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  1. Raiders in Oakland for at least 17 and 18, possibly 19. Would Lynch last more than 1-2 years?
  2. You've got at least 2 seasons to plan a get together for a Raiders game in LV, possibly 3. And the stadium deal still has some kinks to work out, most notably that Mark Davis thinks he can dictate all the terms for people using it, while paying almost nothing to build it.
  3. While CBS does charge more and has occasional issues I've yet to experience a roll out with that many problems, but then we're usually not touching our league until July or August. Sounds like this is a bump in the road for MFL, hopefully not a sign of continued poor revisions in the future. I think Whomper was just reacting like I do sometimes to those who always say MFL is best and the rest (especially CBS) are garbage.
  4. Were they sold to some large conglomerate or something and no longer care about their customers? I've always heard mostly great stuff from their loyal users here. I think too many of these sites think they need constant change to stay at the top, to attract new users, etc. Slowly they stop caring about long time users and keeping things consistent, flash and sizzle is what counts.
  5. No simply meant that initial reports said there was another person involved, yet police decided Revis was responsible and charged him, with very little evidence and apparently didn't even speak to the friend. Or this is all after the fact the friend taking the fall. No way to really know.
  6. Really sucks for Murray, I thought this guy had it and could be a long term RB keeper for me, instead it back to the drawing board...
  7. Read an interesting story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about it, with his friend explaining exactly what went down, and how he was the one who knocked out the other 2 guys (who were physically attacking Revis) and was the one heard on the video after the incident saying that he did it. Not sure what happened when the cops showed up, why the friend wasn't there to admit his role at that time. Neither the guys knocked out nor other witnesses could say who hit them, though there was reports of another unknown person with Revis.
  8. Maybe he'll eat better in SEA, no more piles of cheese filled brats and beer I was looking at his career numbers, a lot better than many who think he mostly sucked in his 4 years at GB. Seems like his style as a big pounding back doesn't fit the GB offense, or was he expected to be lean and mean?
  9. Guessing that is from this article Which also mentions that several teams offered multi-year deals, including some at $10-11M per year, but Pryor and his agents saw more $$$ in going for a one year "prove it" deal. Problem was once the Browns signed Britt they spent the $8M WR money, and were going to offer him less. He gambled, Browns could not wait for it to play out, and probably got the feeling he was leaning towards wanting an offer that would not fit their plans (more money, or the short term deal). Not sure why he didn't take one of those long term offers paying $11M, must not have been enough gauranteed money, or he simply thought he could make more over that period by starting with the one year deal and then getting $13-15M on a long term deal. Makes me think these reports about the offers are BS, Pryor's camp trying to save face (and the PD's MKC feeding the fans their BS for them).
  10. So pretty much like the last 10-15 years, with variously talented teams.
  11. OK, probably read that and took it with as mostly rumor, have never trusted much of what Mary Kay Cabot reports on the Browns.
  12. Hmm, what do the Redskins want for Cousins? I'd rather trade for him than Crapola, and a high draft pick would actually be worth it. Oz, #12 in 2017, the second round pick we got from HOU? Toss in a few cases of Stadium Mustard?
  13. Good points jamesplante11, I had not heard about the Browns pulling that offer, but it makes sense, they spent their big WR money, may have considered signing him for less. As for Schwartz I don't recall the part where he came back to the Browns after he went FA shopping and they pulled the offer. Many Browns fans are still angry (even after Bitonio ext, and sign Tretter and Zeittler) that they let Schwartz and Mack walk last year (Mack was not going to stay, that bridge was burned with the Farmer run Browns).
  14. Thanks flemingd for explaining the cap# stuff. I never said the local sportscaster is making decisions or really knows what the Browns are doing. But speculation from somebody that has been doing play-by-play on the radio for the team for 25+ years means more than some average joe talking sports. The Browns are listening to trade offers and have been reported to be willing to eat part of the salary. Maybe its circular reporting with all of them referencing the same person or each other as their source. But it does seem like Donovan and some others in the CLE media really have a hard on for Crapola and not only think the Browns will try to sign him, but that they should and that no asking price is too high. Pardon me for being a bit excited for once about this pile of crap team I'm a fan of doing something unique and possibly very big impact to the team.
  15. Would this help Jordan Matthews? If he's still there (I see there are some trade rumors about him).