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  1. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    Hopefully not the same kicker on all 69 of these teams. I recall a couple of zeroes from an active kicker over my years.
  2. OK Brown fans - exhale

    Thanks, guess that makes sense. I also think the 2 minute drill was the perfect time for Mayfield to enter the game.
  3. man im torn

    You're getting soft Actually it is a rule not a preference, just look at the 800 billion posts every hour on the advice thread, who wants to wade through that steaming pile
  4. Wait........WTF?!???

    Unlike the awesome Colts and their drunk/high owner

    Check your sarcasm meter, this is clearly taking a shot at the "hey is this fair for the commish/league" guy who was posting 3-4 of these every week. I also figure your first part of response is sarcasm, otherwise I'm doing it wrong (been co-commish for about 25 years, one title and I think 2 second place finishes.
  6. OK Brown fans - exhale

    It sure seemed like it was more than just Baker playing much better, since Taylor had a ton more pressure early in the game.
  7. OK Brown fans - exhale

    There was no time to read or release many times early first half for Taylor. He was getting blasted by guys running right past the OL.
  8. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    Trying to understand how that is legal, or not shut down by NFL. But then I'm not into all the latest technology or have any experience with reddit. Why does anybody pay for Sunday Ticket if they can watch every game using this, including the many bars that do it?
  9. Antonio Callaway

    Probably have to review the play by play info to get that, not sure how you'd find targets by QB X to player Y. There was no time to throw the ball early, so nobody was getting many targets. Callaway will continue to develop and improve, but I wouldn't drop Enunwa for him at this point, maybe keeper/dynasty if you're considering Callaway for that.
  10. Crowell wipes butt with football

    It was the right call, you don't give them a short field and chance to block a FG. Especially with such a good defense
  11. OK Brown fans - exhale

    I believe the only statement from Hue so far came right after the game, they have 10 days until the next game and they will make Mayfield the starter here on out. To not do so would end the interest of all Browns fans. Something was odd in the first half, the offense looked far worse than the prior two games, no pass or run blocking, nothing was working. I know Mayfield is better and brings confidence, but its weird that alone changed everything, must have been some halftime adjustments as well. As for how many we could win, not sure that more than 4-5 is realistic, just look at the schedule and find me the games they're likely to win. They still have @OAK, LAC, @TB, @PIT, KC, ATL, @CIN, @HOU, CAR, @DEN, CIN, @BAL I could see splitting with CIN/BAL, with LAC, OAK, as likely wins, maybe small chance with ATL or HOU. No chance KC, CAR, DEN, PIT
  12. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    Its got to be per month, but even then its a ton of content, and every NFL game sounds like some sort of Sunday Ticket.
  13. Agholor this week

    GUYS OTHER THAN WR ARE TARGETS He is seeing high volume, but the Eagles passing offense is two headed, Ertz and the leading WR. The post was ignoring the TE, like Agholor is the only player who will see significant targets. Never said he wasn't a must start, was just commenting on what somebody else said, not sure why it bothers you.
  14. Agholor this week

    Last year with Wentz starting 13 games, Ertz 110, Alshon Jeffrey 120. My point is Ertz is one of two primary targets on that offense, and the post said Agholor is the only target in Philly. Just trying to correct what I saw as misinformation.