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  1. What's up Irish. Who would you start: Drake or s. Shepard .5 ppr? And need two in standard: Humphries, Jackson , AP, Wilson jr?
  2. Need help with my lineup please!

    I would put ap in for Carson.
  3. Trying to figure out my flex spot. Who would you go with in .5 ppr scoring? Drake or Sterling shepherd?
  4. This is standard non ppr scoring. I have two spots to fill and it is between AP, Humphries, Wilson Jr, and Jackson (sd). AP ran over the giants def, but with Sanchez leading the way, will they just put 8 men in the box? Humphries has been solid the last 4 weeks. Wilson Jr. Is going to be the bellcow, but the Denver def is much improved against the run. Will Jackson just be 2nd fiddle to eckler or impress again against a terrible run defense. Who would you start in 2 spots?
  5. Conner to Locker Room

    They stated just a contusion. So doesn't sound serious.
  6. Standard scoring. Looking to fill two RB spots. It's between Drake, Peterson, and Blount. I just hate Peterson's matchup. Plus with Thompson coming back and the fact that eagle may stack the box, I'm not liking it. Drake is always a wildcard, but like what i saw with tamnenhill out. And this only matters if Johnson is out, then I like Blount. WDIS?
  7. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    Need of kc kickerto get 9 points in one league. The other league I'm down buy 11 with cook vs hill. Last league up by 30 with Goff vs woods, rams def, and rams kicker. Chance to go 3-0, just as easy 0-3.
  8. He never used his waiver. He only picked up people who were a free agent.
  9. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    Will Gio be the starter if that's the case?
  10. MNF - What do you need?

    League 1) Non-PPR -- Up by 40. I still have Stafford. He has R. Anderson, Cooper and Greg the leg League 2) .5 PPR -- Up by 3, I still have Stafford/Lions Def. He has R. Anderson League 3) Non-PPR. Up by 48, I got no one. He has Goff and K. Johnson. I should win all 3 leagues. Just a solid night from Stafford. And no huge surprises from anyone else.
  11. Just wanted to see everyone's opinion on him this week. I know it's the playoffs for most of us, but I'm having a hard time playing him. I know you never sit your studs, but having the 3rd string QB (assuming Savage sits with the concussion) throwing to him against the #1 pass defense, just seems like a lot of negatives. Curious to see what every one else thinks.
  12. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    One league I need L. Bell to score less than 30 points to secure 1 seed. 2nd League I need AJ Green and Mixon to score less than 50 points and I secure the 2nd see with a round 1 bye. Those are relatively easy, my last league we actually started the playoffs already and I'm up by 16, they have Roethlisberger and AJ Green. I have Antonio Brown (If he doesn't play, I picked up Bryant to cover him). With Brown I feel like this one will be 60/40 in my favor. If he doesn't play, I feel like I'm screwed and give myself about 20%. Good luck and I'm praying that Green has similar numbers to the last 2 times he has faced the Steelers.
  13. What Do You Need On MNF?!?!

    Due to Julio dropping that td, I need the Detroit Lions Defense to get 11 - 16 points to win both of my big money leagues. I'm up by 17 in one league against Lions Def and the league where I have Julio, I'm down by 10.5 and I have Lions Def. So, I will win at least one of them, but hoping to win both.
  14. Julio jones trade

    I mean at first I would say to do it, but that would leave you with only two rbs on your roster. If you think there is some decent option out on the waiver wire, go for it. If not, I would hold strong.