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  1. Jay Feely

    So Mr. Timer will your contribution to thehuddle be mostly correcting spelling errors, typos, and obvious miscues; or do you plan on actually bringing some substance to the table? jk. we need a couple of spellers around here.
  2. Jay Feely

    He hurt his back on the opening kick-off. read it in the daily news or heard it on sports radio. can't remember. He was able to finish the game, so i don't see it being a big problem. To be on the safe side, though I think he will have great numbers this season, I dropped him for kasay of the saints. soryy about the lack of link
  3. Betting League

    It is a sad start for the Betting League. Last year I thought the various bettors could spark some ideas for fellow huddlers looking to place a couple of bets throughout the season. Since we were almost all in the + column, and some with a pretty impressive record I thought posting here was a good idea. As of week 2, only godtom would be making money in Vegas, and 8 guys would be handing over the dough (a .500 record is a losing record because of the vig). But the season is very very young. and frankly I'm heading in the right direction. Will be taking all of your money very soon
  4. Betting League

    Having organized this last year, I know what pain it is to hunt everyone down for their picks. So you can imagine my surprise at being 8 hours late in giving my picks. When I get back on monday I humbly offer my sigline to Crisp^for 2 weeks as pennance. And all slackers should be mercilesly mocked, and penalize. It will not happen again. Looking at my picks, it is obvious that I have been hittin the Beujolais over here. But I ll try to justify these ones: -Green Bay: I found Chavezs Homer glasses lying around, asked him if I could borrow them, he said sure and that he vowed never to wear them again. They fit me quite well. Green Bay was embarrased last week, and they will be piling up the points once they have the victory - Detroit is for real. Chicago is terrible. The only thing that makes the spread so close id the low scoring close history between the two teams. I dont beleive in history in football -hence the over. 28-12 final score - The Raiders might still suck. Its hard to tell. But if its a shoot out they lose. K Collins is just not a points machine
  5. betting league

    I can t beleive this. I also just tied in 32 homers, which is a decimal scoring league, and this is my second time tying in that league on the other hand I have only a vague memory (and I m not liking it) of what the 2nd tie breaker is. Something about superbowl prognostication? well back to my frenchness, will be back in the US for MNF.
  6. betting league

    As KUB said, I don't think the Philly and Denver points are right. -Philly wins in Atlanta, and I think they aren't getting more points because of the beleif that TO will bring the team down. TO is a jerk, but a consumate proffesional jerk. - denver. In general I beleive that at the start of the season, no one is as good as thought, and no one is as bad as thought. Which leads to inflated point spreads. Was surprised to see that there just wasn't that much point spread inflation for week 1. I guess there is always a chance that Miami keeps it close and low scoring.....but I don't think so. -New Orleans. Now there is that famous no one being that good or that bad at the beginning of the season. The Panthers are everyone's secret pick for the superbowl. The spread shows the bias, and frankly if you think that the hurricane will have demoralized the Saints, just remember that athletes for the vast majority don't care about the world about them, and if they do they'll win one for the city -New England/ Oakland under. Everyone si expecting the new improved Oaklanbd defense to put up a zillion points. They are going up against the best defense in the league. Final score Pats 27 Oakland 21 And I will crush you all this season
  7. WDIS Pennington or Haselbeck

    fer think that Bush was seriously slow in responding to the hurricane. Funny how a year ago, right before the election he had time, disposition and will to move FEMA to throw money at Florida. If Brown is not fired in the next week, it really is time to start thinking about impeachment procedu
  8. J Smith or K Colbert

    In week 1? Colbert goes against the Saints J Smith goes against Seattle 2 Porous defenses, but there are serious ?s about both players. Old reliable has, I gather stunk it up in the pre-season, and Colbert has yet to prove that he is a bonafide #2 receiver in the NFL.
  9. J Smith or K Colbert

    good solid answers. I can count my WDIS posts on the fingers of my left hand, but every once in a while you just have that mental block. Colbert is now OUT (I had him starting) Smith is IN


    weeeeeelllll, looks like we've got ourselves a newb with rapier wit here. Sure G&S is a little on the tool side, but if you are going to call him out for whatever his transgression is, you might as well put some time into it.
  12. Trade!

    wow. I guess you are a little new at this, 'cause that guy is seriously trying to jack you, using shiny old players with no upside as his lure.
  13. I have been offered this..

    ...on the other hand, the other guy made a fair trade offer. Granted it was slightly (and very slightly I might add) in his favour. the difference is not that big. Our own DMD predicts thes numbers for the tandems McGahee/Horn 3010yds 25TDs Alexander/Wayne 2940 29 If you are bullish on Mcgahee, or don't think that Wayne will keep up the production from last year, then get back to him with a counter offer perhaps you can get an upgrade in another position
  14. David Boston

    1 year removed from serious surgery Probably going through some serious steroid jonesing right now. Any chance that a once top 5 WR comes back to be a decent WR? Seems to be getting the ball a bit during pre-season by looking at the stats, Any Miami homers have info? picked him up as a late late rounder in 2 leagues (basically when I had run out of real WRs with upside and had backed up everyone I needed to bak up) adn I have a history of draftin poorly when it comes to WRs. So i'm thinking I might just have something here. What's the good word folks?
  15. RB Mewelde Moore, WR Keary Colbert, WR Ronald Curr

    1) you should know the drill. Wrong forum 2) You have like 5 staring RBs. So obvioulsyyou don't need another potential rb 3) how the ef do you have 5 starting RBs? Please consider playing in a real league. with real owners. Like people who won't draft fred lane.
  16. Any new news on Steven Davis

    I have highlighted the 2 reasons why this is a league you should never have gotten involved in. If you have 3 top 10 RBs on your roster, and davis and DeFoster are available on the WW you are wasting your time playing FF with momos. Let me guess? Free league? Not a league you should be bragging about being involved in frankly
  17. disgruntled employee at sportsline?

    wait. Isn't that...... ....L O A F!
  18. 14 team league

    DOH league will give you a schedule. Note that there are 2 5 team leagues and 1 4 team league. If you are in it for the long haul it is great. I know that I will always be facing the same momotards year in and year out in my div. while facing most of the other division teams once. great for rivalries. Can't tell you how much it means to me to consiostently whup Spani's asz rules and schedule
  19. New "Top 100" Rankings

    I think you missed his point. Obviously othre people in his leagues are either certified members of the huddle or could be without him knowing it and he didn't want to give the opposition any insight into his drafting strategy. Nice work ST For those commenting on Lewis (and for that matter Dillon) since ST does not give 1pt/reception, it is normal that they should be listed so high
  20. Almost ready to commit the ultimate FF sin

    BTW, I didn't mean 'please explain this' as 'why are you beatching about this draft spot assignment'. I meant please explain how a commish decides to assign draft spots to owners without at least one person verifiying that this was on the up and up. I'm in a few leagues here commished by fellow huddlers and if 'Canes, Big John, Hugh, or Osmo were to tell me "hey you are drafting 9th" I wouldn't question it, becuase i know that they are above board. but I also know for a fact that there is no way in a million years that any of them would just assign numbers to other owners without any verification., roll them bones, outside help etc... That's your first sign that this is a bullchit league
  21. The Panther RB ?'s

    just to clarify: The great things about thehuddle 1) People who are able to attend camp or read their local papers where they report the psychological condition of the O-line, the marital status of the QBs, and how the rookies are doing. And bring us the information here that we would not get otherwise 2) people who support their rankings of players through logical arguments, and facts. Crisp clearly did the latter, and is also most definitely backing his arguments (ie should Foster turn out to be a bust more than a few huddlers will be bumping this thread throughout the season ) Either way, i think huddlers actually making up their minds and talking about it, is a good thing. so although I chose to crispirons, I do so with the utmost respect BTW crisp Here are the projected stats for Carolina by dmd: Foster TYDS 1060 TD6 Shelton TYDS 530 TD4 Davis TYDS 460 TD2 Assuming that DMD was right on the money in amount of yards and TDs (2050/12) would you still distribute it that way? I would probably do foster 925 yds/ 4 tds davis 750/6 shelton 375/2 On the assumption that SD can actually play. which is not a given by any stretch of the imagination. Also should Shelton be as raw as is originally credited, remember that Foster's numbers are so low based on the assumption that he will be giving up yards and TDs to both Shelton and Davis. Should Davis not be able to play, and should Shelton not be NFL ready, Foster's numbers could jump significantly.
  22. Almost ready to commit the ultimate FF sin

    please explain this. Cause if they are accusing you of cheating, but somehow someone is in control of asigning draft spots, that is wrong. As for your trade, I would rather be in the position you end up with, but to call it unbalanced or unfair is absolutely ridiculous. However, ruining an FF league is an absolute no-no. There is no reason to punish the rest of the owners because of your beef with 2 or 3 of them. Either find a replacement for yourself, invite the objecting owners to visit this site and see what other hard core ffers have to say about this, convince them of the error of their ways, or suck it up and live with it. Ruining it for all the people who have nothing to do with this is wrong
  23. i love it when....

    In all my years of FF I've never had a Denver RB I've never had a Minnesota RB This hardly makes up for Repeatedly having Fred Taylor on my roster Having Peerless Price on my roster ever since he's been in Atlanta Never starting the right QB if I don't have a stud on my team
  24. The Panther RB ?'s

    Personally, I'm just busting your balls. And enjoying seeing you sweat this one out. Ultimately I do think that Foster gets a majority of the carries. I would not like to have to depend on him as a primary back knowing that 1) he's injury prone 2) Has never proven to be a #1 starting NFL back 3) a healthy S Davis could take away a good quarter of his carries at the very least. I certainly would not take that bet, but if you gave me Davis +375 yds, I'd take it