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  1. Moore or Blaylock?

    I'm think I'm gonna drop Blaylock for Moore for my bye week hell. anybody think i'm wrong?
  2. Big Trade help

    Welcome to his ignore list
  3. Moore or Blaylock?

    Help please
  4. Moore or Blaylock?

    Does anyone have a link to Tice actually saying Moore would start? I just read it in posts here.
  5. Moore or Blaylock?

    I grabbed Blaylock when C.Martin got hurt, but now they may split or?????? Should I dump him and grab Moore since I read Captain Dumbass said Moore would start.
  6. working a trade

    last bump thanks
  7. working a trade

    I'm leaning that way now. Sell Moss high right?
  8. working a trade

    more help please
  9. Dunn or Portis?

  10. working a trade

    should I give up: S. Moss or Burress std. perf./keeper
  11. Dunn or Portis?

    trade S. Moss while his value is high....I'll see if he will go for it. More help please
  12. Randel El for Culpepper

    Randel el is actually on the ww in my 10 team league. B.S. trade!
  13. Dunn or Portis?

    need....... more...... help....... please.....
  14. Dunn or Portis?

    Which wr to give(if he accepts) I'd like to keep Roy if possible
  15. Dunn or Portis?

    Which would you want, Dunn or Portis? Owner is looking to trade 1 to me for a wr. I have: Burress Bruce S. Moss Roy Williams std. perf./keeper league Thanks