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  1. FA bid Lamar Miller CHI rb - Mr Big Won

    This is why I hate rules like the late fee. This league does not have a commish. I try to pop in once or twice a week to help out. All the late fee does is create another pointless task and creates an opportunity for someone to complain.... Opie can process the claim however he wants.
  2. Processed Starting
  3. Processed and starting
  4. Fa bid . hakeem butler phi wr

    H Butler is already on a roster
  5. The man with the ggg roster moves

  6. Contract please
  7. FA BID: Davis, Mike CAR RB - Berlin Won

    Processed 1 year 1$ penalty
  8. Processed 1 year 1$ penalty
  9. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    Ty Montgomery IR Processed -1 dead year
  10. FA BID: Alie-Cox, Mo IND TE - Faberge Wins

    Processed 3 years 35-7$