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  1. Bench Eifert for finals?

    I do think Clay could potentially have a good week but he seems like a bigger risk than Hunter.
  2. Bench Eifert for finals?

    Fleener is just too inconsistent to trust, even with a decent match-up. I considered Clay as well but Miami is pretty boom or bust for opposing TE's. They've given up four big weeks over the course of the season, a handful of "I'll take it" weeks and had six weeks where they pretty much shut down the opposing TE including the last two weeks.
  3. I'm almost hesitant to ask for advice as my judgement has been really good all season and I hate to waver in the final week but this is a pretty big decision. Assuming Eifert plays, would I be crazy to bench him? He was terrible last week, is dealing with the bad back which could cause him to exit the game early even if he gets the start and Houston has been lights out against TE's all season. Meanwhile, Hunter Henry has had two solid weeks and is facing Cleveland who give up a ton of points to pretty much any TE who faces them. Is Henry actually the better play regardless of Eifert's health or am I over thinking this?
  4. Streaming DST options

    That's where I was leaning. Thanks.
  5. I'm having a hard time deciding between the following three options: Det v Chi -- Detroit's D's been hot lately and it's Barkley's first road start. Atl @ LA -- Atlanta's D hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire but LA has been giving up a ton of points to opposing D's Mia v Ari -- Miami's D has actually gone a little cold and Arizona hasn't given up a massive score to opposing D's in a while
  6. Malcom Mitchell or Taylor Gabriel?

    If I lose two running backs I'll have to scramble on the wire. Sims was a lottery ticket who may or may not have hit. He may still be on the wire if disaster strikes. I would hope that every team that wants to win is looking to upgrade their WR options. There are actually seven teams competing for the final two playoff spots as well. (I'm in, battling for first.) I make enough waiver wire moves to be perpetually ranked last so someone *should* pickup Mitchell ahead of me but they may have other priorities. Yahoo's wire is great because it's all automated so I can set up a ridiculous logic puzzle of what if scenarios ahead of time and see what shakes out.
  7. Malcom Mitchell or Taylor Gabriel?

    What about Sims? He faces New Orleans week 16 which is our finals but New Orleans has actually tightened up their run defense. I think I just answered my question. Given my other running backs, it would be a long shot involving terrible injuries that Sims would ever see my active roster. Being able to pick from an large stable of productive WR's is more appealing.
  8. I have Gabriel on my bench and he had four *monster* weeks followed by a dud which actually was inches short of being another solid performance. Julio's turf toe may result in more targets. Mitchell's on the wire and is has had three solid to excellent weeks. With Gronk and Edelman injured, he's in for a larger role. Should I drop Gabriel for Mitchell or stand pat? Third option, I can drop Simms who I picked up speculatively hoping for a breakout against weak opposition during the playoffs. That would leave me with only three running backs but we they are all excellent and we only start two with no flex. Full roster in sig. Standard scoring league.
  9. Who to drop for Green?

    That, to me, looked like a breakout game for Green. The potential has always been there and now that he is healthy and Roethlisberger is looking for targets, I can see Green becoming a favorite down the stretch. If you can find a way to add him, I would.
  10. I've already got Eifert but I really liked what I saw from Green on Sunday. My roster is in my sig below and I'm pretty happy with it at this point. I figure I have to drop one of my two kickers. I never carry two but I couldn't resist picking up Bryant when someone dropped him on his bye week and I had some dead weight to shed. The question is which one to drop. They're tied for most points in the league. Bryant has the higher floor, Tucker the higher ceiling (as seen when he put up 19 week before last.) The other possibility would be to drop Gabriel but he was inches away from another big game this week and his touches will likely only go up with Julio's turf toe.
  11. Starks seems to be dominating touches in Green Bay but has a low ceiling and faces Chicago and Minnesota in the fantasy playoffs. Sims should come back week 14 against New Orleans. He's behind Martin on the depth chart but faces Dallas and New Orleans (again) in the playoffs. Worth gambling on Sims' upside? This would be a depth move in the event one of my lead backs goes down.
  12. I just picked up Smallwood as a depth move but someone dropped Matt Bryant to the wire during his bye week. I've got Justin Tucker but the Ravens struggles have been hampering his output lately. Should I drop Smallwood for Bryant?
  13. WR3 in a standard scoring league. I think either will be fine but I'm wondering which has more upside. Matthews is at Chicago. They're terrible but actually did a decent job shutting down Beckham last week. Crowder is at Dallas. They're great but have been giving up a lot of points to top receivers. Short week for their D as well.
  14. Miami or Tennessee?

    No one ever answers DST questions but, what the heck... I was hoping to grab the Giants off the wire but someone beat me to the punch. That leaves me with Miami home against San Francisco or Tennessee at Chicago. Miami's been productive lately but SF has actually been a little stingy in points given up to opposing DSTs. Tennessee has a much lower floor but Chicago is terrible, has no offensive line and is now start What's-His-Face at QB.
  15. How would you prioritize these potential waiver wire pickups? Standard scoring league. My team is in my sig and these are mostly depth moves, though if McCoy sits I might play a RB off the wire. Kelly seems like the obvious choice but I understand that his numbers last week were a bit flukely? Green Bay laid down on a 63 yard TD run and he got a lot of garbage time work. Boyd is kind of interesting if he's going to be getting the same number of targets as Green. Gillisee is also available if McCoy sits. I always prefer to go for a potential every week starter over a handcuff though.