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  1. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Maybe it will be just for the NFL playoffs, making the fantasy debate mostly pointless.
  2. Playoff Sleeper

  3. Miami Defense?

    So a professional backup QB.
  4. Tie Breakers

    We avoiding doing fractional points for a long time, changed this year, no ties and a few games won by less than a point. Some of stats geeks (several of us are software engineers) looked at close games early in the season and in some cases the loser would win without fractions. Prior to this change we accepted ties in regular season and had some loose plan for handling one in playoffs. Otherwise I'd suggest highest scoring bench player, or the olds school designate a bench player as your tie breaker. I don't like total bench points and will provide reasons if asked.
  5. Week 10 Milk Carton

    If any of you have NFLN suggest you watch the TEN-KC game on NFL Replay 8PM Eastern tonight, or 3PM Eastern Wednesday. . I'd love to see what happened in that game, but those bastards at ATT U-Verse dropped the channel entirely.
  6. Week 10 Milk Carton

    I like stats, and went back to get the full details I'm counting 7 carries in goal to goal situation (mostly inside the 3) for a combined minus 4 yards. And the idiot coach kept calling the same kind of plays, like they would suddenly work after getting stuffed before (I think there was one play for positive yards, the rest were no gain or minus). They won the game in part because a penalty on 4th and goal convinced him to kick a FG, otherwise I suspect its another Chubb run up the gut for nothing. He's a great back, but a good defense at the goal line can still beat that, especially when the OL is mediocre. Our offensive genius like many (including McVay) is being exposed as not so bright. Goff killed my game this week, still a decent 90+ points, but opponent had 125 and a 60 point lead going into MNF (me with Carson/Myers). 30 points from Kirk and 20 from Tannehill gave him a huge edge over my 1 point from Goff and 35 total from my 3 WRs.
  7. Mid season Super Bowl Predictions

    So far every contender has shown they can be beaten, often by another contender or at least potential playoff team. AFC Pats lose to Ravens who got clobbered (at home) by the Browns. Chiefs loss to Titans, Bills also get beat by Browns. Texans lost to the Colts but they got beat by MIA. NFC Well last night, and the Saints beatdown,on Sunday. Packers and VIkings both have some bad losses, nobody in the NFC East is consistent. Defending champ Rams are in trouble and nobody outside NO in the South is consistent. I'll say Pats-Saints, but it could be any of about 10 matchups or more.
  8. Is David Johnson dead?

    Apparently David Johnson was just a guy, who benefited from volume and not much else on the offense. New QB, new HC, new offense, a weapon at WR (Kirk) and a new RB toy in Drake and he's almost worthless. Truly amazing how quickly things change in this crazy game.
  9. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    No you can mute the TV or listen to radio.
  10. Trade Chaos!

    Don't think I've ever seen a trade for a kicker in over 25 years, nor defense. Trades are quiet in our league despite the deadline which comes before TNF this week.
  11. Haskins named starter for rest of season

    FYI The video in that post has already been pulled by NFL
  12. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    You're the one who sounds hysterical. Roster him if you like. Believe Bowden if you like (I have no clue who he is or why he has some inside scoop, I recognize the last name as a college coach, but don't follow college football enough to know more). My only issue is how people are so inclined be believe any rumor, especially if it fits what they already believe or need. I have no interest or need for Gronk, so I'll blow of those rumors.
  13. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    Meteorologists get a bad wrap, they do the best the can predicting things that change easily and have a lot of variables. If they all covered SoCal they could just put up the "sunny and 70s" forecast and go on vacation. I've found the local TV weather to be very helpful, they have knowledgeable people who don't try to create a story and provide sound info. The loud stock guy, Jim Kramer? I've wondered if he has sound info or not, I don't buy stocks or pay attention to individual companies much, but I've seen his show (was always on at the gym in the past) and he sounds like a carnival barker, and feels like Howard Stern for stocks, all these props and sounds, like its more entertainment than financial info.
  14. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    I've long ignored fantasy info from main stream sites like ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports etc. so I was just poking fun at taking them seriously. I suppose everybody can be right at some point, I sure know that even the best can be wrong.
  15. Matthew Stafford for Week 10

    And that doesn't count Brissett taking over for Luck when he retired. Had some time and was bored, so here's the complete list of NFL Teams starting 2 or more QBs this season (many others had a backup come in for mop-up duty or in game injury for a few plays). I'd say well over half are for injury, maybe 2/3 to 3/4. Dolphins - Fitzpatrick, Rosen Jets - Darnold, Falk, Siemian Steelers - Ben, Rudolph, Hodges Bengals - Dalton, Finley Colts - Brissett, Hoyer Titans - Mariota, Tannehill Jaguars - Foles, Minshew Chiefs - Mahomes, Moore Broncos - Flacco, Allen - 9 of 16 teams in AFC (at least one in every division), 27 total QB starters Giants - Eli, Jones Redskins - Keenum, Haskins, McCoy Bears - Trubisky, Daniel Lions - Stafford, Driskell Saints - Brees, Bridgewater Panthers - Newtown, Allen Falcons - Ryan, Schaub 7 of 16 teams in NFC (West only div without one), 24 That would be 51 total starting QBs, 19 more than the minimum.