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  1. Bigger numbers are better? DMD's is one of the lowest, well below yours or mine. Of course DMD couldn't be liked for a long time so that hurt his rep
  2. I read a report where his attorney said "He was on the street at 2:43AM to look at some property he is considering for development, and didn't want to be mobbed by people on the streets". Sure...
  3. Don't care for it much either, will wait to see the end result. I know change is inevitable but it is not always a positive change. Can no longer see who liked posts, that's a negative. Not sure what to make of the "reputation" number. Doing it in Feb when activity is low may be good for avoiding lots of headaches (constant complaining), but it also means you won't get much feedback and by the time the masses see it in June-August it will be too late to adapt to anything they say.
  4. Humor har-har, thought it was funny how they phrased that. Not laughing at SD or the Charger fans.
  5. "Add the proposal to the list of projects that could maybe possibly perhaps might someday become an actual something on the city’s most valuable piece of real estate."
  6. Was reading an article from some interview with Montana after the SB asking "who is the greatest" and he agrees it is very difficult to compare across eras. Said he doesn't even like saying that about himself before Brady was closing the title gap. He mentioned some that went before him like Otto Graham who won 5 championships in a row (first 4 AAFC 46-49) and 7 in 10 years, the other 3 years they lost the title game. He and the offense style of the Browns was way ahead of any other team of the era with many innovations by Paul Brown.
  7. I just find it amusing how easily people believe such things, even when the people involved deny it. Like we have some reason to trust the media, and that they don't spread stories like this regularly. I guess just like the media people would rather be early on the story curve and be wrong than to hear it later when its an actual fact.
  8. Caron Palmer is NOT retiring or leaving the Cardinals, shocking I know right... Apparently the great sports rumon mill was wrong once again.
  9. I read that Quinn was taking on a larger role in the defense recently including some play calling. Thought there was something about some difference of philosophy too. Some will see it as a scapegoat, and that could be. If I were a Falcon fan I'd trust Quinn.
  10. Hadn't noticed that at Spotrac, the prior contracts were there before, right? Kind of sucks for guys with more recent contract, you can look at their career earnings info to get some idea what the other contracts had (annual salary, signing bonus [all in signed year] etc.) I wonder if people like DMD have the premium membership.
  11. Yes I cannot think of a division where 3 of the 4 teams have had less success (not W-L%, but actually winning the division) in the recent past. PIT has had to contend with BAL/CIN, DEN with KC/OAK/SD at various times, IND has had it easy, but TEN/HOU have been good at times. And the NFC east has a 4 way battle for who can pummel the other one into submission. Not surprising that a Pats fan cannot accept that they have any sort of advantage ever...
  12. Just my gut feeling, but I think he has taken less of a beating than any other elite QB who reached 40 and had a chance to continue. I looked at Brady vs. a couple other elite QBs who played well past 35, Favre and Montana, both took a lot of sacks, but had a sack% not far from Brady's. Maybes its the miracles of modern science, maybe he's a robot. I just don't see a sign of slowing down, or the serious neck injuries that Peyton battled through in his final years.
  13. I thought the thread and discussion was about what the Colts were doing, not the Pats. Besides I'm not sure how Deion or LT would have intimate knowledge of what the Colts were doing, neither of them were ever on the team. I think Deion is just pissing in the wind, he loves to complain loudly about stuff.
  14. I see it more for Warner than TD. I do get the role TD played in SB wins (and those seasons) for the Broncos. And there is not doubt that winning a SB or two counts a lot for the voters. And players who were well liked also have an edge, vs. those who behaved like tools. My one problem is Jerry Jones, outside of making tons of $$ for the owners and building the league up what did he do to make the game better? Ane he's still got many years ahead as owner. While Steve Sabol had to wheel his dad onto the stage to get his honors and died before he could be honored himself. Those are people that had serious impact on the game and how we the fans follow it.
  15. I hope somebody does it, just not the Browns.