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  1. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Dawkins over Atwater is absurd at best.
  2. Dak is definitely a d!ck though
  3. We should derail this thread into a CMike discussion
  4. This can't be real.. can it?

    I've seen several ties with decimal scoring.
  5. Bench one of: Woods, Baldwin, Drake, Lewis

    Word... this one been killing me all week. They all have a ton of upside. Lewis and Baldwin have the most risk, I think.
  6. Lynch or Gillislee?

    Gillislee for ceiling, Lynch for floor
  7. Goff or Foles

    Goff. OAK been tougher on QB lately.
  8. Blizzard in KC!

    Williams is inactive
  9. Foles, Newton or Carr ppr

  10. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    I still say the cowboys should have taken Ramsey then picked up Henry in the 2nd. The Elliott pick was foolish IMO. RB is far more replaceable than shutdown corner. Imagine if they could lockdown WR1's with a single guy in man coverage. When Lee is healthy, they'd be a top 5 defense. Couple that with hitting on Dak in the 4th and you're looking at the perennial division favorite.
  11. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Same here. My problem is that I can become enraged at a game even with no fantasy investment in it.
  12. When is it time for a timeout?

    I wonder if this would help, but I don't know if it would work since I make a lot of decisions based on what I see on the field. Watching the games is when I let my emotions get away from me. I hate spending Sunday night wishing I hadn't yelled at the damn TV in front of the kids.
  13. lmao @ PIT

    You can infer that all you want, but no camera angle actually shows the ball in contact with the ground.
  14. Seahags gettin werked!

    Seahawks implosion tanked a lot of my teams. Lots of Wilson, Davis, and Graham.