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  1. Thanks for the insight. The other team has Eric Decker, Garcon, and Randle as their starting WRs after just losing Julio. If I added Harry Douglas or Greg Jennings to the deal and could get Decker back, would that make it better in your opinion? Already owning Manning, D Thomas, and Julius Thomas, adding Decker would give me almost all of the broncos passing offense. (save welker) Obviously that would backfire if Peyton has a bad day, but it doesn't appear that he's really capable of that right now.
  2. What do you think of trading Chris Johnson + Antonio Brown for Ray Rice? My other WRs are D. Thomas, Stevie Johnson, Greg Jennings, Harry Douglas. RBs are David Wilson, Andre Ellington, Ben Tate and Brandon Bolden. Its a QB heavy league and I'm sitting at 4-1 due to the combo of Manning + D. Thomas and/or Julius Thomas going off every week. Maybe I shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken? CJ2k isn't getting into the endzone so a solid producer at RB would be nice. Rice has been hurt a lot and Antonio Brown has been pretty good so I worry that I'd be overpaying.
  3. Trade advice... I was offered Manning + Mathews for AP + Romo. Obviously not accepting that, but would you counter offer Romo + AP for Manning and D. Thomas? Its a standard 3 WR, 2 RB league. Currently have Fitz, stevie johnson, A. Brown, Colston and Jennings along with Chris Johnson and Sproles, Tate and R. Jennings as my other backs.
  4. Should I trade AP?

    Anyone else have advice on this one?
  5. Should I trade AP?

    Guy in my league proposed AP + Romo for Manning + Ryan Mathews. Obviously I'm turning that down, but would guy counter or just sit tight? Here's my starting roster... QB- Romo WR- Fitzgerald WR- A Brown WR- Stevie Johnson RB- AP RB- Chris Johnson TE-Jared Cook B- Sproles, Tate, Colston, Greg Jennings. Other guy has the follow pieces I would want, Peyton, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Demaryious Thomas. Can you guy see a realistic deal that would make sense? How about AP + Romo for Manning and Damaryious Thomas?
  6. Tough call. I'd go Wilson because he has more upside IF he doesn't choke and fumble again.
  7. Whoops, that was Vincent Brown and not Vjax. Big difference there.
  8. Ingram droppable?

    I would def grab Palmer out of that group. With the cards new offense, Palmer could end up outproducing Brady if the Pats offense doesn't start to gel soon.
  9. For this week, the Huddle certainly liked Smith and Edelman a lot more than Colston in the projections. (14 and 13 points vs 4 for Colston) Yahoo pro league so we start 3 WRs and no flex. My other WRs are Antonio Brown, Mike Williams, Lance Moore, Vincent Brown. I'm leaning towards turning it down since Colston is a safe bet to be solid in the long run, but this is my weakest team at WR so maybe a move is in order.
  10. I haven't been on the board in a couple of days so I didn't realize he had been banned. Wouldn't have started this thread if I had known that.
  11. Haha, yes, you can definitely make fun of me for that. I typed one thing and then edited and failed to change "drafted" to "drafting." Its odd that you can edit a post, but it won't let you edit your topic headline as far as I could tell.
  12. I didn't see the thread with all the guys axe has been wrong about. My bad.
  13. It was 2 weeks ago and didn't realize threads that old were still on the board.
  14. David Wilson

    Wow, this guy is a disaster. Glad I only have him on 1 team and I took him in the middle rounds before the Brown injury.
  15. ...just one of many brilliant calls by the huddle's most gifted prognosticator.