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  1. Vikings vs 49ers

    49ers giving 7 was too big in my mind. They win but it will be close
  2. I see a bunch of close games but think only Seattle will pull out a victory. As a 49er fan, I don't want to get Seattle a 3rd time.
  3. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    I am in for both
  4. In and money sent. Hopefully can have a chance to win after the first week this time
  5. Dee Ford traded to 49ers

    I wil be very disappointed if SF doesn't take Bosa if he is there
  6. I am STARTING KROB this week

    I wasn't sure if you were or not but thought....just in case
  7. Boys-49ers

    The 49ers will beat the Cowboys fists with their faces until the Cowboys can't take it anymore!!!
  8. I am STARTING KROB this week

    I think it's a wonderful play. Very ballsy.
  9. My weekly QB dilemma

    I go with Griese here. GB defense (especially pass) isn't playing well. Better matchup there.
  10. Cleveland, Miami and San Fran Fans...

    Gore isn't ready. He's not picking up some blocks and I know on one of Rattays interceptions, Gore just stood there while the defender went up to catch the ball. He wasn't going to catch it but he needs to learn to prevent the other team.
  11. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    You guys forgot to mention that it is two different people writing these articles.
  12. ECB draft pictures

    Looks like you guys had a good time.
  13. Ramsey seeks trade

    I think Campbell should get his shot. The other two aren't going to do anything and you're going to be primarily a running team. It's not like teams are respecting the Skins passing game and not stacking up to play the run.
  14. Rice to the Bears?

    I really hope he doesn't return to any team. It's time for him to go.