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  1. Where does AB end up?

  2. keeper help... Travis Kelce or Aaron Jones?

    Is Ertz or Kittle really worth a 3rd round pickup?
  3. In a 12 man full point PPR Starting 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE and FLEX. I am drafting from the #4 position in a snake draft and we are only able to keep 1. 17 rounds total. I can keep Kelce with a 2nd round pick or Aaron Jones with an 11th. I'm leaning towards Aaron Jones but having second thoughts. Don't think I can still get Kelce at the turn at 2 and I'm not sure about Jones holding up with injury history. Jones has great value in the 11th round. Still I am torn. these are my best options for keepers. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks All !