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  1. Got it! Thanks and thanks for running it again.
  2. Beach, I know where you live.
  3. Brain Fart. You should have it now. $40. Last notice was a premature transmission.
  4. You takin' $$ now? Addy?
  5. 4 boxes, 2 sheets = 8 boxes total = $40
  6. Hi, all! Haven't posted here in a while, but I hope everyone is well. Miss this place! Looking for people to add to my squares grid. Several Huddlers are on it already. All the info is below, I have done this here before and know many people on this board. If you like squares, please read on. $25 a square. A WINNER IS PAID EVERY TIME THE SCORE CHANGES! Example NFC 6-0 = that square wins $100 NFC 7-0 = that square wins $100 NFC 7-3 = that square wins $100 …so on and so forth… $100 bonus for halftime score (so you would get final 1st half score change $100 plus another $100) FINAL SCORE wins the remainder of the cash… Also, any scoreless quarter will payout $100 Most common question is what happens if there is a crazy score with many lead changes. Easy answer is once the money runs out, it runs out. For history of this format (the parentheses money does not include halftime payout): 2015 = 10 score changes ($1500 left for final) 2014 = 15 score changes ($1000 left for final) 2013 = 19 score changes ($600 left for final) 2012 = 11 score changes ($1400 for final) 2011 = 17 score changes ($800 left for final) 2010 = 14 score changes ($1100 left for final) 2009 = 15 score changes ($1000 left for final) So if you have interest… tell me how many you want and what location you want in the grid. Once we fill up, I will draw spots. Please forward to anyone who is interested. Would love to see this happen, it's a fun variation on squares. Thanks! RG the first and only
  7. To anyone else, this is a unique and fun pool. Plus Goop is a longstanding Huddle member. Join. You'll enjoy it.
  8. In for 8 for 2 sheets, 4 for 1 sheet.
  9. In. 2 if you got 'em.
  10. In. Email sent.
  11. Great league, unique format. Started in 2005. What's a $100???