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  1. NFC Championship Thread

    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN As others said it is a publicity stunt, nothing more. NFL is not going to replay the game or hand the win to the Saints. As for possible changes in the future, sure it could happen, change to overtime format, changes to address the horrible calls, but the NFL doesn't make snap decisions on these things. Somebody referenced a Yahoo story that the league is "discussing it..." sure they discuss many things that don't even get put to a vote, some more that don't pass and a few mostly small things.
  2. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Anybody saying the games sucked are morons, I don't care if you are 10 or 110. Some bad calls, yep. Pats who are universally hated (except by their fans) in another SB, makes me want to barf. That doesn't mean the games sucked, just fans unhappy with the results.
  3. AFC Championship Thread

    No college OT in the NFL, most contrived nonsense ever. For those saying that OT shouldn't be decided on a coin flip, Saints won the toss and lost. Guess they didn't get the memo that coin toss winner has to win OT.
  4. AFC Championship Thread

    With the Pats in the SB I'd prefer the veteran HC/QB combo from the Saints, but I wouldn't write off the Rams yet. I know its the popular thing to do, Pats reach the SB and people hand over the trophy. I won't do that, neither will the Rams.
  5. AFC Championship Thread

    Get back to me when the Broncos go 0-16 or 1-31, like really really bad... like losing 224 games in 20 seasons, like 5-11 as an average record for 20 years. SUPER EXPONENTIALLY WORSE But that's over, Browns are rebounding now, but I will remember that horrible stretch, and hope no fan ever has to experience anything like it. AND F*** THE PATS
  6. NFC Championship Thread

    They were too busy making sure they got the incomplete pass portion correct, conferring with each other and everything after the play was over. Time for the replay booth to be able to overturn horribly missed calls like this.
  7. NFC Championship Thread

    I agree, but not sure what can be done or if the NFL will ever do something. Of course others seem to be in the "MEH bad calls happen, tough beans" camp.
  8. AFC Championship Thread

    Of course I'd say the same thing if PIT or BAL or even DEN/IND were in it, those 5 account for lots of recent AFC winners
  9. Adios, Linehan!

    Guess they had to wait for their playoff exit, not a ton of options out there. Some retreads like Morninwheg, Haley, Hue Jackson and various guys from within the Cowboys. The wildest rumor, Tony Romo
  10. Running back questions 2019

    Will the Bears keep Jordan Howard or try to trade him. Will Cohen be a workhorse for the Bears, is either one a clear RB1?
  11. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    Yep lots to be figured out still regarding QBs. I have been looking at some of this data and what it means for my keeper team. For once I have a legit tier 1 top 12 value player in Adams, but from there its still sketchy with Ertz, Landry, Cohen, Carson and Trubisky my top likely (must keep 5). When looking at the top QBs in weekly average (not total points which skew results against guys who missed games) Ryan and Fitzpatrick were top 5, even if Fitz starts I doubt Fitz goes anywhere near top 5 of QBs, Prescott was in the top 10, but won't go that high, Rodgers/Brady/Rivers out of the top 10, but likely go there. I may end up not protecting a QB, and draft one (I also have 1st overall pick so technically that bubble guy is still mine if I want them over other options.)
  12. Divisional Game Thread

    Sports Contracts website is a good place for this info, pretty simple, clear details, not a lot of overhead to slow it down, even seen it referenced by people in the media. Kamara is on very cheap contract, would they redo it with an extension before it expires? His cap hit number is 51st among RBs, 34th on the Saints.
  13. Schefter: Broncos hire Fangio

    You don't think the Steelers are a hot mess full of silly drama? Gong Show seems pretty reasonable to me.
  14. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    Maybe they don't think the Jaguars firing him eliminates what he does well. His offense has led the league in rushing twice (#1 in attempts 2013 with BUF, 2nd in yards and #1 in attempts/yards 2017 with JAX, but yards per attempt were never that great, 9th the year with JAX). Maybe they Packers brain trust thinks they need to improve the running game and stop leaning on Rodgers so much. Or maybe there just aren't a lot of other candidates? I keep seeing this statements in various places, coach X was fired from job Y, why would any other team every hire him to do that same job? Even to this extent "Packers fired McCarthy, why would anybody want that retread"
  15. Divisional Game Thread

    Your general point stands, but not the bolded Brees has only played 2 games in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, it opened in 2017. I know Atlanta has a lot of Saints fans post Katrina (which makes it like a home game). But this isn't the old Georgia Dome where he played 10+ times during his career with the Saints. He's already played in the new MIN Vikings dome twice as well, possibly more at Jerryworld (I saw 2 in past 5 years).