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  1. Papajohn Hardcore Homers (
  2. Child please.
  3. Yes that discussion is over, and yes I would have given the MVP to white as well. He was money!
  4. And some injuries you just can't play through and be effective.
  5. Did we ever get to know exactly what happen to his knee/leg? I am still in chok over the severity of this non-contact injury.
  6. Me and Big Country might end up sharing the pair of socks. I want the right!
  7. About time. He has been such an unmitigated disaster that it made me angry and I don't even care about the Colts.
  8. Then it is a stupid rule, not a bad call. There is a difference you know.
  9. Doesn't matter, he was inside the numbers.
  10. Yes. Put him in.
  11. No
  12. It is time for Anderson/Andersen to get in the Hall of Fame. Everything else is just ridiculous at this point.
  13. I haven't seen anything in years that would indicate that Rex is still DC material.
  14. About time