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  1. Aaron Jones or James white

    It will be a sporting event greater than the World Cup, World Series, and WWII combined.
  2. Wentz out this week

    Goff is a lock this week then for me. Lol
  3. Pick 2 from 3 disgusting choices

  4. Goff or Brady?

  5. Aaron Jones or James white

    Jones may have a decent game but I wouldn't expect anything big. I think the Bears D is going to be really after Rodgers. Especially after his recent comments. Side note: Bears 34. Packers 13
  6. Justin Jackson time?

    Ok. Just wondering thoughts on the matchup with KC and if he really can carry the load for a big week?
  7. Justin Jackson time?

    He may be the workhorse this week. I need that to happen as I have Gordon. Thoughts?
  8. QB start. Goff or Wentz???

    What a nightmare. Should have played Wentz Go Bears!
  9. QB start. Goff or Wentz???

    A hair under 20 in my league. of course because I played Goff.
  10. QB start. Goff or Wentz???

    Well I went Goff so we'll see. Not expecting anything great but compared to Wentz it should be ok.. What's wrong with the Eagles/Wentz???
  11. I love you George Kittle

    Yeah. Drafted him as my backup to Kelce. Lol. I am the te whisperer this year. Not much else
  12. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    yes. And rolled the dice on Tre'quan Smith.
  13. QB start. Goff or Wentz???

    Yeah I have guessed wrong a few times lately too. Goff on the road @ Chi makes me think he will be just ok. They may run the ball hard this week. I feel like I can't trust Wentz though. He cost me a back to back weeks with that dud in NO and then 13 pts. vs. the Giants the folowing week on Goffs bye. My head hurts on this one.
  14. Which QB?

    Trubisky is a risk but if healthy I think he is the clear starter. They rested him because they thought they didn't need him against the Giants last week. But I think he is good to go now.
  15. Goff on SNF @ Bears? or Wentz @ Cowboys?