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  1. I'm not Digging his status...

    Take it for what it's worth, but in an interview with Chris Tomasson yesterday Diggs stated that he is playing Sunday. If he plays you start him against your other options. Diggs generally plays big in big games and the Vikings will be chucking the ball in Foxboro.
  2. Stefon Diggs

    I think the Vikings will hold Diggs out until after their week 9 bye. They have a soft matchup in London against the Browns this week and then a bye. Keep in mind Bridgewater and or Bradford could return after the bye and so I think Diggs is a nice buy low currently.
  3. Willie Snead

    We start 3 WRs in my main...My receivers as of today = Crabtree, Hilton, Snead, Shepard, Diggs. Was very happy with the group beginning of year. Minus Crabtree this group is absolutely killing me. Hilton has basically become a WR4 / 5...Snead who I thought would be a legit 2 after suspension isn't playing, and I swapped out Shepard for Snead this week to get a big fat 0. With even average production from this group I would be in contention...and to think that Dak Prescott was my biggest concern regarding lineup weakness at start of season. Venting, sorry.
  4. Sterling Shephard's Value

    I think he will be a fantasy #2 WR ROS. Giants will be down a ton, and who else will Manning have to throw to? Volume should skyrocket.
  5. Alex Collins

    Value here? Thoughts moving forward?
  6. JJ Watt

    Overjoyed to land him this year. Half of his 2015 production would be good....What do you all think moving forward? He's been a dud thus far, and Danielle Hunter is sitting on our WW. Ride it out?
  7. Want to start Martin Badly with the matchup but unsure of first game touches. Duke also has a good matchup.
  8. Lativus Murray?

    As a vikings fan - McKinnon has done nothing when given an opportunity. He couldn't even beat out Matt Asiata last year. Murray has the potential to carry the load. Not all the load like Cook, but most. I laugh when I read that McKinnon will be the 3rd down back in passing situations. Guess what? Murray catches the ball as well as McKinnon and is a far superior blocker. Who would you want in on 3rd down? CJ Hamm might steal a few goal line carries, but McKinnon will get none. I think Murray will have many 17-50-1 5 reception games. Bad for the vikings, good for fantasy.
  9. Should I ride out the storm with Rudolph until Bradford get's back? Or drop him today for C. Brate. In a nutshell who has better ROS - Rudolph or Brate?
  10. Derek Carr out 2-6 weeks with a back fracture

    My team is falling apart fast with injury. If they are not injured they are wrs with injured QBs and crap backups.
  11. Hilton or Hurns?

    I am dealing with similar problem. I have Hilton and Crabtree - both bad matchups. We start 3 wrs and Snead, Shepard, and Hurns round out my stable. Due to starting 3 their is no way I can leave Hilton on the bench. Shepard has a juicy matchup, so he will be my 2 this week. I am seriously thinking about swapping Snead or Hurns in for Crabtree who is nicked up and plays Denver, a team last year that shut him down. I would love to know your opinion on my situation... As to your situation - Hilton could very easily give you a 4 point game and Hurns could go 5-80-1, however with your prowess with Jones and Hopkins you will get points from your WR. I think Hurns has a very low ceiling and I can't see Jags replicating their offensive explosion from last week even though they have the Jets. Look what Hurns did last week in a high scoring game. Good, not great. Hilton is a far better talent and odds say he will not have a great game, but he is also a player that can go 3-120-2. I would roll with Hilton. If he puts up a stinker you may lose 10 points compared to Hurns, but the reward is that he could outscore Hurns by 20 if he can break free on a play or two.
  12. Willie Snead

    Any one rolling with him fresh out the gate? Thoughts on initial involvement?
  13. Need to pick 3 of these wrs in a PPR league. Crabtree has a bad matchup in Denver, Hilton has a bad matchup in Seattle and is minus Luck, Shepard has a nice matchup but who knows with Manning, and Snead might be limited with his first game back from suspension. I hate my wrs this week but must start 3. Any help and rational would be very nice.
  14. Will Fuller

    Thoughts moving forward? If he could be a WR3 I think now may be the time to grab.
  15. In my league TD Passes are awarded a full 6 Pts. I am rostering both Prescott and Wentz. With only 3 bench spots allowed in our 12 team league, bench spots are obviously paramount and it makes little sense to carry 2QBs virtually ever. What are your thoughts for rest of season? Who should I roll with?