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  1. Joe Mixon added to injury report

    I just grabbed Giovanni Bernard off waivers this week, wasn't planning to start him but will take a look. If we our trade deadline were a couple days later instead of midnight today I might even be able to trade him. I sat Carson last night in favor of Coleman/Cohen, thought he was still banged up and Penny may get a larger share. Seemed wise early on, but then he kept getting fed and did get a TD.
  2. Jackie Doyle

    I'd still rather have Ebron over Doyle this week. Ertz game against TEN was his 3rd highest yardage this year.
  3. Ignorance, no that is saying that needing to come up with a bid is no more work than not making a bid. Which was the original claim I was trying to refute. I cannot just try it, my league would need to change their rules. I and most of my league are fine with FCFS based on current standings. There is no one size fits all fantasy football setup. Some think that without IDP, bidding waivers, PPR, dynasty, etc people are playing it wrong. "The only way is FAAB". That's just narrow minded. Tons of people playing fantasy for fun don't need every nuance that others like.
  4. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Neither MVS nor St. Brown were targeted much (3 and 4 respectively) and neither caught but one pass. They were not heavily involved and don't catch at the rate Adams does (almost 68% vs. low 50s). Jones is obviously a big part of the passing game now, with 2nd most targets (6 after Adams 12).
  5. Most of our league does not feel our current waiver system needs to change, and I'm not trying to convince them of changing to FAAB. Our league of 25+ years is very resistant to change, and I guarantee if somebody proposed bidding they'd bring up the extra work. And depending on who proposes the change some owners will object more strongly. But that isn't my point, which is I simply cannot agree that using bidding for waivers requires no extra time or effort on an owner's part. That is why I pointed to loaf's comments, and I trust him to tell us if his league is lazy or just resistant to change. I and you are in no position to say otherwise. One additional field to add, the waiver amount which is not a simple decision, especially for people who do not play in 10 different leagues that are bound to have some bidding. PS A guy like Conner is not on our waivers, they are drafted because we have large rosters. There are a few lightning in the bottle guys that come along, but fewer than in most other leagues.
  6. OK, guess we'll have to agree to disagree then, because to me when I am interested in a player making a waiver claim is simple, player to add, player to drop. There is no thought about how much I want to spend, and what others may be doing. Even for people used to doing bidding on waives they still must do something extra. It may be negligible to you because you're used to it. Just look at loaf's post, his league didn't want to do it, because they are lazy, which means it requires more effort.
  7. I'm simply saying FAAB is not the ONLY way and that for some owners and leagues the additional work (managing your bid $, leaning how to bid if you're not doing it already) requires owners to be more involved, and that doesn't fit every league. I would not oppose it, but I know my league, and the owners would not be in favor of its added complexity.
  8. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Wow getting Goff off waivers was great, curious what week was that, how many QBs rostered at that time? I thought he was pretty highly ranked entering the fantasy draft and would at least be a backup on some team, even in a 10 team league.
  9. Nope my team is usually bad so I have a high pick in waiver order. Blind bidding (assuming that is FAAB) may be more fair to all teams, it is also more complicated that many leagues want. Not everybody who plays FF wants to get into every detail (IDP, flex, dynasty/keeper, bidding, etc.) Whenever I read "______ is the only way to do it..." I have to since many people obviously do it differently and are happy.
  10. Monday night Rams/Chiefs game, field issues

    Those ownership issues are not enough to get those teams moved to London. I doubt any current NFL owner is interested in leaving their US based home to play in London with all the logistic issues involved. Unless the NFL is going to give them some extra millions to survive. Jacksonville, Cleveland, Buffalo would all be far more likely than DEN or SEA. But I honestly think the idea of a team in London is a pipe dream of the NFL, and may not happen without the NFL being the "owner" of that team.
  11. Questionable trade?

    Redraft league? If keeper/dynasty you always have to look at the rosters and future. As for a rule to stop teams from trading once out of the playoffs, that could be done but can be tricky. Because it would have to be applied only to teams mathematically eliminated, not teams that people think don't have a real chance. Just as example, our trade deadline is this week, Friday I think. I'm 3-7, and the only team that appears to be out of the playoffs, everybody else has a shot (several 4-6 teams only trail their division leader by 1 game). I'm making a trade today, adding value to my team for the future mostly, trading TE Olsen for WR Josh Reynolds and a 10th round pick. We are a keeper league, and I'd hate to be prevented from making moves for long term just because I'm mathematically out of the playoffs. But then you'd almost never see a stud RB traded in a keeper league.
  12. Again as Goudreau pointed out, the PIT players (have not heard others trashing him) are upset because he misled the team, saying multiple times that he would report and never doing it. If they were playing poorly and Conner were not doing so well there would be far more Steelers complaining and doing it more loudly and angrily.
  13. First I think Stephen is a big A-hole and 99% of what he says is done to stir controversy, often involving race and other divisive issues. So if he says something I tend to take as the usual BS from the start. So I may be a bit biased but still don't think there needs to be any collusion to stop Bell from getting some ground breaking "reset the RB contract landscape" type contract, because he has shown (through not playing and Conner replacing him with same or better stats) that he isn't worth some ground breaking deal, he isn't even worth what some of the others (like Gurley since reports are that is his goal) are making now, let alone something more. Then add in his drama during this year, his injuries, his suspensions and ask if any NFL GM is going to break the bank for this guy.
  14. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Yes seemed odd to call a 5-5 team "season over", one of our 3 divisions is led by a 5-5 team, I'm 3-7 and a long way back of our 7-3 division leader, but if I were 4-6 instead I'd have a shot to compete for one of 3 WC spots. I'm just about to trade my 2nd TE this year (Ertz is my starter part of keeper roster), - wk5 Ebron for Davante Adams plus a 10th round pick in 2019 - wk11 Olsen for Josh Reynolds plus a 10th round pick in 2019 I doubt even in a keeper league there'd be much interest in Gronk, he just seems done.
  15. How have you kept your team afloat?

    I started off 1-1, then lost 5 straight, then won 2 out of the last 3, I'm at 3-7 now and realistically out of the playoffs, last in my division. Oh am in the top 3 in points scored against. Lot of close loses (one by one tenth), but 2 of my wins were also close. My big trade was Ebron for Davante Adams plus a pick (keeper league), I had Ertz and Ebron was useless with the same bye (mistake during draft). After that my scoring went up, but I had 3 weeks where I had better scores but faced one of top 3 scores. My biggest WW adds were Trubisky, who I had drafted late, then cut after some early bad weeks, and re-added. He now starts over my keeper QB Stafford and my main backup Dalton. The next big WW move was Tarik Cohen, who is now a regular starter. What has hurt me, lack of quality starting RB, so I've been rolling some combo of Coleman, Yeldon, Cohen, maybe Carson was in one week for me. Oh and a couple weeks ago, my Eagles D on by, added Raiders facing the SF rookie QB Mullens, lost that game and another D I considered adding would have won it. We have a few more days to trade, and I am trying to move my backup TE Greg Olsen (waivers week 5) or Andy Dalton for a draft pick, or maybe a player that pans out as keeper next year.