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  1. I'm in a 10 man standard scoring league and we get to keep one keeper from last year from the round we picked them. Also, I just found out I got the 1st pick. I'll be taking D. Johnson, since L. Bell will be kept. I can either keep Evans in the third round. Which would be 21st pick OR I can keep Gordon in the 6th round. Which would be the 60th pick Gordon would be more valuable and would be nice to have my rbs set. But also thinking of having a top 5 WR to go with a top 2 RB is extremely appealing. Who do you would you keep and why?
  2. For me it would be Jordy, Murray, Perkins and last would be Abdullah. That has you only spending 72 dollars and basically you have your RBS set. Gives you enough money to spend on a big time WR if you want.
  3. So I'm in a smaller dynasty league ( Only 8 teams) and I have an 2 offers on the table and they are both for Tom Brady. Currently my QBs are Tom Brady and Derek Carr. So I can trade Brady if it makes my team better for the future. Offer 1) Brady for Carson Wentz Offer 2) Brady for 2.4 Pick (12 Overall) and Palmer. Would you take either offer and if so which one?
  4. If browns take foster here, they have a great young core on defense. They improve all 3 areas.
  5. I mean I knew WR was a need for TEN.....but wow.
  6. With the 49ers I went with Jackson, as they have a gap in CB since they released Brock and they need playmakers on that Defense. With Jacksonville, it seemed pretty clear cut that they need playmakers on the offense and with getting rid of Thomas, this fills that void.
  7. With 3rd pick of the 2nd round the Jacksonville Jaguars select David Njoku, TE, Mia
  8. With 2nd pick of the 2nd round the San Francisco 49ers select Adoree Jackson, CB, USC
  9. Jacksonville selects Malik Hooker. This came down to Hooker and Fournette, but I'm thinking Coughlin looks to continue to improve that defense.
  10. 49ers select Solomon Thomas DE Stanford.
  11. I can take the 49ers and if no wants them, the Jags
  12. If I was a cowboys fan I would be more pissed about how the end of the game was called. As soon as I saw that the Packers had 30 something seconds and two to's left, I had a feeling it was over. Aaron Rodgers is know for making those plays. The refs blow calls in every game. Stop blaming the refs and blame the players and coaches.
  13. LT, TO, Lynch, Dawkins, Warner
  14. Hey irish I should be all paid up since you took it out of my winnings.
  15. I'm in again, but should already be in the league