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  1. Rodgers or Goff?

    lol I knew better.
  2. Rodgers or Goff?

    Right! Goff guaranteed to throw for 375 and 4 tds. since I rolled with Rodgers.
  3. Sit 1 WR

    Bump. Help Please!!!
  4. Fournette out. Replace with?

    I really want to play Ajayi but can't afford a 50 yd. 0 td performance. I think this COULD be a big week for him???
  5. Rodgers or Goff?

    I agree regarding Goff. But I don't think Rodgers is as frail as some would think.
  6. Sit 1 WR

    I wonder if Minn will just blanket AJ?
  7. Rodgers or Goff?

    Goff should be solid. I think Rodgers has more upside??????
  8. Fournette out. Replace with?

    Perine should be solid but I don't trust him much this week. Anybody else???
  9. Ajayi or Lewis

    Outside of Brady, I just don't trust playing Pats players too often anymore. Ajayi is a roll of the dice but it sounds like it's now or never for him this week.
  10. No PPR Pick 2 Perine vs. Cards (Tough match up?) Ajayi @ Giants (Will this be the heavy load for him finally?) Kerwynn Williams @ Redskins (Can he be the workhorse?) McKinnon vs. Bengals (Splitting carries but Cincy seems to have quit on the season.)
  11. Sit 1 WR

    A J Green @ Minn. Crabtree vs. Dallas Josh Gordon vs. Baltimore Robert Woods @ Seattle Non-PPR Who should sit?????
  12. Jamaal williams or Kerwynn Williams

    Just read that Jamaal will be the workhorse. FWIW. I do agree that Arizona may be playing from behind but GB is a guess for any player this week. I think Jamaal is probably the safer play but temper expectations maybe.
  13. Rodgers or Goff?

    Rodgers @ Carolina or Goff @ Seattle? Seattle has a banged up secondary and Woods is back but it's still Seattle at home.