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  1. I got Cam out of the dumpster in the draft so he has been a great surprise. Can he keep it up? Can Watson and the Houston offense get it together? I need a RB and was thinking of trading Cam after the draft but now I'm starting to question that move a little. Any Houston homers that have watched Watson?
  2. Week 2 Chat

    I had him on 2 teams last year. Couldn't get him on any this year.
  3. how are you watching NFL?

    HULU always seems to be at least a minute behind. Great for betting drunk friends on the outcome of the next play.
  4. Flex Greg Olsen or Jamaal Williams?

    Aren't you concerned with Cooks quad and the tough match up?
  5. Lineup Check

    I get it. But it sounds like it's going to be a time share for the near future.
  6. Lineup Check

    Benny Snell?
  7. How many leagues?

  8. Flex Greg Olsen or Jamaal Williams?

    You can avoid the guy who is already way less than 50%. You missed the point.
  9. Flex Greg Olsen or Jamaal Williams?

    No and you can't predict the sex of a baby, but either way you know you're FDDD is you didn't plan for it.
  10. Flex Greg Olsen or Jamaal Williams?

    Yikes. Cooks has me scared off. Be burned by him before, injuries etc.... That's what makes this a tough call.
  11. Flex Greg Olsen or Jamaal Williams?

    I feel like Oslen's ceiling is pretty ok. 5 for 65 and 1-2 Tds at best. But realistically probably 3 for 40 and .5 Td. I think the Packers will be RUNNING away with this one in the second half.
  12. Flex Greg Olsen or Jamaal Williams?

    Well, I am sitting Cooks, Golladay is out, Higbee is my starting TE. I have to start a bench player so
  13. PPR Olsen vs. NE on Sunday night or Williams vs Detroit? My feeling is that GB is going to throw all over the Lions secondary and get a big lead in the first half. Lots of garbage time for Williams?