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  1. Many people here belong to website and use their rankings and such. I've long felt that the fantasy info on your league site is relatively useless as their projecting isn't very good (I'm on CBS and I doubt ESPN is much better) plus everybody in your league has access to the same info. If you've already talked to their support and they don't know how to fix it you're probably SOL. Guess you're just looking for some company for your misery.
  2. No doubt the WAS front office has really mishandled Cousins contract. According to an ESPN article I'm reading he will be the first QB in NFL history to play under the franchise tag in consecutive seasons. 24M for 2017, 20M for 2016 = 44M for 2 years Other top QB contracts Matt Stafford - 2016 3yr/$53M Matt Ryan - 2014 5yr/$104M Cam Newton - 2016 5yr/$104M According to the same ESPN article the Redskins did offer Cousins 5yr/$100M with "low guarantees". Another ESPN article is pretty negative towards WAS management, including their move to release info on their offer in an attempt to make Cousins look greedy.
  3. Time for Jerry to find a guy to watch Zeke when he's away from the team and TRY to keep him out of trouble.
  4. Yo don't disrespect me or I'll bust your nose.
  5. Calvin had no leverage? He was a great talent and could have tested free agency, or lived with franchise tag if the Lions could do that. He chose to stay on a Lions team he must have thought was improving, or that paid him the most money (whichver was important to him). An article from when he signed that deal in 2012, he sure sounded happy then. This was a contract extension when he still had one year left.
  6. Probably afraid it turns into another Josh Norman deal, or one of the others where they failed to retain their guys. Sounds like Richardson didn't want to do it but felt he had to stop the bleeding.
  7. Scheduling - standard 13 week regular season, 3 divisions of 4 teams, play each team in your division twice, then all but one of the remaining teams. We used to have 2 divisions of 6, played division twice each then only half the other division. We like this better, you play almost every team (could do a double header one week so play all teams). As for waivers/free agency we use waiver order reset to reverse of standings each week. First waiver run is Wed AM, those clearing waivers are free agents. I'd like to see us move to something that rewards people who don't churn waivers as much, like resetting the order every 2-3 weeks (so if I had #1 waiver pick but don't use it I still have #1 next week). We expanded from 12-16 at one point, and went back to 12 after 2-3 years.
  8. What does a game last year have to do with things now if teams have added lots of new players?
  9. But you are speculating that there is a chance of something based on what? Your hopes, desires, some BS speculation in other articles by crappy sports writers? Standard procedure with NFL contracts for the past few decades tell us that the Lions hold his rights, he is not a free agent and he has little reason to think he could win some legal battle trying to prove otherwise. Yes we are ALL just speculating, but those saying the Lions hold his rights have recent precedent and basic contrat law on our side. You have nothing but your views and hopes that Calvin could easily get away from the Lions.
  10. Crazy whackadoodle Sounds like a bunch of geeks (I'm a software developer and know geeks) with too much time on their hands. I'd hate to be the commish of this league making these changes every week. I'd suggest some limits to what scoring can be done, or some basic top/bottom limits so it doesn't get too crazy. One guy could eliminate any scoring for QBs because theirs stinks or are out. Also would result in horrible values for points scored for the NFL players in that league since they'd be subject to changes in scoring rules every week. Hope your league enjoys it.
  11. Are you saying his statement is incorrect? Is Calvin really a free agent? Do you have something other than opinion to back that up? Or just busting balls?
  12. I used early August because that is what flemingd suggested in his solution to this "trivial issue". I think the idea of starting the season, then having an ALL BYE week for Labor Day would not be very favorable for the league. There were enough fans to attend games back when the season opened on Labor Day weekend, I had Browns season tickets and they never had a lack of fans. I think its more about TV revenue, and maybe cities where the fan base is not as hard core. Or maybe they feel the players and others on the team should have Labor Day weekend off after training camp. There are many issues to work out, but first both sides need to have a strong desire to have 18 games, or at least embrace the changes (more pay for players, longer season with earlier start or later end) that would go with it.
  13. True they need to get the pay worked out, but I don't think scheduling is just a minor detail. Sure it sounds easy, play in early August but are the fans going to attend. Will TV contracts be as lucrative? Will fans (and teams) really enjoy a one week hiatus over Labor Day?
  14. HUH? The replies in this thread indicate there is interest from an NFL team to sign him?
  15. 18 game NFL season The biggest issue with this is the current season schedule makes it difficult to change. In order to play 2 more regular season games and keep the playoff schedule as is, that means week one is late August and week 2 is Labor Day weekend. The NFL long ago moved the season start to weekend after Labor Day, because they felt they were losing fans (mostly on TV but also at stadiums). The other alternative is start at same date, and push the whole season out 2 more weeks, that also seems unlikely. Personally I'd like to see them get rid of the off week before the SB, then they could add 2 games with only a 1 week change. I'd like to see it, but just don't think it is likely because of the season schedule. I would like more equitable use of replay (get rid of the limits, or at least keep awarding another coach's challenge if they keep getting them right), but I fear the game would slow down even more and get more maddening for some people. (Doesn't affect me much as I watch most games on DVR and can skip all that dead time.)