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  1. Week 16 Milk Carton

    I hate Jeffery.
  2. Goff or Mayfield?

    Unless you think you are the underdog I roll with Goff. He will put up a solid game this week. Arizona will be trying to stop the run since they suck at it and Goff gets back on track.
  3. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    Like a Ken doll?
  4. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    Good point. I guess I would just avoid any GB player right now. Can't trust that situation in the playoffs
  5. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    Well if you're in the playoffs I hope you wouldn't have to rely on either of those two.
  6. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    Pretty irrelevant
  7. Aaron Rodgers ????

    Rodgers may not finish the game. Just sayin
  8. Really? Mike Williams?

    He helped me clean up in FanDuel last night
  9. Jackson / Williams / Cohen

    Ok. I am more concerned about the Bears winning in this case so I want Trubisky.
  10. Jackson / Williams / Cohen

    You are kidding right?
  11. Justin Jackson time?

    Wait for it.....
  12. Aaron jones or Damien Williams

    I hope you went Williams. Jones is going no where.