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  1. Murray vs Henry

    Frank Gore would like a word.
  2. Rodgers hurt

  3. Rodgers hurt

    Bad enough to need the cart
  4. Best WW RB to add this week?

    If will fuller is available I would grab him. From the projections article: "Will Fuller V returned from injury for the last two weeks and only totaled six catches for 92 touchdowns"
  5. Bad trade request?

    I was offered WIll Fuller for Melvin Gordon a few days ago. Um......no.
  6. Injuries Thread

    Apparently any time Marcus mariotta gets injured Derek Carr gets injured too.
  7. The LA Chargers are Moot

    One thing that's for sure, they have no home field advantage.
  8. Alex Collins

    Having a good game, and he also loses a fumble. Get this guy some Velcro.
  9. Injuries Thread

    Marriotta is out. Not sure why. Hammy?
  10. Davin Cook

    Has ACL tear written all over it.
  11. Dolphins/Saints

    I thought I was clever picking up Cutler this week. This is the last time I start a non-stud in London.
  12. Davante Adams

    No way he doesn't get suspended. Bush league hit.
  13. Derrick Henry

    Buy low on a guy who just had a 100 yard game with a TD? Not sure you will be able To buy too low.
  14. Trade Value Chart?

    They're just so subjective. Personally I see no use for it. I've seen the chart on CBS and it's a good basic guideline, but I would never use a TVC to determine if I make a trade.