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  1. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    The only people trading for Gronk should be securely in the playoffs and looking for upside on their bench.
  2. Trade offered QB switch up

    I'd take Julio Jones who is the best player in that trade. That is some crappy RBs though.
  3. Pickup Penny, Richard, or Anthony Miller?

    Miller got claimed before me. I got Penny. But have a claim in for Njoku who was just dropped, will drop Penny for him.
  4. MegaTrade

    What does everyone think of this trade: I give away: Kareem Hunt, Spencer Ware, Deshaun Watson, & OJ Howard I get: Odell Beckham & Christian McCaffrey Team is in my signature.
  5. Trade away Tyreek Hill?

    I'm 7-3 in 4th place. 6 teams make the playoffs. I will be in a fight to make the playoffs but should make it. I'm more looking to set my team up for the playoffs.
  6. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    I don't think money is as much of a concern for Gronk. He could probably make $10 mil a year outside football doing WWE and commercials.
  7. Stat correction for Cooks?

    Cooks has 100 yards in ESPN.

    Doyle could've gotten those 3 Ebron touchdowns last week.
  9. Drop Ekeler for Penny?

    Penny would still split with Davis if Carson gets hurt.
  10. Pick up Josh Reynolds or Anthony Miller?

    No their offense is starting to look good and they have a decent schedule.
  11. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Let’s talk about this year first. I just don’t see being able to rely on him even when he plays. He has always relied on contested catches and his body is just done in my opinion. When he plays he won’t be anything more than 75%.
  12. Pickup Penny, Richard, or Anthony Miller?

    I was leaning toward WR too. Is Miller the best WR available in my league? Also available: Mike Williams, Marquise Goodwin, Willie Snead,John Ross, Keke Coutee
  13. Trade away Tyreek Hill?

    Beckham has a much better remaining schedule. Also considering Hill still has a bye. That’s why I’m considering it.
  14. Trade away Tyreek Hill?

    I'm trying to upgrade my roster for the playoffs. I can trade Deshaun Watson and Tyreek Hill for Odell Beckham. Is this a good trade for me? I have Carson Wentz as my starter.
  15. Trade Advice/I will Respond to yours as well w

    Yea I wouldn't do it. I always want to get the best player, especially this late in the year. Are you desperate for wins to make playoffs?