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  1. Can't unsubscribe to emails

    Is there some way to unsubcribe from the new advertisements? I don't want to totally unsubscribe from the Huddle, but that is the only option given in the email. Maybe it is one time mailing, but not sure. Maybe its a new partner site for the Huddle, I see its also tied USA Today.
  2. Clay Matthews to the Rams

    Wonder if he can have a career as long and productive as his dad, who played 19 seasons and was still pretty good into his mid-late 30s. Uncle Bruce also had a 19 year career with solid play thru to the end (ProBowl/AllPro honors last 5 years). He's only 33 now, which isn't that old for LB.
  3. Bengals release Vontaze Burfict

    Gruden may appear to be a fool at times, but I'm sure he knew of the past. According to Burfict its "all good"
  4. Bengals release Vontaze Burfict

    Yep, but I'm sure League Champion knows better since 50% of all posts in every thread are from him.
  5. Fitzmagic To The Dolphins

    And you don't mean backup QB
  6. Tyreek Hill again...

    Cool tool, a quick way to look at things by team, Browns were about average with 36, Bengals a bit higher. Pats are pretty low with 21, but then few teams have a player charged with and convicted for murder.
  7. Tyreek Hill again...

    One of just a few articles I found (searched for "PROFESSIONAL athlete crime rates") that includes this similar stat. "• According to the FBI, the NFL arrest rate is 1 in 45. The national average for non-players is 1 in 23." I've read similar stories, and was surprised at first. Then I consider the many hundreds of players we hear nothing about. But they are celebrities so they're big news. Another story mentioned a study that confirmed the above fact, but also showed that during some years NFL players had a higher rate of violent crime than the average person, a statistically significant increase. Numbers were not found easily and didn't have time to read that one fully.
  8. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Looks like $6M cap hit now, less if after June 1, they would save about 3.75M in 2019 cap Contract details
  9. Hunt suspended 8 games

    Mary Kay Cabot is a hack sports writer never has a scoop and does mostly sensationalist drama based BS stories. Most Browns fans ignore and laugh at her. The other source mentions teams that have an interest in Duke, that isn't the same as Browns shopping him. Dorsey gets asked about it I never hear him say they are shopping Duke, but they aren't dumb and listen to offers.
  10. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    You don't even know when you're high?
  11. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    Well except for Peyton
  12. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    Didn't he also draft Brock Oswelier ?
  13. Bell to the Jets

    Bell's agent, he's teaching his clients not to be slaves for the team owners oh boy
  14. Hunt suspended 8 games

    Who is reporting that CLE is trying to trade Duke? When Dorsey was asked yesterday at a press conference believe he said Duke is on the roster now and we play with the guys on the roster, typical GM speak. He won't tell the NFL world that there is no way they'd even consider trading him, he's not dumb and listens to all offers. They might trade him, but I would suspect it would be right before the trade deadline, only if Chubb is healthy, they have confidence in the other RBs (Hilliard is decent), and feel Hunt will be ready quickly. That could leave them without either Duke or Hunt for 1-2 games based on trade deadline and NFL schedule. (Trade deadline was Oct 30 last year, if similar this year that's week 8, depending on when Browns have their bye Hunt is available week 9 or 10.)