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  1. Or better yet, "you've been traded to the Browns"
  2. Exactly, and right now they can still test, take how ever long and hold the player out of the game. So if the NFL adopts this its not going to be used as some sort of advantage (not sure how that would work, as the opposing team does not get to decide who is evaluated for a concussion). I too wonder how long the actual test on the sideline would take, to administer and get results. I'm sure making it quick will be a goal, not sure what is reasonable. 5min? A woman can pee on a stick and have a pretty accurate pregancy test, obviously drawing blood may take more time and a trained technician.
  3. Exactly and taking lordopies list most of those are not likely to be Browns Bradford - the least of the MIN QBs, he could work as a bridge more likely to be a quality backup Keenum - probably will remain in MIN or go to a similarl quality/contending team Bridgewater - backup QB probably in MIN Cousins - contending team, Browns won't get him and should not pursue him AJ - the leading candidate Cutler - have heard nothing about him, would have expected he stays in MIA McCown - an option, but they let him go after 2016, maybe that was a Sashi move Brees - no way, doubt he'd leave the Saints, certainly not for the Browns I also heard talk of Tyrod Taylor changing teams too, forget if he's FA or possible trade. As for being a playoff team, I don't see it. After winning 1 game in 2 years (4 in 3yr) and winning 4-5 games on average most years since their return, getting back to 4-5 wins is the first realistic step, then getting to a .500 team, and finally playoffs. 2-3 years is a reasonable time to finish this rebuild. Playoffs this year would be like winning the SB. Aside from QB, RB and OL they also need help on D, especially DB but LB and DL too. Oh and another quality WR would be nice, Coleman and Gordon are nice, but not elite and with some ?s Doesn't sound like a team turning around from 0-16 to 9-11 wins.
  4. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Yowza $35M signing bonus, $74M guaranteed, $42.6M in the first year. A $37M cap hit in the first year, is over $10M more than any other NFL player. The dead cap money is virtually gone after 2 years with numbers of $4.2M, 2.8 and 1.4 over the final 3 years of the contract. Aside from the $35M in signing bonus that is guaranteed, looks like all or most of the salary in the first 3 years (6.2, 17.2 and 23.8 mil) are guaranteed as well, that would be in the range of the $74M guranteed. Jimmy G's contract breakdown on Spotrac
  5. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    If you couldn't care less about Kaep playing you sure picked an odd way of showing it by posting that picture and saing "I'm just going to drop this here" as if you didn't know what a what a steaming pile it was and the kind of debate that would follow. The guy may have talent, but not enough to overcome the massive negative baggage that he carries.
  6. NFL draft 2018

    I'm fine with Barkley (1.01) and one of the top QBs at 1.04 (or somebody else that's likely to not bust). I am not somebody saying "must be QB at 1.01, but some fans are saying that, they don't all want it, but many think the Browns will be afraid to pass on a QB there, and have another "we could have had Wentz" situation. Of course they could take the wrong QB at 1.01 and still have that, but at least they could say "well we did take a QB, just not the right one".
  7. Congrats to the Eagles

    But its Philly, you guys booed Santa Clause and threw things at him. Surely the parade was really a massive riot and you're just trying to spin it
  8. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    I don't run the team, so what I want to happen really doesn't matter. Nice fishing trip though.
  9. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Not particularly.
  10. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    I wasn't comparing him to rookies with zero NFL experience I was comparing him to proven NFL starters that already showed they could lead that team to success for a complete season. Like Stafford, or Ryan, guys who got paid with far from limited success and were considered by some to be overpaid (since Rodgers, Brady, Brees make less). I'm not saying it was a bad decision, or that the 49ers are idiots for doing it. It may be a wise decision and great value. But its still huge, and a bit out of line with what others with far bigger track records have gotten.
  11. NFL draft 2018

    Ah yes, I thought there was one more but couldn't remember who.
  12. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    I read somewhere $74M guranteed. Has to be couple years worth. People were saying Stafford and other QBs were getting overpaid in the past, few of them had just a handful of starts for their team.
  13. NFL draft 2018

    Guy I work with really likes Josh Allen, hard for me to gauge college talent since I don't follow it. I like a QB outside of the 1/4 picks, so long as we don't move up/down to pick 1.22 to take a QB, after Quinn and Manziel I think that move is cursed.
  14. Congrats to the Eagles

    Going to the parade? I didn't when the Cavs won, but would for a Browns SB (if still alive and able to stand)
  15. NFL draft 2018

    Not sure what source loaf has saying it will be a QB at 1.01, I do keep hearing fans say WE MUST TAKE A QB #1, most say "because we keep passing on them and we need one", not very rational. Its not that different from fantasy drafts, what would they prefer Barkley their chose of at least 2 of the top 4 QBs or their top choice at QB and ??? at 1.04. (Not sure what they'd do at #4, sure Barkley if he is there.) Is there a QB the Browns covet? Do they covet Barkley? As I said before, which FA QB they get could impact their decisions.