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  1. Conner trade?

    I am being offered Conner in a trade. Multiple options but the core is Conner and I give up Kelce. I have Cook and McDonald as te backups so I would be ok there. PPR league. What are your thoughts on this? Obviously Conner could have his performance reduced drastically....
  2. Goff or Winston

  3. Wilson has had some big games. Goodwin looked good on MNF Thoughts???
  4. Goodwin or Wilson? ww p/u

    I like what I saw in Goodwin. I did not see Wilson play this week. Any other insight?
  5. PPR Goodwin or Wilson? Both had good games and will be hot off the wire this week. Beathard played better. Wilson's game was with Osweiler. Lol
  6. Flex Crowell or M. Williams? PPR

    Jets homers?
  7. Flex Crowell or M. Williams? PPR

    Any concern for Crowell's ankle????
  8. Flex Crowell or M. Williams? PPR

    I'm just thinking with Travis Benjamin out Williams may get more looks this week.
  9. PPR Crowell vs. Indy or M. Williams @ Cleveland?
  10. Crowell or Drake? ROS

    Miami homers? anyone? I need to make a decision. I'll answer yours.
  11. Crowell or Drake? ROS

    Anyone else. I need to decide soon. Thanks
  12. Crowell or Drake? ROS

    Ok. I just see Crowell in a timeshare all year. I am wondering if Drake will take the majority like most thought he would.
  13. Crowell or Drake? ROS

  14. Crowell or Drake? ROS

    Any Miami homers?
  15. Crowell or Drake? ROS

    My feeling is that Crowell has peaked but Drake has more upside down the stretch. He was putting up nice numbers the last 6 weeks or so last year. It's only a matter of time for Gore to get hurt or Gase to get his head out of his....