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  1. T.Richardson or P.Harvin at flex?

    anyone else please.
  2. Hill splitting this week....
  3. roll the dice with Gordon and Tate for big upside potential.
  4. Torrey for solid points. Tate is a big risk/reward.
  5. T.Richardson or P.Harvin at flex?

    Anyone? Will answer yours!
  6. T.Richardson vs. JAX or Harvin vs. BUF @ Detroit???
  7. Brandon Marshall calls out Jay Cutler

    Cutler is exactly what you see. Not a true leader. Has great ability. Makes poor decisions. Marshall is a ticking time bomb. He is about to implode on his own team. He needs to step his game up as well as some others. He has way too much experience and natural talent to be regularly running the bad routes.
  8. I drank PBR for years since it was in my father in laws tap on the side of the basement fridge. I actually saw my buddy take a shot (playing pool), stand straight up, and fall back on his arse out cold. 20 minutes later, another PBR in hand and he was right as rain. The good ol days.
  9. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    On my part the jerk face comments were in jest. I hope he can continue or improve with his skill set. Go Bears!
  10. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    They have 2 maybe 3 years. Forte will be done. Marshall close. It's a win now league. The D has 1 year to rebuild or ????
  11. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    tongue in cheek bro. He was the right decision. Not the best situation but the best thing to do. Just doin' a little
  12. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    this thread has legs. Cutler is.. Positives: Tough. Good arm. Good coach/offense. Now has more than enough weapons. Negatives: Jerk face. Bad decisions/forcing. Jerk face. Injury prone. Jerk face. At his peak now. Did I say jerk face? He is more than capable to get the Bears to a title if he stays healthy. But the D needs a lot of improvement(age) to solidify the run. The O can score 24+ every game, can the D next year hold to 20 or less???? Off season will tell.
  13. 2014 Free Agent list

    Hester is NOT a wr!