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  1. Giants vs Eagles (MNF)

    They'll still probably win the division, but the NFC wild card teams are going to be good (SEA, SF, MIN, GB) and will slaughter the Eagles. Hardly a healthy WR, no Howard, that leaves the two TEs and Sanders to carry the offense. And if Lane Johnson is hurt long term, the OL is much worse.
  2. Giants vs Eagles (MNF)

    Prime time games, especially MNF have not been blockbuster big games for many years now, since NBC got the Sunday night package and MNF was relegated to ESPN. The big games every week are 1) SNF 2) late slot Sunday DH (e.g. Rams-Cowboys this week) 3) TNF (since Fox got the package, they're even allowing better games that would normally be on Fox on Sunday to go there) the rest get split among regional games with lower distribution and MNF Browns-Jets was a week 2 MNF game, did that scream big game with great teams? (I know some people thought Browns were a 10-12 win playoff team). Also don't forget, this is the 50th anniversary of MNF, and they along with the NFL worked to have a lot of the great matchups from the past to occur. Just like we've seen a lot of the past SB matchups being used for featured games with the 100th NFL season.
  3. Daniel Jones ruled out Monday night

    Your fantasy season was relying on the PHI D doing well?
  4. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    We're filming this series to show what an advance scout does They cheat, so of course we'll do some extra cheating to further illustrate, and we'll play dumb if we're ever caught. Not the Patriots, no way
  5. Marvin Jones is done for the season

    Wow hard to believe its been almost 20 years since he last played (2000)
  6. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    We keep 5 players, and start 9, so the core of your team can be carried from year to year. But the other 4 starters and depth need to be drafted, and that can be key. This year I had the first pick and got Jacobs, already had Carson & Coleman, along with Adams, Ertz and Goff who I got in a trade. My other WR were very weak, Ertz didn't play well early, nor Goff. I thought I had a good team, but still finished last (had 2nd highest points against). We'll see who I get next year. It is hard, but far from impossible to build a good team. We see lots of trading before our draft (teams have 6 or 7 viable keepers (top 60-70 guys) and trade for draft picks. The guys near the top most of the time are good at drafting and managing their teams. They haven't had the greatest player for long stretches.
  7. Report: Alshon Jeffery is done for the season

    Dang, not sure why I thought they were on the road, maybe seeing Rams in late slot. I'm sure its a great place, but I have no interest in traveling to Dallas for a game, even if it were to see my Browns. (Especially since it puts money in JJ's pocket,) I just don't attend many sporting events anymore, and generally hate to fly so when I do its for a week or more to visit family. Most other vacation is spent doing what is shown in my avatar. There are several other really nice new stadiums not far from me if I wanted to travel to one (Indy, Detroit,) even PIT, GB or Chicago would be cool to see, and all an easy weekend visit by car (GB being a long one) I've got a motorcycling friend who lives in the Dallas area, and at one time he lived in an apartment near the old Cowboys stadium in Irving.
  8. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    Our league is closer to a dynasty with 5 keepers and no limit on how long or increasing cost to team. There are 12 teams, we start 9, and have 9 bench spots. And we have problems with any quality on waivers (216 players rostered). The OP has another 100 players out of the WW pool. We've discussed having 1-2 fewer bench spots, but many complain about their ability to cover byes and having to make more roster moves (at $2 each) to deal with it. Maybe going back to a RB/WR/TE flex spot in place of our 3rd WR slot would help, but we eliminated flex spot some time ago and few owners even want to listen to going back to something we changed once already. I'm often curious how a true dynasty works, is their still some portion of the roster you don't have the next season? Or is it like the NFL where you start with an additional 10-20 or more players, and widdle the roster down to before the season starts.
  9. Report: Alshon Jeffery is done for the season

    Yep I can see that, in which case PHI and DAL will for sure have to play at the same time in week 17, as a Dallas loss/tie to WAS opens the door for PHI.
  10. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    Didn't make that connection, too funny.
  11. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    Ertz was bench worthy quite often this season, the problem was predicting when that was. Yes he's been better recently (good games in 4 of the last 5) but the games before that were horrible, maybe better for PPR leagues. But 1 TD in 8 games and not a single game over 75 yards is pretty average. Weeks 6-8 were particularly brutal (rec, yards, TDs) 4,54,0 2,38,0 2,20,0 That is not even mediocre TE production, that is downright bad. His only stinker in the last 5 was week 13 @MIA (one of the worst teams in the NFL) with a 3,24,0 line Every other week he has 90+yards and averaged a TD in each game. In 2018 he had 3 games in first 5 over 75 yards, and touchdowns more regularly starting in week 5 last year he had 116,1163,8 this year he'll be lucky to hit 100 rec or 100 yards, and probably fewer TDs as well.
  12. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    More like knew the rules, ignored them and hoped they would not be caught, or punished, or just don't care and are thumbing their nose at the league.
  13. Report: Alshon Jeffery is done for the season

    Cowboys need to worry about ending their losing streak and beating the Rams this weekend, on the road. Then they can worry about that result against Philly the following week. Haven't seen much evidence from the Cowboys in that past 3 games to indicate they can beat a quality team (which the Rams are as evidence by their win over Seattle. I know the week 16 DAL-PHI is the key (especially if you assume both teams win week 17), but if you beat the Rams and the Eagles lose to the Redskins the game week 16 is less important (DAL would need to lose last 2 and PHI win last 2).
  14. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    I wonder if anybody with Ertz on their fantasy team benched him. I did a few times late in the season as he really wasn't producing.
  15. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    So they hired somebody to follow their advance scout, to CLE to scout the Bengals for an upcoming day, to video tape what is involved in advance scouting. Nobody from the Pats asks the NFL, or the other team involved (Bengals) but they did get approval from the Browns. They also fail to explain to the camera crew, or others from Pats organization there, that these people are NOT ALLOWED to film the sidelines, even though they know that is expressly forbidden and could suspect that it would be done as part of showing "what advance scouting it". I assume the Pats scouts can watch the game, make notes etc. But nobody is allowed to film. Right, I'll believe the Pats just forgot all that, simple mistake and all. We'd never bend the rules within an inch of breaking...
  16. Week 14 Milk Carton

    Yes I can be grumpy, and depending on how old you are I may be considered old (55). The post was out of place, I gave it a HMM emoji but that didn't cause you think about what you posted, Guess you thought next week is 14, mistakes happen. It just really whacky to think (at 11PM on Sunday when you posted this), that the game was being played Sunday of this week, when both teams played earlier that day already. PS To pivot back on topic, if I was in the playoffs I'd probably have posted a "where's Ertz before kickoff, of course he has a big game too late in the season.
  17. Week 14 Milk Carton

    What does this have to do with week 14 milk carton thread? Or do you just post random things in random threads?
  18. Dallas solves problem.

    He's been perfect from XP this season, and only missed one since they signed him last year (98.6% overall). But his FG are pretty bad, 80% last year, down to 67% this year. He's even bad (6 of 8) in FGs that are the length of XPs (30-39), and a pathetic 1 of 5 from 40-49. He's almost as good kicking 50+ (50%) as 30-49 (54%). No he isn't the biggest problem. But when your last 3 losses are all 1-2 score games, it has an impact, especially when the kicker makes FG at 50% during those games.
  19. Daniel Jones ruled out Monday night

    Right and you posted it on Saturday, that is OLD NEWS A new thread to announce a guy is out 2 days after it happens........
  20. The Bears need Jalen Hurts

    Is this with Brady as the backup/tutor or is that dead now?
  21. Lions fined for violating the NFL Injury Report Policy

    I had a feeling this would happen when I read those stories about that game where he was known to be out (entire team was told on Saturday) but they didn't list him out and allowed him to try to suit up for the game because he wanted to (maybe a consecutive starts streak). Matt Patricia needs to know he cannot do this, and isn't under Kraft's umbrella to shield him from the NFL bosses.
  22. Whatcha need on SNF/MNF

    A new TV, as mine died during a commercial break in SNF game. Merry Christmas to me...
  23. Jacobs inactive today

    Hopefully well rested and ready to go for 2020, will be a key part of my fantasy team. Maybe having the first pick in my keeper/dynasty league draft wasn't such a bad thing.
  24. Although I hate the Ravens I applaud the offense that they have now with Jackson very amazing. I'm pulling for Wilson to the eclipse the games won record that would be a good one. And I'm definitely not pulling for New England or the Steelers to win another Superbowl and I don't think they do it this year either. Steelers if they make it lose in the first round Patriots will be challenged by every team they face and not reach the SB.