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  1. 12 team standard scoring +1PPR, they all could be solid RB2/good Flex, but they all come with concerns and I'm having a difficult time ranking them.. Is there one in particular that stands out as the clear cut best option?? DeMarco Murray Frank Gore David Wilson Lamar Miller Darren McFadden Eddie Lacy thanks!
  2. WDIS, WR Help

    Thanks guys! Looks like I'll go with those 2 Anyone else for last minute input? I forgot to add earlier that it is a PPR
  3. WDIS, WR Help

    PPR, 1 point/10 yards David Nelson TEN Santonio Holmes @WSH Reggie Wayne @NE which 2 to roll with today? Thanks!
  4. A couple low end starts for today, need help!

    thanks Anyone else?
  5. Facing off against the 1st place team and need to pull off a win. I need to make some tough low end roster decisions to help make it happen! 1 point/10 yards + PPR Reggie Bush @KC (reduced touches with Daniel Thomas back..) -or- McGahee @OAK (quick return from a hand injury, I fear a possible early exit and that he wont be involved in the passing game much) David Nelson NYJ(Revis on S.Johnson, maybe more targets for Nelson) -or- Jon Baldwin MIA (coming off a solid game, but was it all a fluke)
  6. which bye week QB?

    I have the same 3 studs to choose from.. You know what I actually may be with you on Smith lol.. I wasn't even considering him as a fill in, but TB hasn't been great against the pass and my League scores heavy for passing yards
  7. Which side do you roll with?

    Thanks for the input guys! I currently have the Mcfadden/Wells/Smith trio and was offered the trade for Rice/Forte/Williams. The other owner was desperate for a WR even before A.Johnson got injured I like what I have, just hard to pass on RIce/Forte.. I like their durability that Tripleshot pointed out If I stand pat my starting lineup is: RB1 - McFadden RB2 - B.Wells RB/RB - Marshall or S.Jackson WR1 - R.White WR2 - S.Smith (car) if I do the deal: RB1 - Rice RB2 - Forte RB/RB - S.Jackson or Julio Jones (or M.williams if he ever gets going, likewise for D.Williams) WR1 - R.White WR2 - B.Marshall hmmm....
  8. which bye week QB?

    I have the same QB tandem as you and need to scoop up a fill in for this week as well.. I'd go Kolb, but unfortunately he isn't available in my league.. I'm between Dalton and Orton, leaning on Dalton
  9. Standard (Non-PPR) D. Mcfadden B. Wells S. Smith (Car) -or- R.Rice M.Forte M.Williams (TB) The above trio would be paired with the rest of my WR/RBs: R. White B.Marshall Julio Jones S.Jackson D.Williams Which trio would you go with?