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  1. LLD FA Bid: James O'Shaughnessy JAC TE

    Processed 19-18$ 1 year Gates dropped - 1 dead year applied
  2. LLD 2018 Skins

    Week 10 updated 6/10 skins for Running Wilde Monkey
  3. LLD 2018 Skins

    Week 9 updated - shocker Monkey keeps rolling 5/9 skins
  4. LLD FA BID: Nick Mullens SFO QB

    Processed 21-19$ 1 year Beathard dropped - 1 dead year applied

    Processed 40-39$ 1 year Peake dropped - 1 dead year applied Myers to starting line up
  6. FA Bid : Powell, Brandon DET WR

    Processed 27-26$ Contract or taxi
  7. LLD 2018 Skins

    Week 8 Oddjob's stayed hot but Faberge won the high score at the end. Faberge is second in victory points with an interesting roster - loaded but 11 man roster !!
  8. Trade: Oddjob / Sir Hugo

    Processed OH - 12-10$ SirH - 62-72$
  9. IR and DAD Rules

    When ER was unable to continue as commish, we agreed during the transition to mirror the DAD rules. I did a less than stellar job with transposing the edits into the old LLD rules. One offseason task is to 100% copy into our rule book and replace wording from DAD to LLD. Point - IR should be 3 3.5 Injured Reserve (IR) 3.5.1 Limits Each team has a maximum of three (3) Injured Reserve (IR) slots. A player can only be IR'd if he has a valid contract. Once a player is placed on IR, the player will remain on on IR for the duration of the season unless they are re-activated by their NFL team. Once a player is placed on IR, the club can pick up another player but they must go through the Free Agent channel as with any other pick up. Any player picked up in free agency that is already on IR is not eligible to be placed on IR. That player must remain on your active roster. 3.5.2 Dropping IR Players Any player dropped from IR falls under waiver rules at the point he is dropped. If an IR player is dropped to the waiver wire, seven (7) days of the drop must pass, before the player is eligible to be reacquired by the dropping owner. If the dropping owner reacquires the dropped IR player, that same player must be returned to the IR. 3.5.3 Eligibility A player qualifies for the IR by being placed on the IR officially by My Fantasy League (MFL) . If for some reason a player has been placed on IR by the NFL and not MFL, then those cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, but the default rule is to go with the MFL site. 3.5.4 Contract Implications When placed on IR, the player's current contract year, which is always one (1) year is credited to the team and all future contract years will continue to count against the franchise's contract ceiling. A -1 Dead Year will be added to the team's contracts in MFL by the RMC and/or RMAC. After the February 15th deadline which reduces contracts years for all active roster players, all players on IR will become part of the regular/active roster. Because the contract year was credited to the team when that player was placed on IR, there will be no contract credit given during the February 15th contract roll over. 3.5.5 Reactivating a Player on IR A player may be reactivated from IR back to the active roster if the player has been reactivated in the league's My Fantasy League (MFL) site . The team does not have to reactivate the player even if MFL reactivates the same player. The team can reactivate this player at any time after the NFL team reactivates the player. 3.5.6 Reactivation Eligibility A player qualifies for being reactivated from IR in DAD once My Fantasy League (MFL) reactivates the same player from IR. If a DAD team wishes to reactivate a player from IR, the team cannot exceed the active players roster cap nor the active players contract cap. 3.5.7 Reactivation Contract Implications The -1 Dead year credit will now be removed and a +1 contract year will now be added back to the team's contract cap.
  10. LLD FA BID: Washington Def

  11. LLD 2018 Skins

    Week 7 updated OddJob's 183.10.
  12. 2018 Roster Moves

    Processed -1 dead year added
  13. LLD2: 2018 Chat

    Who really cares what you said.....just some applause for a post. Welcome back
  14. LLD FA Bid: Detroit Lions

    Processed 2 years 22-21$ Marshall dropped - 1 dead year applied Lions in starting line up week 7