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  1. I was the first to 10,000 posts back in 2002 I believe it was ... Blitzkrieg and I were trying to get there first ... then we both grew up ... kinda ... now it is a post or two a month.
  2. I would like to see the Dallas Cowboys trade up to get Aaron Donald ... even though they need a lot of players on defense and could use as many picks as possible this guy is worth the loss of a couple picks and would make an immediate impact on the line.
  3. On Car ... heading to locker room.
  4. Grabbing knee on the sidelines after running awkwardly to sidelines. It looks like his knee had serious movement in it ... does not look good at all. I hate to say it but it look like a classic ACL. UPDATE - Cart came out --- He is in locker room.
  5. Chris Johnson dropped to me at 1.6 so I took him ... I followed up at 2.5 with Mendenhall. :-) I got Peyton Manning in the 5th btw and backed him up with Kolb.
  6. I have the 6th pick so I will be drafting him if he falls to 1.6. At that point I think you have to as far as value goes.
  7. That really is my direction right now ... I think he will have a good year.
  8. I have 1.6 tonight and will take CJ if he is there.
  9. I have the 6th pick tonight and was curious on opinions. I do not like Jones-Drew to have much of a year but he is ranked higher everywhere than McCoy. The top four RB’s will be off the board for sure. I wish Ray Rice would fall but unlikely. I will have Drew or McCoy to go with. I do not want to go QB or WR at this point. Thoughts? Standard scoring league 1pt per 20 yards rush/rec.
  10. Good thing we do not have a 32Homers draft going on or anything.
  11. Jets - 69 Eagles - 0
  12. From ESPN ... "None of the cuts qualifies as a huge surprise, though there was some thought that Williams might represent too big a cap hit. But as Calvin reported Monday, designating Williams as a June 1 cut makes him a $5 million savings this year instead of a $12.9 million hit as we had previously thought."
  13. Roy? Really? Hmmm I thought the cap accelerated hit was too high to let him go.
  14. Spains sheep provider as I recall or was that Beaverpunk's wifes rack supporter? Either way I'm sure he can kick Sgt. Ryans ass too right Blitz?
  15. Anyone know if he is doing it this year?