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  1. Who is the top backup QB in the NFL?

    Jon Kitna would be a great pick up. He put up big numbers in Palmer's absence last year.
  2. Anyone still drafting?

    Last night I finished my 4th draft in 7 days. Two last weekend at home in Cincy, flew to Portland, Oregon for drafts Tuesday and Wednesday (good thing I had a business trip scheduled ), back to Cincy Friday morning for my long standing (27 years) local last night. One more next Wednesday.
  3. Drafting #8....Who went 8 in your league?

    Last night's draft I got DD at #8. Dillon went 7 and Deuce at 9.
  4. Draft Poll II

    HOT league online draft starts Monday. Two live drafts in Portland, Oregon 8/30 and 31 and three live drafts in Cincinnati 9/2, 9/4, and 9/7.
  5. Draft Poll

    HOT league starts Monday. After that, only six to go! Last one is Sept 7.
  6. Edge, Domanick Davis or Willis McGahee

    I'm also a big DD fan. Points per reception gives him an advantage over Edge.
  7. Which QB

    1. Favre 2. Palmer - Don't want to influence you with a homer pick 3. Brady 4. Plummer
  8. I think you gotta go RB with this pick. By the time it snakes back you will be looking at low Tier 2 RB. In order of choice I'd go Edge, Priest, Deuce.
  9. Bengals or Rams Homers

    The paper this morning reported that the Bengals and Pollack have agreed on contract terms...$9.5M for 5 years. Guarnateed money is still the roadblock, but the report stated that the two sides are only about $200K apart. Things look better here in Bangal land this morning.
  10. Bengals or Rams Homers

    Pollack's agent was in Cincy yesterday. Talk was that a contract signing was imminent. Couple this with a sighting of Pollack at the Reds game last night and you can see why the optimism. No such luck. Pollack is looking for more guaranteed money than the Bengals are wiilling to give. The kid genuinely wants to get into camp, but he's sticking by his agent. This will get resolved, hopefully by the weekend.
  11. Carson Palmer's Scrambling Skills

    Must have missed it. I was probably watching the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders on NFL TV for the umpteenth time.
  12. Ohio Huddlers

    I've been a die hard Bengal fan since their inception. Prior to that, the Browns were my team. I loved listiening to Ken Coleman on Sundays. I was a Bengal season ticket holder up until 2001 when I moved out west. Back in Cincy now and can't wait for the season to start. As for college, I played a little at Cincy, so I'm true to the Black and Red. Hey, I graduated, so don't start that no grads from Cincinnati bull. You mentioned HS; being from the west side of Cincy I'm proud of the Elder Panthers who won D1 state FB title in '02 and '03.
  13. League Management Software

    I agree. MFL is tops. However, check out It has flexible scoring options, its reliable, and they have a neat feature called the sports page. They create a weekly writeup of your league matchups.
  14. Commited by mssaint

    If you are having a hard time finding the book I would suggest I ordered my copy on Tuesday, had it shipped 2nd day air, and it was delivered yesterday! Total price was under $26. Can't wait to dig in and start reading. I ordered a copy for a couple of friends and they also got theirs yesterday.