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  1. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Your retarded. It's "you're" moran.
  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    7 plays on the goal line and BC didn't get a thing. F'n right!
  4. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Reminds me of Quentin Griffin after he tore up KC in week one.
  5. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    I prefer the
  6. College teams with most college players

    You F'n Know!
  7. Colts-Ravens thoughts

    Super bad call on Corey Simon going to a team that wears all white. :doah:
  8. Cedrick Benson

    Does it matter? As long as no one respects the pass they will just load up to stop Thomas or Benson.
  9. DMD likes Leftwich again this week.

    a rushing td though? kid has no wheels.
  10. Miami vs. Clemson predictions this weekend

    scUM's special teams is nothing to brag home about either. hell, they lost against us because of it. Good luck.
  11. Weekly Blitz

    ATL +3 BAL -3 JAX +9.5 KC +1 SD +3.5
  12. Week 1 how'd you do?

    4-1 I'll take it. Cpep and M Anderson with Parker on the bench got me the 1 loss.
  13. Denver fans

    ding ding ding... we have a winner.