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  1. NCAA POOL - around the corner

  2. NCAA POOL - around the corner

    Hey all, long time. Hope all's well. It's pool time again and I know some of you have been in the one I run in the past, so the invite is out there again this year. $5/sheet. This has grown to where there was over $8k in the pot last year. PM me if you'd like the link. Thanks!
  3. Nothing you say makes players gets hurt,I have no problem with what you say.

  4. Buying low on CPep...

    The guy has Kerry Collins as his other QB. I have Steve McNair as my only QB (with Volek as my backup). So I think I'm going to offer Housh and "throw in" JJ Arrington as an upside RB and see if he bites. I don't think Culpepper will be all that this year, but I do think he'll be worth a WR and RB who likely won't see much PT on my bench.
  5. Buying low on CPep...

    Interesting update - I had tried to get Culpepper from a guy in one of my other leagues last week and he said he wanted LT for him. I sent sent him an email this morning saying it looks like his boy Daunte is in for a long year and asked if he wanted to be more reasonable on his asking price. His response? He'd consider LT, Cadillac, or Houshmanzadeh? Houshmanzadeh? Are you freaking kidding me? Note ** As I was typing this, he just sent me an email saying he was going to research it and let me know by tomorrow morning. I knew it was too good to be true. I don't know that I want to part with Cadillac and certainly not LT straight up for him.
  6. Buying low on CPep...

    I was unable to get hold of the Culpepper owner, but I do know he's dissatisfied with him. I was thinking about offering up Plummer and either Coles, Cedric Benson, or DeShaun Foster (and try to sell him on the notion that one of these guys will be the man later in the year). Or...maybe offering up Lamont Jordan straight up. I'll be honest, just considering names, this second one is a great deal for me, but I'm not 100% convinced Culpepper will be able to turn it around so I'm reluctant to offer it. Would prefer sh-t-canning Plummer.
  7. Buying low on CPep...

    He Oprahing should. Seems like you're offering up a bit much to me - at least for your first shot out of the box.
  8. Snyder cheering

    No doubt about that.
  9. joe horn for th jones

    Yep, do it.
  10. Buying low on CPep...

    I'm going to make a play for him - as soon as I get done typing this in fact. Not sure what it might cost yet. If it comes to fruition, I'll re-post and let y'all know what it took.
  11. Snyder cheering

    I'll play devil's advocate. And as a proviso, I don't really care for the Redskins or Dan Snyder, but to me it looked like a true fan of his team extremely happy to get a lead in the manner they did that late in the game, on a Monday night mind you, against a hated rival. Just my $.02.
  12. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    You are truly a diick.
  13. Peyton owner ripe for a deal

    Definitely not a no-brainer. Depends on your own personal strategy I think. The strategy that has served me well is to have a couple true studs, but mainly quality depth at RB and WR. Another strategy is to try to field a top starting lineup at the expense of depth. Neither is right and neither is wrong (at least at this point in the season anyway). I really do view it as a personal preference in strategy. So you've got to ask yourself which you think is more important and make your decision accordingly. I tend to like to have depth earlier in the year and trade away my depth for stud starters closer to the end if I can.
  14. Alexander gets shut down by ATL

    And I still started both.
  15. Good, 'cause I was gonna jump through the screen and smack some sense into you for even thinking it.