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  1. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    Gee you think, seeing as how camp just opened and players haven't even started having any sort of practice, let alone full team drills with lineman spewing their aerosols at each other for hours per day. They better hope they can do better in preventing players getting the virus than MLB, because I don't know how its going to work if you start canceling NFL games because the opposing team has players that tested positive.
  2. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    Exactly, Brown did himself in. I suspect Henry Muto having 8000 different fantasy teams (mostly high stakes) probably has some shares of AB and hasn't gotten over the sting. Blaming anybody but AB himself is just wrong. Somethings wrong with him, if it isn't mental illness its some nasty drugs. Or he's just a big stupid jerk, that is always a possibility. Remember TO working out on his line, crying about "that's my QB" and other stuff? Did we ever figure out if he had problems?
  3. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    You avoid the spread by not getting it in the first place, that is why players need 3 negative tests just to enter the team facility. There are also supposed to be daily tests for the first couple of weeks once in camp. But beyond that, when they start testing less frequently, players/staff/etc can be there for a day or two spreading it. The key is to avoid it ever entering the facility. Keeping the entire team isolated from the community (that includes family and friends) for most of the season would also help. They would still travel and play other teams, stay in some hotel on the road, ride a bus from place to place, but it would help.
  4. Wait this is from a vote of the NFL players, not USA Today (who wrote it) or NFL Network (who created the list). Oh boy, sure with the #1 overall pick I'll take Lamar Jackson, said almost no FF player in 2020. I always hope my league mates use places like that vs. The Huddle or other FF specific sites (even free ones) for their guidance. OK apparently this is for NFL purposes not FF, so who really cares (since we talk FF here not NFL). Even still, I'd take Mahomes every day over Jackson.
  5. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    I saw an NBA player do that last night as he was dribbling. EWWWW!! Think of linemen standing across from each other all game, breathing in and out, grabbing on and doing the shoving match stuff. May as well be slow dancing with the guy.
  6. Fantasy this year

    We usually have an in person draft using a conference at my office where about half the league works (and several others used to work there). But with our office closed except for a couple essential IT people, there is no way we're doing that. Most likely online, unless some owner wants to host it (neither myself nor my co-commish will). I was actually suggesting to my co-commish that we start thinking about what issues could arise, maybe consider reducing the fee, donate league proceeds to charity, etc. Nope he thinks everything will be OK, no need to worry we'll return to normal when "they hype dies down". I wonder if his views have changed in the last couple of weeks. I may just put in minimal effort and resources (no extra $$ to join the weekly high score game, few if any roster moves) and try to protect my core players (5 keepers).
  7. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    OK I kind of wondered about that, but had already done all the I see posts online that act like the "virus is a hoax" people and its impossible to tell it is sarcasm because people actually say those things seriously.
  8. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    First two Browns to opt out, 2nd year OT Drew Forbes (who was expected to compete for starting RT job, the 6th round pick was injured and missed most of last season) and UDFA OT Drake Dorbeck.
  9. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    NEVERMIND IF IT WAS ALL A JOKE, BUT REALIZE PEOPLE POST THIS STUFF FOR REAL AND MEAN IT, NO WAY TO KNOW ITS SARCASM. Your GUESS is that the NFL won't be testing players? Seriously? Even guessing that 6 weeks ago (you repeated it 2 weeks later) seems completely irrational. I won't belabor the point after reading your other posts in this thread, including how you tried to wiggle out of claiming you were an infectious disease expert after you wrote "I, along with my Infectious Disease colleagues don't put much credence into the notion of an asymptomatic infection." Yes this is a fantasy football forum, so maybe you shouldn't be spreading your "informed" BS and stick to having the fun you come here for. PS I'm not a doctor, I have no medical training, but I also don't need that to recognize complete BS.
  10. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I just asked my co-commish about a week ago (a month after your post) if he thought we should consider any changes, or start a dialogue with owners, or anything. His response "Nope I'm pretty confident things will get back to normal when the hype dies down, and the season will go as planned."
  11. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    I think AB replaced his meds with bath salts.
  12. Salary cap to drop

    Spreading it out over several years makes sense, sure it will hurt some players with really short careers, but this had to be done.
  13. NFL agrees to cancel 2020 preseason

    The ratings will be fine, even with the departure of some fans angry over changes.
  14. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    NFL has an additional issue that MLB does not, many days without games, many nights to head out to bars and clubs, or indoor dining, or large family gatherings. From what I heard NFL players are strictly forbidden from those activities and there will be fines if they are caught doing it. I'd hope players can convince each other how important this is, how one player getting the virus could screw things up for the whole team, or even the league as a whole. But far too many are young and foolish, and probably also a group in the "virus is a hoax" camp. I heard the Marlins players got it when a bunch of them went out to party in Atlanta when there about a week ago for their exhibition games. Teams that are in or visit hot spots really need to be careful. Also from what I've heard MLB did not allow the Marlins with players testing positive to play the Phillies that night, the Marlins took a vote and decided to play. Sounds like neither the Phillies nor MLB HQ was notified, and the geniuses running the Marlins are responsible for much of the mess, along with MLB. These teams need a league official in charge of testing, not the team itself and their doctors that will lie, similar to the use of the independent neurologist for concussions.
  15. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    You should know by now that nobody is like you, I doubt anybody else here already had 20+ drafts, let alone all high stakes leagues. Sucks to be in your position. I'm glad we have our draft as late as possible and already approached my co-commish to start thinking about if we want to make any changes, and he's of the "everything will go as planned" mindset.

    Hmm, they paid them off, using an attorney no less, who was also a member of the FL state legislature. But the story sounded so plausible, everybody believed these guys were innocent once the accused recanted.
  17. Washington Team de Football Reading this thread from the beginning was amusing, first all the talk about the Warriors being a clear favorite, and nearly certain, then the allegations about paying off refs (I followed the big story as it was breaking and didn't see that anywhere else). There will be more changes for other teams, Cleveland Indians are looking at changing their names, I know the Braves said "hell no" but I think they will succumb eventually. I hear the Blackhawks and FSU Seminoles are probably safe due to how they've handled it over the years. KC Chiefs could also be in jeopardy. Not sure why we idolize Pirates, Buccaneers and Raiders weren't those pretty bad dudes back in the their day? And plenty of bad cowboys, vikings etc.
  18. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    If you cannot see the difference you are blind or stupid. The difference is in the ability to control their occurrence, not the ability of the virus to spread. You act like the cities gave our permits for crowds of thousands at the protests. How do you stop 70K in a stadium? You don't sell tickets, or you sell fewer tickets. How do you stop 70K protesting in the streets? That could be a disaster in many cases. In Cleveland they had a curfew downtown, all day Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed, and nights (8P-6A) last night and again tonight. That worked, how many places can or will do that? And how much screaming will there be that their voices are being stifled? (In CLE an attorney sued in court trying to force the city to re-open.) How much rioting and looting would trying to end protests or limit crowds cause. BTW, what protest in what city recently had 70K people?
  19. Drew Brees

    Does anybody remember reading about the former Green Beret (Nate Boyer) who had advised Kaepernick to kneel during the anthem as a protest? He got some more coverage during the time many were saying what Brees basically did, that it is disrespectful to the veterans, the military, or the country as a whole. He disputed that, at least from his perspective. Well he had something to say about what Brees said, and it was pretty rational and fair, not blasting him nor giving him a free pass.
  20. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Yes because those things are so similar
  21. DeAndre Hopkins says he's the NFL's best wide receiver

    OBJ was never 100% last year, but he won't produce gawdy stats with the Browns, Landry is very good and they have a good running game.
  22. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Just reading the headline I knew that was The Onion Not sure why the story is being made, I haven't heard Goodell or anybody else with the NFL clamoring to have fans at the games, they will play without fans if necessary all season, TV revenue alone can still generate a profit for the owners. Also the 17 game season cannot start this season, and of course the 16 game schedule has already been released.
  23. I need a lawyer's advice..

    Boy that's an oldie but a goodie, here I thought one of folks got arrested in the riots
  24. Drew Brees

    True but this was not social media, it was an interview, in the pre social media day it still would have spread but a bit slower. In the old days people sat at the bar and said things to the guy next to them, who'd nod in agreement or just mumble and that was the end of it. Nobody else knew their views. The real buffoons of social media are the people committing serious crimes, and posting video live while doing it. Like the instigator in some of the riots (Matthew Rupert from Illinois) even when somebody expressed concern about it he was like "no worries, we ain't doing nuthin wrong".
  25. NFL player sues United Airlines

    Wow I guess everybody's sarcasm meters are broken. I was not advocating he beat her senseless, just a nice little smack on the face, if she was that polluted she'd just pass out. For those saying he wasn't assaulted and shouldn't assault her, would that apply if a man was groping a woman? What if instead of it being an NFL player being groped, he's 5'6" 120lb weakling and the woman is a professional wrestler, can he defend himself then? As for "why didn't he just get up and move?", well that isn't really allowed even if the flight is mostly empty, you still need approval from the crew to change seats, at least that's how I interpret things. Just getting up and changing seats is not something they really want passengers doing. flemingd made a great point, would people be telling a woman being groped "just get up and go somewhere else". I wouldn't put it past the flight attendants to be taking some joy from the big black man being groped and feeling uncomfortable. Its definitely a double standard when woman are the ones committing assault.