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  1. Cam Newton

    I thought so but not sure anymore,
  2. Julio Jones

    The difference between MC and Julio has nothing to do with the averages. Has much more to do with the ceilings. I would say Julio is a home and matchup play at best until Ryan can show that he can continually perform. But when Ryan is on, Julio is the top WR I want. If you are desperate for more consistency, I'd say it's not a bad deal.
  3. Imagine you drafted this team

    Yeah a lot of bad breaks but that is also a very high risk draft. All of these are risks a experienced manager would try to avoid. Ryan and Carr were both very overrated basing there performance on one year. Drafting Hilton when you know that Luck is going out for 1st 6 weeks. You know Murray will be splitting work with an up and coming Henry Ajayi has very little historical data coming into this year. And Cutler as your starting AN Pryor, Cooper, and Graham are the FF gods taking a dump on this team. Not saying you can't take risks, (I took Ajayi in 1 league) but you need to mediate risk. This much risk would of shown it's ugly head eventually.
  4. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Of course during the week before a possible suspension, Elliott goes off for 200+ and 3 Yes. And since I was too unsure as to his status based on the latest set of fake news on the reinstatement of his suspension that I DIDN'T PLAY HIM. THIS IS COMPLETELY F***** up. And of course none of the ff prep shows mention him in the first hour of their shows, so I couldn't have heard about it beforehand. Sorry just venting now that I will lose my matchup.
  5. WDIS Flex Please Help

    Standard Scoring 0.5 PPR My Flex is usually Diggs with a backup of Park er. With both looking doubtful for 2nd week in a row, should I fill my flex with someone on bench or WE Bench Ellington Breida Mack WE Woods Fowler (Sanders out in DEN) Wallace Lease Forte Any other suggestions please input.
  6. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    I am in a 0.5 PPR standard Scoring league Here are my Running backs Hunt, Ajayi, Ellington, Breida, and Mack Would you sit Ajayi for Ellington or see if Miami can get their oline together. Thanks a lot
  7. Ajayi or Ellington

    Standard 0.5 POOR The next good game Ajayi has I will probably look to trade him. I don't trust Cutler or Miami O-line. Stick with Ajayi or go with Ellington against a beat up Philly secondary
  8. Milk carton time

    I replaced Diggs with Devonte Parker. Never again
  9. Non Standard Scoring League 20 Rush Yards per Point - 15 Rec Yards per Point Was Offered Gillislee, Desean Jackson, and 2018 1st Round Pick for Kareem Hunt and 2018 3rd Round Pick All the dynasty trade analyzers tell me its a good trade for me, but I am still having trouble with it knowing that Hunt could be a key piece. I also think that Hunt isn't valued as high because he started as a backup. Here is my team QB: Brady, Winston RD: Bell, Elliott, Hunt, Perkins WR: Julio, Benjamin, Lockett, Ross, M Jones TE: Olsen, Howard I will be happy to reciprocate.
  10. A team in my dynasty league wants a QB I'm not interested in anyone except for Davis. He's willing to offer a 2018 1st round pick. Is a 1st rd pick worth trading either of my QBs? His Team is as follows: QB: Luck RB: Fournette, Ajayi, McKinnon, Henry, Abdullah WR: Hilton, Robinson, Watkins, Corey D, Montcrieff, Lockett, Matthews My Team: QB: Brady,Wentz, Winston RB: Bell, Elliott, Hunt, Perkins, Mack WR: Julio, K. Benjamin, M. Jones, Ross TE: Olsen, OJ
  11. LM Cancels Trade Based on One Party wanting out

    No $200 entry fee
  12. LM Cancels Trade Based on One Party wanting out

    No i was not in the trade. The post was sent to my league to show the Lm how everyone in FF thinks about the commish's decision
  13. LM Cancels Trade Based on One Party wanting out

    Yes but you need majority to veto and not everyone votes
  14. LM Cancels Trade Based on One Party wanting out

    The accepting manager is about to ruin the league by trading all of the players for pennies so we are in crisis mode.
  15. Hey all, the LM in my ESPN PPR League just cancelled a trade in process because the offering party didn't want the trade anymore. That is, the manager that offered the trade. This seems extremely unfair. Just want to get your opinion. Out league is set up so the league can veto a trade if 6 managers vote against the trade. LM has no power to veto trade alone. Team that offered trade then went and made better deal for same players offered. Lm never even notified accepting team. Opinions please?