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  1. RIP Bernie Casey

    Saying he played for two teams doesn't tell us who he is, the person who responsed with info on the era gave more info and that explains why many don't recognize the name. Unless you're over 60 or really know some history he's not a well recognized NFL player
  2. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Not that I recall that was pretty hilarious (and mind boggling when it happened, and something Browns fans can relate to) But they did hire plenty of guys to be HC/GM who had zero experience doing that job, also hired lots of 10th choice guys after every other candidiate took a better offer or declined. Hue Jackson was the first one I recall since return in 99 that other teams were interested in hiring to do that job. We also had the scenario where they hired Kyle Shanahan as OC, then forced him out after 1 year because of some stupid disagreement, he goes to ATL they reach the SB and now he's a HC. I don't think the Browns have been relevant since they returned, and amazingly those first 4 years were the best with some steady improvement and a winning season with a playoff birth. Since then 1 winning season, and lots of 3-5 win season, even a brush with 0-16.
  3. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    That's because you're a Cowboys fan and we all despise them. Season must be going about as expected since we haven't seen the posts from C1 of doom and gloom or SB bound. As for the OP, if you have Prescott and Mariota they're both good QBs, maybe not top 5-10, but I don't think Siemian is either. Yes he leads scoring after 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean it continues. He was ranked far below the other 2, that is why you drafted them. Seems like you're overreacting to early trends, if you're not a newb to fantasy football you should know better. Anyway welcome to the site, try not to spend too much time on these meaningless rants, they do become fodder for criticism, because we all have them and if we all posted them the site would be a mess. (Like the fantasy advice forum usually is.)
  4. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    Each week another TD, each week an increase of about 50% in scoring (in our league 15-23-32) that is insane and will not continue. Even his week 2 (90yds rush, 50rec, 1 TD each) is not likely to continue. And it was against a defense that couldn't stop much. The whole rams offense looked pretty good, so did the 49ers at times, probably because both defenses were just not good.
  5. TNF

    Never understood why some fantasy sites don't simply carry your roster forward from one week to the next, or were Gurley and Garcon on this guy's bench the week before? But yes not setting your lineup is baffling, ours carry from week to week and I still check early on Tue/Wed to confirm who's playing, who has games when and start thinking about any changes. I have Garcon but sat him for better options, especially with it being a TNF game when player production often takes a dip. I'm sure that one of my starters will not eclipse his 14 points, but those are the breaks.
  6. TNF

    Exciting game, lots of big playes, turnovers, etc. But also poorly played, lots of mstakes (turnovers, stupid penalties that give the off second chances). Not surprising with both teams being pretty bad in general with lots of young players, new pieces including coaches. Kept feeling like it was over every time Rams pushed the lead to 10-14 again, and then it almost ended badly. If only the SF kicker didn't miss that XP, they would have been tied with a good XP on the final TD, instead of having to go for 2. Box score only shows 4 turnovers, 2 fumbles lost for Rams, 1 int 1 fumble lost for 49ers, which doesn't include the pick on the 2p conv, the recover of the onside kick and at least 2 (if not more like 4) times a ball was tipped and nearly intercepted. Very ugly.
  7. Devante Parker projection

    Great post DMD, you must have had some extra time or pulled it from a book of explanations. Anybody who makes as many predictions as you do is gauranteed to be wrong most of the time.
  8. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Really and you think your team sucks, ha-ha too funny. Has it been 50+ years since your team won a title? Have you had an average record of 5-11 for nearly the past 20 years? Just a few winning seasons, one playoff birth, 100 QBs starting and 50 coaches/GMs?
  9. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    Newbie Tool Of The Year So you'd be a contender with Seimian but suck otherwise with Mariota and Dak? Why didn't you draft Seimiean, or add him after week 1 if your other QBs suck? Some guy made a good WW move, you didn't get the guy you wanted, happens a million times every week.
  10. Devante Parker projection

    DMD in the house going to drop some wisdom
  11. Devante Parker projection

    Different people have different opinions, the projects and other data on the Huddle site will NOT always agree. The person writing the Start/Bench thinks he's a great start, the projections guy thinks he's only due for 40 yards, hardly great for a WR (though it depends on # of rec and if PPR). These types of questions come up every year, and that is pretty much the reasoning, and it makes sene. Some sites won't allow contraditory opnions.
  12. Shane Vereen

    I cannot understand why Giants don't give Darkwa more carries, he seems to do far better than Perkins when he gets some, but maybe that's just the usual "backup RB in diff situations" thing we've seen before. In 2015/16 combined he had 66 carries with 4.0 per carry. In 2015 he has 6 for 31, while Perkins has over twice as many carries for few yards (14 for 26). I know the Giants OL is bad, no protection or funning lanes, and with no protection and banged up receiving corp their offense scares nobody. Maybe McAdoo considering using an OC to call plays helps.
  13. Trade Ideas

    advice questions go in the advice forum (damn noobs)
  14. Trade advice

    Advice questions go in the advice forum
  15. Michael Thomas worth keeping?

    Why draft NO players if you hate their inconsistency. Good for you that you could fleece some fool out of a very good WR for some average at best players, one that you just got as a FA. (If this guy likes Falcons, why didn't he sign Sanu as a FA and drop Dez.