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  1. Week 1 Daily Plays

    I'm giving daily a try for the first time this year. All those radio ads finally got to me. On Fanduel for week one, Frank Gore against the Cowboys looks like a great value. Shayne Graham is a great value for a kicker. With Welker out, Sanders is a good value. From what I can tell, the strategy appears to be to pay for a couple of studs whom you think will go off, and build a team around them with whatever sleepers/matchups/values you can. What I wonder is how much separates a first place finish with a finish of, say, 10,000? I'd assume people who are playing this type of game have at least a fair working knowledge of FF, so it can't be a walk in the park to win money every week, can it?
  2. Which Cowboys receiver do you think will have greater ROS value from here on out? I picked up Williams at 9 AM last Sunday and plugged him in over the injured Megatron, to surprising results. Which one is more worth stashing for injury plugins/trade high potential?
  3. Grade the trade

    I like DeSean over Cruz, it's a toss-up for me with Bell and Moreno for ROS upside, and I like Rice over Martin. It's very close. I'd say neither side lost but if Martin doesn't start producing, I'd say the team receiving Cruz/Rice/Bell may have won.
  4. What do you need tonight?

    As long as Powell and JacRod don't score more than 48 points, I'll be 5-0 and will have beaten the Peyton Manning owner in our league.
  5. DMC for Ryan Matthews

    No way, ride DMC once he's back from injury.

    Do you have a viable backup TE to replace Gates? If so, then yes.
  7. I'm thinking of trading Gates for a RB/WR in my 10 man .2 PPR league. What sort of caliber player should I be aiming for? Was thinking of trying to get someone in the range of David Wilson, Lamar Miller, Reggie Wayne. Possibly Tony Romo for a bye week fill-in. All of those players are on teams that could use an upgrade at TE. Are my sights too high or too low?
  8. Any Sleeper TE's out there ?

    Heath Miller or Scott Chandler (6 targets per game), in that order.
  9. Make the deal? Need advice.

    No way. You trot out Martin, Bernard, Rice when healthy, Jones, Garcon, and play Graham and Cameron in TE + Flex. If you do that trade, you're looking at Martin, Bernard, Rice, MJD, Jones, Cobb/Garcon, Cameron. I think Graham is worth more to your team than Cobb + MJD combined would be, seeing as I value Cobb and Garcon similarly.
  10. Bush or Rice?

    What are the lineups involved in the trade? I'd lean towards taking it. Rice has 11 receptions in two games, Bush has 7. Rice has less than half the yardage that Bush has, but Bush is historically more injury-prone than Rice, so he may end up being in more games than Bush.
  11. Trade Jimmy Graham? Need advice.

    Terrible offer. Graham should net you a high end POS1.
  12. My team is 0-3! Desperation Trade!

    If Gronk isn't ready for week 4/gets injured once back, who is on the WW at TE? Mcfadden is a downgrade from Trich, but RG3 could be worth the trade if he gets out of his slump. If you don't do the trade, I'd consider waiting for Ridley to have a good game and trying to package him with one of your QBs for a Matt Ryan/Romo/Newton/etc... caliber QB.
  13. I would offer him Drich for Boldin straight up. Giving White too is way too much IMO, especially if you are long-sighted about it. White could be a low WR1/high WR2 come fantasy playoff time if he has to take some time off to let his ankle heal...could be fresher than most guys.
  14. How did this draft go?

    Oops, thought you had the Seahawks defense, not used to seeing team QBs. I understand why you have Colston as your WR1, as you likely went RB, RB, RB. I just did that strategy in a mock draft where I had the #2 pick and ended up with Foster, Ridley, CJ, and ended up with Reggie Wayne and Amendola as my WR1-2. I've had it not go so well, and I don't like how the majority of Colston's points came in basically four games last year. But I do like your general upside.
  15. How did this draft go?

    Your starters are excellent, but I'm not sure why you have 3 defenses and 2 kickers. That's going to seriously hurt your depth if/when any of your starters get injured.