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  1. Garrett done

    Which question were you answering Used to go thru this with my elderly mother,I'd ask "peas or corn with dinner tonight?" and she'd say YES.
  2. Packers vs Niners

    Wentz and Ertz in seats 3 & 4?
  3. Jason Garrett to NY

    How about we let them play some games before we declare them complete failures.
  4. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    He'll be back with the Pats, but this gives the talking heads something else to discuss for a few months.
  5. Garrett done

    Since you're using the "another state is another state" thing. Should true homer fans in NYC root for the Bills then, since they are the only NFL team that is from NY? Or is there some kind of exemption that allows them to root for the teams that play in NJ?
  6. Garrett done

    No doubt, same probably goes for many popular teams. Here in NE Ohio there are many Steeler fans, the more south and east you go of CLE the worse it gets, I work with several of them. But most I've met and talked to have decent reasons, several grew up or had roots in Western PA or parts of eastern OH and WV panhandle that are very close to PIT). But often you talk to these fans, ask "why are you a Cowboys fan" the response is basically they sstarted following them when they were young, and of course the Cowboys (Steelers, 49ers, etc.) were good and winning titles then.
  7. Luke Kuechly retiring

    I'm on another forum that talks a lot about broadcasting,and somebody there wondered if Kuechly might do that. A few others questioned if he's expressed any interest or even done much interviewing and speaking to the public. Somebody else said they felt he was usually a more quiet and reserved guy and may not be interested in or well suited to a career in broadcasting. He is very bright, and knows the game well as a LB can probably provide a lot of insight breaking down plays, from what the defense sees to how they try to handle it. All the networks are going to keep looking for the next Tony Romo, so retiring players that are well known will be targeted regularly. Reports in the past were ESPN and others wanted Peyton Manning, but he said no, at least while his brother Eli was still playing.
  8. I wonder what made him feel so confident he would get in, causing him to have this big group gathered? (I'm sure expecting it and having many friends and family gathered made not getting it hurt more.) That Centennial class had quite a few players to review, and as I mentioned yesterday some still think it was skewed too far to more modern players. So if you leave out a Sprinkle or Speedie to put Pearson in that's even more skewed. Should he have been selected over Carmichael? WR is just one of those positions, where more gaudy stats in more recent years as passing game is more featured means older guys have less chance. How long did Art Monk wait to get in? Whenever the discussion arises of is player X worthy, one thing I look at is the Pro Football Reference site, the Similar Player section, particularly the career line. The more HOFers on the list the more deserving the guy is of induction, Only a few unlikely, about half pretty deserving, over half should get in eventually, if almost all they should be in soon after being eligible. When I look at Drew Pearson there is only one on the career line, the just inducted Harold Carmichael. The other lines have some more HOFers (TO, Largent, Monk, James Lofton, Belietnikoff) Looking at Otis Taylor career line has no HOFers, other lines hae some (Lance Alworth, Rice, Bob Hayes, Harrison, TO, Reed). Maybe they need an "old school WR catch-up" where they get the next 8-10 as extra inductees like they just had for Centennial celebration.
  9. Think the all divisional format for week 17 has been going on for a bit longer, but the funny thing is most years if there is a contested division title the 2 teams battling for it don't play each other. This year worked out really well with SEA-SF at the end. As for all teams playing on the same day, yes that's the only week currently. Seems to go back 10+ years, thru 2008, the prior 2 seasons had a single game on Saturday in week 17. Not sure how long its been since they had MNF in week 17.
  10. Superbowl at the movies ??

    Is there some lack of naked women on the internet? Last time I looked there was not. If I want to watch a great music performance I can pull out a DVD or two or find the videos on line. If I want wardrobe malfunctions there are millions. Halftime is garbage for non football fans, and a chance for real fans to eat, crap or walk the dog.
  11. Garrett done

    They have as many haters as they do fans. How many Pats fans loved watching them lose to the Dolphins then the Titans in the playoffs. That was almost as good as my team winning something.
  12. Garrett done

    The Cowboys are a huge draw for the NFL, both because people like them but also because people hate them. They are NOT America's team, that is just some stupid term somebody used that Cowboys fans cling to during their many years of mediocre play. Now cue the "well you're a Browns fan what do you know nonsense".
  13. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

    Would love for the Browns to bring him in as DC except it may mess with the defense going back to 3-4 and Garrett not being a good fit for that. I feel Wade was a great help to Sean McVey as a first time head coach, not only could Wade run the entire defense but he could help with his experience not just as a head coach but also a long time coordinator and assistant. Too many of these first time HCs are overwhelmed, especially when they are control freaks and won't give up calling the offensive plays.
  14. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    Wow Cowboys fans aren't happy, did you expect Landry to come back from the dead? A college coach, sure because so many of them have had success in the transition to the NFL, name me the last young college coach that came in and had success........ I'd have loved to get McCarthy in Cleveland rather than another guy with no HC experience and very limited coordinator experience. But I'll hope for the best, and support my team. I bet our coach will be fired before McCarthy, and the Cowboys will win at least twice as many games in that period.
  15. Booger mobile was retired near the end of last year I've heard lots of talk of ESPN wanting a better pair in the booth, the problem is who. Unless they steal some big name talent (Romo) from one of the other networks, who would they use? Some top college team, even if those guys are good many NFL viewers don't follow college, and they won't sound like big names. I think part of their demise was losing Tirico then shortly after that (2 years of McDonough) they lose Gruden, and start completely from scratch with a 3 man booth and the Booger mobile. Witten was bad, Tessitore wasn't great everybody pointed and laughed at Booger on the cart. ESPN and the NFL both want MNF to be a big game, to feel like a big game, and to have tons of viewers. I'll watch no matter what, but some will turn the game on and wonder if it is the XFL or some Monday college game. PS Only way it could get worse, Beth Mowins
  16. Bill Beli-dick

    I cannot wait until Skippy takes over the Pats without Bill and Tom to do the heavy lifting. I don't see him as some genius, I see him as somebody average or better that benefited from a great team. Ever since he backed out on the Colts job I've thought he's unlikely to land a HC job anywhere but NE. And not the good Pats we've all put up with for 20 years, but the Pats of the old days who mostly sucked.
  17. Browns New Coach

    Curious to hear who you wanted, what you thing about Stefanski hiring etc. Since the return in 1999 I never cared for many coaches that were hired. And as things got worse and guys were fired even quicker, I was starting to think we must get somebody that had HC experience, as well as some years as a coordinator behind that, not some guy who was just a position coach 2-3 years ago. So I was thrilled with Hue Jackson, also sounded like others were interested and he wasn't our last choice after missing out on 2-4 other guys each year. That turned out horribly of course.
  18. Browns New Coach

    God no, I was so happy they avoided skippy the failure. What has he done in his career? Win with Bill and Tom, that must be hard. Complete failure as a power hungry head coach in DEN. Then after he is canned does BB bring him back ASAP as OC? Nope, they're going with Bill O'Brien instead, so Josh is off to STL as OC where he fails again. Then O'Brien leaves and BB brings him back. Oh and there was that quit job on the Colts thing. I wanted somebody with more experience, more than 1 season as OC, preferably some time as HC. (Yes Josh has that, no it doesn't change my view.) Obviously Rivera and McCarthy were the 2 best options. I liked some of what Jim Schwartz would bring. Then I was hearing MIN media saying that the improved offense was as much Gary Kubiak as it was Stefanski. So I thought why not Kubiak, 10 years or more as OC and HC, and not a horrible failure at either job. I'll get behind Stefanski, hope he brings in some guys that are not all new to their jobs, a DC that's done it before, an OC to call plays who's done that, so that Stefanski can focus more on being a head coach. Its bad enough the GM is going to be some first time GM, and the owner is still a train wreck just waiting to fire somebody then telling us how he has finally found THE guy the one that can make us at least average again.
  19. Superbowl at the movies ??

    Hmm I had not heard that the NFL shut down the theaters showing NFL games, I recall hearing about that earlier in the season, don't recall if they were out of market games or the same ones you could watch on CBS/Fox Sunday afternoons. I don't get the appeal, I suppose if you don't have a good place to watch it, or want to join others or take a small group somewhere instead of home. I'd rather sit at home, especially with the new 65" Ultra HD TV and cheap beer and food, and no line at the bathroom (let alone pausing the game when I want, skipping commercials and garbage half time "entertainment").
  20. Was disappointed that Clay Matthews missed out again (maybe that was the regular voting class and he missed being a finalist). Never saw him play or heard much about him, but Browns end (WR) Mac Speedie who played with Otto Graham got in. Was glad Art Modell was shut out again, hearing that could have been his lost shot. Glad to see Steve Sabol get in, the game does not grow to what it is now without him and his dad Ed and their work on NFL Films and production. With only 15 guys total, and some of them not affiliated with any single team there were bound to be some without a player selected, so how many got in from what teams: PIT(2), PHI(1), DAL(2), CHI(2), NYJ(1), old school teams from 20s(Badgers, Independents, Cardinals for Slater), DET(1), GB(1), NYG(1), I guess you can MIA too for Johnson I have heard some complaints that this centennial class was supposed to right many of the wrongs from the past, and there were quite a few candidates from long ago being considered. Yet most of those who got in were from more recent past, especially the coaches and contributors, but even most of the players were 70s and beyond.
  21. Browns fire Freddie Kitchens

    He sure looked like the guy last year, this season he's had poor protection. They should build an offense around Chubb and Hunt running, and Baker on some roll outs.
  22. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    I heard speculation that JJ is waiting to fire Garrett until all the other jobs are filled to make sure his team won't have to face him. Wouldn't that be special?!
  23. Browns fire Freddie Kitchens

    Jimmy an Dee want all the control again, wanted Dorsey to step aside and just be a talent evaluator, no role in selecting coaches and surely not the final word on the roster. Things will get a lot worse before they can get better. What quality coach or GM candidate will be interested?
  24. RIP Rusty Hilger

    Really what? Thread content bothers you, don't read it.
  25. My League Is A Joke

    Bush league BS. Sleep with wife or steal his video games.