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  1. Gates or Cook

    Great to hear, bsmurray06!
  2. who do I start this week please help

    Sorry bro, brain fart on my part. Watkins, then!
  3. Gates or Cook

    Well, then you've answered your own question, then. I always go with my gut when the facts tell a variety of stories, and the answer could go either way. And your gut is clearly telling you that Gates is not going to give you what you need today. Far be it from us to tell you otherwise, especially given Gates's lack of targets over the past two games. That said, my advice is Gates over Cook. But no advice is foolproof, obviously....
  4. WDIS Jeremy Hill or Gerhart?

    Gerhart has looked so bad, he belongs on the bench -- no matter the matchup or his apparent role in the offense --- until he shows you otherwise.
  5. Bradshaw if the Arizona run D, with its depleted yet still-somehow-formidable front seven, scares you. Ball if the Arizona run D scares you a bit, but not too much.
  6. In a 1-point PPR, go with Terrance. He'll get 5-6 catches today like falling off a log. If it's a 0.5-point PPR, I'd go with Ball -- barely.
  7. WDIS. Pick 2

    No worries, best of luck!
  8. Flex Spiller, Fitz or Welker?

    Spiller. If it were a 1-point PPR, it would sway towards the wides but I still like to start a RB as a Flex in a 0.5 because of the guaranteed touches -- especially a decent pass catching back like Spiller (now if only Marrone would grow a brain and get him the ball in space!).
  9. I love Tate this week. At home, catching balls like nobody's business (great in a .PPR), with Calvin most likely operating as a decoy. What's not to like? The others are trickier. I suggest Wayne, for the simple fact that his floor is the highest. The Colts are rolling, and you want to be a part of that.
  10. WDIS. Pick 2

    Is it a PPR? If so, then VJax definitely and Sproles probably. If it's not a PPR, then it's a tougher call. Probably bench Sproles for the reasons you just mentioned.
  11. Usually in standard league I always advocate starting a RB over a WR for this exact reason. It all depends on how much the matchup scares you. Arizona's run D has been fantastic, but they've had their injuries/suspensions to their front seven. I wonder if some regression is in order. If you believe Arizona is, like last year, truly a top-5 run defense, then you might want to sit Ball for Roddy. But if their run D doesn't scare you *too* much, go with the guaranteed touches.
  12. Martellus Bennett or Gronk?

    Tough call, but agreed that you should ride the hot hand while it's hot.
  13. Trying to recall their matchups... but when choosing between three quality options I always like to default to the better offense(s) / quarterback play. Roddy for sure, and Floyd over Gracon in a squeaker.
  14. Ivory or Bradshaw

    Tough call. I like Bradshaw to keep doing what he's been doing in an offense that's operating on all cylinders.
  15. Need two to start

    Ellington yes, but I trust Bradshaw over Forsett, especially in a PPR. Both the Colts and Ravens are in a RBBC, but Bradshaw is getting a lot of receiving looks and red zone love in (what I believe is) the better offense. Tough to sit him while he -- and the Colts -- keep scoring.