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  1. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    Curios how the change of scenery helps with his issues, which mostly are injury related (missed 6 games in 2016, 7 in 2018, and injured again in camp).
  2. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    Even with BB & TB in your way the Steelers still won two Super Bowls in that era, not bad. I'm hoping the Pats go away soon, Browns and Chiefs coming to power at the right time.
  3. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    That would be AWESOME Can't believe my eyes, a Steeler fan predicting Browns win the division.
  4. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    I'm about to install a photo filter on my machine, block any photo with feet. Frostbite, from cryotherapy machine,
  5. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    According to this article that is correct, and he will basically become a free agent. This is a salary cap move to spread money out over more years, not uncommon but first time they believe Pats used it
  6. david johnson when picking 5th in ppr....

    Chubb will be a work horse, from the time he took over the starting job (week 7) last year he had 18 or more carries in 7 of the 10 games, One of those was a runaway loss to the Texans, another was the loss in the finale at BAL. He averaged 17.6 attempts/game as a starter. That will continue this year, they may try to throw a bit more but should lean on the good running game if the line can block. Duke will fill in a bit, but more in the passing game. When Hunt comes back he will be slowly mixed in, and will bite into the load of both guys a bit. (Duke could still be traded before the deadline which is before Hunt returns). I think they will be smart and lighten the load for Chubb as the season winds down, especially if the playoffs are on the horizon. Don't think they even know what their long terms plans are at RB, how the Chubb/Hunt combo works will play a big role in how they handle it. Since Hunt cost so little, either one could be used to acquire other assets.
  7. Antonio Brown seeing foot specialist

    Somebody want to contact Vic Tafur and explain the meaning of the word disclosed, I think he meant the team was able to keep the extend of the injury "secret" or undisclosed. Toss on a couple extra feet, when the bottoms start blistering bad they're ready
  8. Maurice Harris could be starting Patriots receiver

    Josh Gordon could be a Pats starting WR, if he can get reinstated and not flame out for the hundredth time. (Strange how every time he steps away from the game to address his many issues we have the NFL announce a suspension a few days later.) They added Demaryius Thomas, who could see some resurgence playing with TB, if he can get healthy, and be a stater. But instead they likely lean heavily on the RBs like White.
  9. Signed or unsigned? You mean new contract or not? He's already signed and under contract.
  10. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    So far he is doing it, not seeing a lot of declining skills there. People keep saying he cannot keep it up, and will fall apart soon. They point to others like Favre and Peyton. I'll believe it when I see it, same goes for Brees.
  11. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Right, California nobody who wants to live there, I'm sure you live in the greatest place on earth... I enjoy where I live, I don't need to bash other places to make me feel good. But I'm looking forward to a week of vacation visiting my brother at his retirement home on a lake in California.
  12. Lions release Theo Riddick

    Great analysis, far too often people here let their thoughts on fantasy cloud the picture. They don't want a RBBC so they try to rationalize how the guy isn't a good fit.
  13. How to mock draft a keeper league?

    Not sure exactly what kind of tips you're looking for, or how it is perceived to be different from any other mock draft. Your first round of the draft would look more like players drafted in the 3rd round in a redraft. And those players picked would need to take into account the other players already on the roster as keepers. One key difference with keepers is less issues with some of the questionable top players in the league, guys with injuries or other concerns about production. Many of those will be addressed during keeper decisions.
  14. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    I'm seeing multiple stories (ESPN, NFL) saying he will miss "multiple games" where the earlier 6-8 weeks were in line with a week 1 return. Of course it could be longer.
  15. Michael Thomas... $100 million

    This I doubt Thomas would have had much success here with the garbage QBs (Kessler, McCown, Griffin in 2106, Kizer, Hogan and Kessler in 17). Coleman probably wishes he were drafted by the Saints.
  16. more Giants WR news

    I never understood the use of a combine time from years (even a decade or more for some players) ago, but people do this a lot, including many who cover the NFL for a living. Its like that is etched in stone next to the player's name and that is the only time people care about. Would be like using their combine weight as their playing weight their entire career.
  17. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Another big advantage of watching games on DVR on a delay, can always skip these long dead spots in the games. Not to mention do something else with my Sunday afternoons (especially before winter starts) then start catching up in the late afternoon.
  18. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    Green had surgery today, team is still saying 6-8 weeks, which means he could be available for week 1 PFT story Some say the poor field conditions in Dayton where Bengals are holding camp contributed, the team says that is not true. Either way it is another reason more teams hold camp at their own facility than going elsewhere.
  19. Alfred Morris signs with the Cowboys

    Everything is bigger in Texas, including fabricated drama.
  20. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Was going to say the feuds in the NFC East are nothing new here and in other places. These people seem to spend their lives trying to piss in each others ponds, similar to Yankees-Red Sox, but not quite as annoying.
  21. Tyreek Hill again...

    AP did not deny whipping his boy and causing those injuries. Hill claims he didn't break the kids arm, his GF (baby momma) didn't talk to the NFL, so they had nobody who could say Hill did it. They don't care either way if there is no arrest or chargers filed, but they still need somebody to say the player did something.
  22. Tyreek Hill again...

    That was the key from what I read, she wouldn't talk to the NFL so they had less to confirm that Hill did something wrong. In other cases even without charges by the authorities they had people confirming that this stuff happened, or video (Hunt). So they were suspended. Their threshold for proof is lower than a court of law, but they still need something more than "kid with broken arm, one of the parents did it".
  23. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    I'm going with 10 or 11, I know the early schedule is tough and lots of prime time pressure, but I have high hopes.
  24. Over 20% difference doesn't seem like being that far apart to you? What are the other top WRs making, is it even close to $18M. If not and he wants another 20% on top of that, I'd call that far apart and serious.
  25. Cheat sheet tiers?

    To take away things that are helpful to your users without good reason is not a good business practice. Not having them on custom rankings is one thing, but if they're removed from other places that had them before that's just wrong. And the reasoning provided is not valid.