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  1. In my league TD Passes are awarded a full 6 Pts. I am rostering both Prescott and Wentz. With only 3 bench spots allowed in our 12 team league, bench spots are obviously paramount and it makes little sense to carry 2QBs virtually ever. What are your thoughts for rest of season? Who should I roll with?
  2. T.Y. Hilton

    Took him as my first WR...With Luck's status who else is terrified of the potential trickle down effect his absence could have on players like Hilton? I am almost to the point of trading him before the potential cat is out of the bag. Jack Doyle is the only player I feel could be sneaky relevant in that offense without Luck.
  3. Golden Tate

    Welcome to the waiver wire Mr. Tate. Now go for 120 and 2 in week 6 as this is how my season is going thus far.
  4. Golden Tate

    Tate has been killing many fantasy teams I assume. What to do with this guy? Bad routes, bad numbers, bad everything. Had him pegged as a great low end #2 WR this year, but now I am considering dropping him for a bag of old nails. Someone, possibly a Detroit homer talk me off the ledge.
  5. See sig for players. Tate is killing me. Would you swing this trade?
  6. Lavonte David

    Anyone have an explanation for his donut against the Cardinals? It really helped me with Andrew Luck, Peterson, Tate, and Hyde stinking it up. Worst week I've had in 7 years of fantasy football.
  7. Adrian Peterson hurt...

    Tough rental in McKinnon or Asiata. I may avoid in lieu of other options. Much like a few years back when Peterson was suspended I see McKinnon being the yardage and receiving option of the two. However I can see Asiata stealing all the goal line work. Together they will be respectable, but for fantasy it could be a game of darts.
  8. Adrian Peterson hurt...

    ...Torn Meniscus being reported.
  9. Tavon Austin

    Bad offense. Bad fantasy opener. Is this what should be expected...? Complete unreliablility? Appears to be an easy answer, but the dude was targeted 14 times on Monday.
  10. Zach Ertz Rib Displacement

    Doesn't sound pleasant, but he was able to play through as injury was sustained in 1st quarter. Sounds like he will be very iffy for next week. Any suggestions on week 2 emergency TE?
  11. Lets talk Ryan Mathews with Wentz starting

    Ertz. Feed him.
  12. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Hate to be the kicker guy, but through 2 weeks Vinatieri has netted me -1 point. Put him on the Gallon Jug of Milk.
  13. Morgan Burnett

    Burnett has been a past monster in our league, and I swooped in to pick him up after he was dropped week 1. Any Packer homers have insight into his production / usage against the Seahawks. It appears that Hyde and Clinton - Dix got most of the time. Burnett netted 3 solos and in years past he was as automatic for 10 points or more as they come. In fact when it came to drafting a DB Burnett along with H. Smith and Weddle are always the most coveted. Insight appreciated. I felt like I won the lotto when he was dropped and now I need to be talked off the ledge.
  14. Cruz or Quick

    I have Cruz, would you drop for Quick? PPR league. Worried that Cruz will be reinsured or limited all year .
  15. McCoy Update

    McCoy (hamstring) is a full participant at Wednesday's practice and is expected to play in the season opener against the Colts on Sunday, according to coach Rex Ryan. Spin: McCoy has struggled through preseason with an ongoing hamstring issue but it appears that he'll return to health just in time for when it matters. Barring a setback over the next few days, fellow running backs Karlos Williams and Anthony Dixon and Bryce Brown will slot into a limited role in relief of McCoy on Sunday. As an owner I hope he gets fed, and fed well week 1.