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  1. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    did somebody say something, I cannot see it
  2. Where are the rookie rankings?

    I don't see a way to print, but was able to find it recently added (same info DMD posted above) in the draft kit area Doesn't appear to be, but at least they have them on a page under Player Rankings section of the draft kit now Not sure if there ever was a printable version, I saw that mostly in the cheat sheets and never needed rookie specific info much.
  3. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    You don't own squat, you're just a loud mouth who posts tons of nonsense. Never should have taken you off my ignore list, back you go.
  4. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    Got to love Jerry and his spin to the media. "Y'all said I need to get a contract done, well I did...." yes except it wasn't one of the 3 key contracts that you needed to get done, so big whoop-de-doo
  5. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Nobody is FORCING him to do anything. Your employer says "you must wear this safety gear to work us" you decide if you want to work for them or not. AB doesn't know manure and you know even less. He is acting like a petulant child and needs to be bitch slapped. (PS No I will not calm dawn, so don't bother telling me, and stop defending this loser, it makes you look beyond foolish)
  6. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    I'd say the top 4 on that list are worth their pay, the next 4 not so much, Stafford probably best value there. Brees and Brady are underpaid, and Carr, Smith and Flacco are overpaid. Luck is overpaid if he continues missing a lot of time. Agree Dak is more in the 18-25 value range, not 30+ But I also know new contracts are always more than old ones, and very few of these ever really run their course so the reported annual salaries are often meaningless (and change in 2-3 years with another extension).
  7. Duke Johnson traded to Texans

    Hunt has far more talent than Duke, or the new backup Hilliard or the rookie D'Ernest Johnson. When he is available it is pretty likely he will get more touches than those guys were getting. That will also be a chance to spell Chubb a bit more for the stretch run. I don't think it will be significant change, but acting like Hunt is just a plug in for these other guys and still way behind Chubb in talent is misguided. Even with your opinion relative to RB success under Reid.
  8. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    WE are not telling him anything, his employer has requirements he has to meet to work for them, no different than many others. Want to smoke pot, well don't get caught or you may lose your job. Want to be a tackling dummy for 300 pound guys, then you must wear the certified safety equipment. Want to work on a construction site, hard hat and steel toe boots etc. Who the hell is AB to decide he gets to do whatever the hell he wants? But hey, let get rid of all rules, just let people do whatever they want. Problem solved...
  9. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    I'd say to the OP "do whatever you've already been doing" since he says the league has been 6pt TDs for QBs since inception. Our league has always been 6PT TDs for QBs, and they generally have more value to us than another 12 team league where they only get 3-4 points per TD. But we also have lower points for passing yardage, only one per 50yards, vs 1 per 10 receiving and rushing. Many more RB/WR get large yardage bonus points (say 8-10) than QBs (5-6 is good).
  10. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Here is a thread on a different forum, I believe you can read it without being a registered member. They were talking about similar issues there with being harder to get a deal this time around. But also some talk about only so many deals at certain times, only able to get a deal when your current contract is up etc. I'm not an ST subscriber but have followed discussions in various places. As for AT&T yes they are screwing things up, I have U-Verse and they dropped NFL Network, not a dispute over the cost, just dropped it flat out. Not a huge deal but means missing a few of the Thursday Night games this year. I hate the prospect of changing services, and did have a big DVR backlog last time I did it and tried to watch the more important things. My brother moved recently in California and got a new system, Comcast which includes the remote you talk to. While that is cool for some things saying "skip ahead 2 minutes" isn't really that much easier than using FF or 30sec skip. What was really cool though was in many programs he could FF to top speed when a commercial break starts, and it would resume normal speed at the right spot. He showed me how you could see it would work as the commercial gaps were colored on the program's timeline. The real issue with Sunday Ticket is for years/decades they allowed many to get it for free by haggling. Maybe they found that was costing them too much, or just decided it was no longer viable with fewer subscribers. Now many of their long time subscribers feel like they are being screwed. Of course when they tell you "that local cable sounds like your best option you should to that" its pretty clear their CSRs don't really care at all.
  11. D'Onta Foreman released

    Apparently he has a torn bicep, that will sideline for 4 months. He played in the week 2 pre-season game with the Browns but made no impact that I saw (1 carry for 1-, 1 catch for 6) nor do I recall him being injured. I do recall some talk about him and seeing what he does with a change of scenery.
  12. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Until his latest attempt to use an old style unsafe non-certified helmet is rebuffed. I cannot believe he actually took some old helmet and tried to have it pained in Raider's style thinking he could fool people.
  13. Antonio Callaway suspended 4 games

    Uggh so wanted to believe is story last august that the Josh Gordon in the car belonged to his brother (who was driving it in FL before it was shipped here). Another Josh Gordon in the making. After watching the pre-season game where Landry and OBJ didn't play, Higgins looked really good. Strong and Montgomery were also pretty good. Browns have some depth at WR, some decent guys will be cut. Was talking with another guy and we both were wondering if maybe Callaway gets cut or dealt.
  14. Andrew Luck thread

    Brissett looked pretty good in the Browns pre-season game. But I don't think much of the Browns starting defense played. He made some good plays with his feet including eluding some tackles and also made some good passes. Ebron and Doyle both looked good.
  15. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    I don't see how those helmets will fair any better in the required tests. And what if those are damaged during the season, will he stop playing until he can find another one? Just pick a current helmet that is readily available, understand the safety is already there, and get rid of this "my old helmet that I wore for 3 decades starting with playing pee-wee is the only one that can protect me." He is sounding deranged.
  16. Duke Johnson traded to Texans

    Still no guarantees that Hunt won't get in more trouble and will play at the level he did with the Chiefs (where many players lately have great success). He finally got on the field for the Browns yesterday with both Chubb and Hilliard not playing, and the RB4 D'Ernest Johnson looked as good if not better. Duke being gone allows them to feed Chubb and spell him when needed with Hilliard, who won't be complaining if he doesn't play enough and be a distraction. To me that means more touches for Chubb.
  17. Cedric Benson has passed away

    His vehicle collided with a van, he was on a motorcycle didn't matter in the end who hit who. As a rider and one who has read a lot of reports on motorcycle accidents, it is likely that the van pulled out in front of him, and he couldn't stop in time and hit it. The van didn't hit him, he hit the van, but the van was at fault. But yes, journalism is pretty poor these days, and a major reason is the desire to be first to report it, and the unwillingness to go back and correct stories or add more details. I also (in motorcycle accident reports) look for info on what if any safety gear was being worn by the riders. I won't ride without a helmet, and usually wear my full protective gear that includes armored textile jacket/pants, over the ankle boots and good gloves. Still no guarantee you survive or come away without major injuries. But almost certainly have a better chance with proper equipment. RIP Cedric
  18. What round will you draft Josh Gordon?

    To clarify, the non football injury list This report says that Dontrell Inman was released to make room for Gordon when he was reinstated, and that was posted just minutes ago, the news about the injury list is from a few hours ago.
  19. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Well pot is legal and plentiful in Cali, maybe he's been smoking his brains out and finally burned off the last few viable cells. John Gruden is not the kind of coach to pull this manure with.
  20. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    It is all about safety according AB and his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Really wanting to wear an old outdated helmet that has failed safety tests done by the NFL? Sounds more like "I want what I want because I want it, I'm familiar with it and you cannot make me change." Hilarious reading how he said Rodgers and Brady were not being scrutinized, and they Raiders quickly provided evidence to the contrary, which shut him up for a short time.
  21. 2019 Season hosting site options

    Ahh specific needs of local leagues you're involved in. I thought you meant they lack things that are specifically needed for a local league and was trying to figure out what that would be.
  22. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    And SB 40 in 2005 season?
  23. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Yes you've always been a reasonable Steeler fan.
  24. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    Curios how the change of scenery helps with his issues, which mostly are injury related (missed 6 games in 2016, 7 in 2018, and injured again in camp).
  25. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    Even with BB & TB in your way the Steelers still won two Super Bowls in that era, not bad. I'm hoping the Pats go away soon, Browns and Chiefs coming to power at the right time.