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  1. Missing Threads Again

    We have two new threads that have been processed and so far the forum is functioning correctly. As we move into the busier part of August and preseason please help me keep a close eye on this. I would prefer not to move the forum again but closely monitor your threads.
  2. LLD FA BID: Josh Lambo JAX K

    Processed 29$-28$
  3. LLD FA Bid: Taysom Hill QB NO

    Processed 61$-60$
  4. Baron Samedi / Scaramanga Trade

    Good catch. Completed Scarmanga 78-88$ BaronMWG 52-42$
  5. Baron Samedi / Scaramanga Trade

  6. Baron Samedi / Scaramanga Trade

    Sorry for delay guys - been involved in two other start ups this off-season. I will try to check in every couple of days.
  7. Missing Threads Again

    Well I was waiting to see if it happens to someone else. The odds that I have been doing this in multiple forums for years and suddenly make some oddball mistakes in this forum are pretty low. I have reached out to the admin for a response and they had little to offer. I would have to think that someone deleted them. There's never been any instance of random threads disappearing. Ask the people that have delete authority and let me know if for sure no one deleted them. Not sure how that is possible and no one has ever said that.
  8. Test thread #1

    Lock to test if that is the cause of them disappearing
  9. Missing Threads Again

    Okay - we definitely have an issue. I processed the following FA bids yesterday. I even tested the links in the $$ thread and they worked fine. Now they are missing. I have sent a PM to DMD admin. Mercedes Lewes, Cody Parky, Luke Willson, NOS Def All of these players are on the correct team and the money thread reflects the bids - but we have to get this fixed.
  10. Missing FA Threads **

    No - they were all here and they were all worked by me yesterday morning after timestamps expired. You can see the notes in the $$ thread where I applied the dollar amounts.
  11. Missing FA Threads **

    I noticed some FA threads missing - not sure what is going on. It is possible that I somehow deleted them when working on the $$ updates. I had two separate windows open and bounced back and forth from the transaction to the $$ thread. I have done this many times with no issues. The $$ thread is correct to reflect the transactions. FA Nick Foles - Berlin ( reflected in the $$) FA Garrett Celek - Berlin (reflected in the $$) FA Deontay Burnett - DB5 (reflected in the $$) FA Nick Vannett - MWG (reflected in the $$) FA Stephen Anderson - MWG (reflected in the $$) FA Clive Walford - Scarmanga (reflected in the $$)
  12. June 1 - Free Agency (FA) opens and lasts until Week 16, Friday @ 11:59 PM EDT
  13. 2018 Dues Thread

  14. 2018 Dues Thread

    2019 LeagueSafe Berlin - Paid 5.22 Payment Receipt for transaction #260I522005RWK6