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  1. What did Jameis eat for breakfast today?

    I had soup for lunch. It was too hot.
  2. You read out loud?
  3. My League Is A Joke

    This is what I would also like to know.
  4. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    They misinterpreted the rulezzzz. Again! They misinterpreted the rulezzzz. Again! They misinterpreted the rulezzzz.
  5. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    Land of the free my ass
  6. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    Maybe because it is fun?
  7. Matthew Stafford for Week 10

    Two days ago I put the rest of my betting money on a Lions victory
  8. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    Did you watch Manning in his last season?
  9. David Montgomery

    I am not really happy about it but I have no choice. At least if he does nothing I can continue to hate Matt Nagy with a passion I haven't felt since Peyton Manning was in the league.
  10. Gave up Drake for Edmonds last week

    Don't say that, I need him to do that at the very least every other week
  11. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    And he is not just benched benched because of his post game comments?
  12. Collusion?

    Do they now this is collusion? We had some problems with stuff like this in the first year of my local league 10 years ago.
  13. Leonard Fournette was suspended a game for punching, but I think he came of the bench when he did it.
  14. Nagy

    Nagy is as bad a coach as there is, but that does not make Trubisky any less bad. He can't hit receivers in stride, he can't hit receivers sitting in a zone, he can't hit RBs in the flat, he can't read the field and he locks on to his first reads in a way that even Jay Cutler thinks is too much.