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  1. Super Bowl gambling thread

    I saw a list of prop bets that included AB being arrested during the Super Bowl, I suppose that could still happen, but wonder if it was done based on the recent problems and there being an arrest warrant for him.
  2. NEWS Thread

    True, but plenty of people that never had the opportunities he's had suffer thru that and worse. It bothers me that celebrities who hit rock bottom get all this attention while others (including many veterans) are ignored.
  3. Eli Manning retiring...

    You make it sound like he's totally undeserving and its just his name and playing for the Giants that gets him in. Lets not ignore those 2 SB MVPs and beating the Pats dynasty twice, including the season they were 18-0 going into the SB. Not that you're biased against the Giants in any way.
  4. Jason Garrett to NY

    Meh plenty of people thought Reid sucked after failing to win a SB in Philly. Or that Marty Schottenheimer sucked because he couldn't win the big game. Heck Belichick sucked with the Browns originally, but look at him now.

    Dang I was going to place a prop bet on him being arrested during the Super Bowl.
  6. Eli Manning retiring...

    How many people are paying you for your football knowledge?
  7. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Surprised you're the first one to disagree with SF having the coaching advantage, even Chief Dick didn't support his guy. Shanahan is very good, I wish my Browns hadn't let him get away. But Andy Reid is much more experienced and has a great staff (Spagnolo, Bienemy). I do hope it will be a close game, doesn't have to be the final drive but I hate feeling like games are over at half time, which has been the feeling since the MIN-SF game started in divisional weekend.
  8. NEWS Thread

    He's headed for Delonte West territory.
  9. Eli Manning retiring...

    Hmm who knows more about football?
  10. Jason Garrett to NY

    Oh no, not the child please ending, how will I live that one down.... You assertion that Garrett is a failure and unfit to be an OC is opinion, based on the Cowboys not winning enough as head coach. My point is that many guys who failed as head coaches continue to do well as coordinators or assistants. Romeo Crennel, Jim Scwhartz to name a couple. I don't like Garrett, I just see this silly argument all the time "Oh that guy failed as a coach, why would anybody hire him to do the dishes." Just another broad statement from sports blowhards.
  11. Packers vs Niners

    SO you're saying they need some better OL
  12. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    Yep I tried to point that out, but this Jags fan sounds like somebody whose team hasn't won a playoff game in 20 years or more, and he's fed up and not going to take it anymore.
  13. Eli Manning retiring...

    He should get in just for beating the Pats in SB XLII
  14. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    With a trade like the Browns made for Osweiler. I know a Jags fan who says Foles is gone for sure, traded or cut, he won't be on the roster next year.
  15. Jason Garrett to NY

    Awesome opinion, have any other baseless platitudes to share? People who follow football KNOW that plenty of guys that failed as head coaches were good assistants/coordinators before/after their HC gig. In Garrett's 3 years as OC in Dallas they won 13, 9, 11 games, in that first year they were 2nd in points scored (18th and 14th the other 2) I guess he had nothing to do with that. I'm not saying he is certain to succeed as OC with the Giants, only that dismissing any chance of it based on his time as head coach is what simpletons do.