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  1. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    We used to think the same about Haslam, turns out he just needed to hire a competent GM and get out of the way.
  2. This seems to be happening a lot more lately, maybe its an off season thing. I see info in the PLAYER NEWS area on the main page, then I click that particular entry to find out the details and there is no news item about them. Today's first entry is for John Ross he has info, the next 4 entries mention Darren Henderson, Noah Fant, Kirk Cousins and Noah Font again, only Cousins has content. Darwin Thompson and other entries (Daniel Jones, Deebo Samuel, Drew Lock) are all missing. Why post a teaser if there is no supporting info? Just seems really sloppy to me.
  3. Leveon Bell Trade?

    The Bell saga continues, of course it could just be all BS rumors. None of these guys are above spreading something they believe, because they believe their source. Far from the first rumor that may be all smoke. Judging Bell's value this year will be very tough.
  4. Patrick Peterson Suspended

    Interesting was wondering if this was a first offense and thought they were usually 4 games at most. Must have been a super-PED
  5. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    Its a shame the Jets cannot be on Hard Knocks this year
  6. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    There are an increasing number of good to great QBs in the league, they are not all going to get into the HOF. Of those guys currently playing, Brady, Brees, Rodgers are locks. Ben is pretty likely, and Eli may get in as well despite what some think. I am not saying there is no chance that Wilson makes it, but it is still rather early in his career to crown him as a HOF player. Honestly short of guys that are first ballot HOF I'd prefer that people don't label people as HOF players. People were doing that with Browns LT Joe Thomas and it sounded silly considering the complete lack of success the team had during his time. I appreciate what he did, but wasn't sure if it was local media/fan talk or for real. After he retired I heard some talk by others that it was pretty likely, but still waiting to see before I crown him. (Some in the local media have referred to him as "future HOFer Joe Thomas" for several years now.) Phillip Rivers is a really good QB, posts some incredible stats, but lack of a SB win, or other huge moment on a big stage he is left on the "no way" pile by most.
  7. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Thanks for recapping his career, forgive me if I don't believe that guarantees him a spot in the HOF.
  8. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    I'm still trying to figure out when Russell Wilson got into the HOF. Seems more and more players with less than half a career played are being called HOFer by fans and media.
  9. Inman to the Pats

    Fixed that for you I'm trying to figure out if forever... was telling us he and his buddy were drinking while driving...
  10. Inman to the Pats

    Don't you know average joes signed by the Pats are a shoe in for 100 rec, 1500yds, 12TDs
  11. JAX LB Telvin Smith to sit out 2019 season

    Isn't that how you inform your boss when you decide to take time off?
  12. JAX LB Telvin Smith to sit out 2019 season

    Wow sounds like that announcement blind-sided the Jags management. Whatever his issues if he could post it to Instagram he could have informed them a bit before that. “We will not have a comment about Telvin Smith’s statement at this time," the Jaguars said in a statement. "We need to have a conversation with Telvin to understand the situation and the circumstances. If there is a way we can support him we need to understand that.”
  13. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    I'm trying to figure out where in that tweet (with the pictures of cleats dangling from a line) did he say he'd return if the Raiders wanted him. (If the Raiders did want him to return they could have talked to him and given him a contract extension, or made some kind of offer). Has he even officially retired? As in made a statement saying that, or actually filing retirement papers with the NFL?
  14. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    According to Huddle News Retired RB Marshawn Lynch is willing to play for the Oakland Raiders if they want to sign him, according to a source. Oh boy, apparently he didn't to compete with Crowell for playing time, but is OK with competing with Doug Martin (or didn't know he signed before announcing his possible unretirement)