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  1. What do the Ravens need to happen next week to get in?

    IF the Ravens win in Week 17 against Cincy, they'll get the final Wildcard spot if either (or both) MIA and/or SD losses. BAL would win a head-to-head (two-team) tie breaker with both MIA and SD, but MIA would win a three-team tie breaker (based on overall conference record).
  2. Awful, AP's son...

  3. 2013 HOF finalists

    Somewhat ironic that the Football HOF doesn't have enough spots for all of the great players and the Baseball HOF doesn't have any great players to fill the spots........
  4. 2013 HOF finalists

    If he gets in (which I think he should), Ogden will probably get the loudest ovation on Sunday in the Dome during pre-game. Will be a nice moment.
  5. Division Loyalty?

    Great point! Browns and Bengals fans are welcome too!
  6. .....idiot kicker (still not over it)
  7. A little beer shopping tonight

    Yeah, the cans are different, but I like them. Nice for beach or boating. I think Sixpoint calls them nano-kegs, which is fun. I've also had 21st Amendment: Hop Crisis and Dale's Deviant cans somewhat recently. 21st also makes a Black IPA in cans which I want to have soon.
  8. A little beer shopping tonight

    Yeah, I love the hops. Speaking of being a hophead, I had some Sixpoint Resin this week. Whoa mama - talk about your hops. I also had a glass (poured from bottle) of the Dubhe, which was very enjoyable.
  9. A little beer shopping tonight

    Yeah, I don't think that they make bad beer. I recently had the Southern Hemisphere Harvest (which I think has been mentioned in this thread) and it is delicious. Also love the Torpedo cans.
  10. A little beer shopping tonight

    Was at a Founders Brewery tasting in NY recently and loved the Frangelic Mountain Brown. Went out and bought a few bottles that I plan on enjoying sometime soon.
  11. rumor has it . . .

    Don't forget Mike Nolan and maybe you include Del Rio (although I'm sure JAX want to forget him)......
  12. rumor has it . . .

    Can he take Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff with him?
  13. Kluwe kicks Bayless in the Arse

    I think that Terrell Suggs also has been going back and forth with him recently and called him a D-bag this past Monday. I don't understand why the athletes even waste their time talking with this bufoon, but I guess its because they (the athletes) want facetime on the MotherNetwork too.
  14. Lines for Championship Games

    On one hand, it's an axe to grind and could act as motivation for the Pats. On the other hand, it could serve as a basis for the Ravens knowing that they can storm into NE and run all over them, becuase they did it before. At the end of the discussion though, I think it's a push and doesn't really matter. It was two years ago and there was less on the line (neither team won the Championship). This time around, one of these teams wins the AFC and it's a different ballgame.
  15. Pro Bowlers

    I disagree and think that true FBs have a place in the pro-bowl. Ray Rice has made several comments about how Leetch has made a huge impact on the way that the offense is run. Arian Foster has made similar comments in the past. While not every team uses a FB in their scheme, some of these guys deserve to be recognized the same way that other players do.