense and was getting to and hitting Breez on every day. Three of the last five passes where tipped and or intercepted by Dallas. I think San Diego was out of timeouts at that point ... and with 30 seconds left they could not waste a play with a tackle in bounds.
  13. Chargers

    Dallas had contained LT most of the game and Dallas was blitzing. HOW 'BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!???