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  1. MNF - What do you need?

    60 points needed with gurley, woods, joyner and whitehead going. Got a shot but need some decent games
  2. Rams / Raiders

    I just told my wife that. That one ram looked like van Gundy holding on to 1 leg as he is being dragged
  3. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    I like avocado toast :shiftingeyes:
  4. Shoot. Another year of not winning. Oh well, still fun. Thanks for doing Irish
  5. Leaguesafe worked last year in a couple leagues I was in. It is used as protection against people taking off with the money like the owner above.
  6. I am in for 4 for now
  7. Got mine. Nice day for swash indeed
  8. Thoughts on a 20team?

    Shrug. Interesting concept and I'm not against it. I played in the original 32 Homers league which is a 32 team league. Just noting a potential pitfall
  9. Thoughts on a 20team?

    20 would be rough. Some teams wouldn't have a qb for bye weeks
  10. Tom Brady to retire?

    I've seen a few quotes (in SI for one) that he wants to play 3 to 4 more years.
  11. Way to Go DirecTV

    Just got our local channels back this morning with directv. Last week's games were blacked out. Glad I didn't have to do a workaround
  12. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    Am I reading it right that he took your keepers the first year and yet you still went back?