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  1. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    Being a Bears fan I pay a lot of attentions to the Packers. Don't ever, evereverever, listen to any press conference he has. Complete waste of your time.
  2. Sea vs. GB

    Nope. Only if they run the hell out of the ball.
  3. Sea vs. GB

    GB schedule was a gift too. lol
  4. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Thought is was a lock about 90 minutes ago. lol
  5. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Ok. I'm crying in my beer here... But when is the last time you were getting 9.5 and were up 21+ before the 1st qtr. ends and you lose? NFL baby
  6. Texans vs. Chiefs

    This is awesome
  7. Texans vs. Chiefs

    I can't believe the Texans may blow a four team parlay I had getting 9.5 after the way this started. WTF?
  8. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Damn. I had Kelce for the 2nd half. lmao
  9. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Nice. The funniest part about this game so far is that all the experts this week either had it strong one way or the other. I am still a little shocked so far.
  10. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Well Jesus just left Chicago...
  11. Bill Beli-dick

    Bears. I mean OC lmfao
  12. Bill Beli-dick

    I think he has a case of rich millennial dbag syndrome.
  13. Titans vs Ravens

    And the Bears were worried about him leaving.
  14. Bill Beli-dick

    What do they call it...ummmm....Patriot Way?
  15. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend