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    Later gotta pinch what you got to pinch
  2. Milk Carton Week 11

    Or he could just stop posting

    I thought they have a sign no bear feet, including adults. Playgrounds at your local park and school probably have quite a bit of germs too, maybe you don't crawl around those places but your kids probably do. Kids also eat dirt, I've been told by parents that's just part of being a kid. McD is just another fast food place, and depending on where you're at they can be the grossest places you've seen, or pretty clean.
  4. Thomas rawls benched?

    He is by far the Seahawks leading rusher this year, he was 3rd last year (Michael-469, Rawls-349, Wilson 259).
  5. NBC Skycam/view fail

    You realize the internet is full of pictures and video of actual naked women that are cute? ;) I might enjoy seeing an attractive woman on some program, but I'm not watching it just for that.
  6. RIP Terry Glenn

    I'm not getting any "he asked for it" vibe from the words LuckyBob used. No reason for him to re-articulate it to suit you. As for it being a RIP thread, its a thread about an athlete that died, its not a condolence gust book at the funeral home. I doubt his family or close friends are reading it, or care what we think. I think one reason people mention it is some of these tragedies may be avoidable with simple actions. Kids shot accidentally because somebody left a gun around, tragic yes, but also gets me angry because it didn't need to happen.

    I'm asking the same question about Hue Jackson and miracle boy become turnover machine Kizer. OMG you cannot make this stuff up Bills coach undecided on starting QB
  8. Leonard Fournette not practicing Friday

    I'm a half hour south of Cleveland its 23 now:-) Heard he's going to test it in warmups.
  9. Am I out of line?

    Yep I'm infallible.
  10. Gruden back to the Bucs?

    Zzzzzzzzzz Next up the Cowher returns to coaching stories.....
  11. The Hedi Game

    Fox is horrible with extending coverage of NASCAR type racing into some other event and messing you up. What if I'm not home and I'm recording something which is preempted, I cannot change the channel. NFL is probably the only thing they wouldn't mess with.
  12. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    I've never said he has no talent or a flash in the pan. Just seemed like you're trying to argue he will improve drastically (early on at least) while the PIT fan gordeau explained why that wasn't happening. Maybe I missed stuff in your posts, sorry but they're kind of hard to read with no punctuation of any kind other than .....
  13. Leonard Fournette not practicing Friday

    If he can stay healthy, missed six games last year another 6 this year. He and Gordon if he can stay out of trouble would be some serious WR talent, and the rookie TE Njoku has shown flashes of talent.
  14. The Hedi Game

    The networks do still cut away from blowouts and other games as required by contract. Also over time they realized they needed to allocate over 3 hours for a game. Even CBS finally gave up trying to have 60 Minutes start at 7PM, when their second game was starting at 4:25
  15. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    You've got a dream of Bryant breaking out and cannot accept it won't be happening. You can say the coaches are idiots and not using him right but that isn't going to change reality. As far as the guys arguing with you, funny you leave out the knowledgeable Steelers fan.