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  1. Brees is garbage on grass...

    Maybe you should have drafted Winston instead More about not being a QB while Lamar Jackson is having a huge year. Looking at the list, going back to 1970 I cannot see a single WR. There are some RBs (4 since 2000), even guys from defense (LT) and a kicker (Moseley).
  2. Tom Coughlin fired

    A Jags fan on another forum has repeatedly told me that Foles will be gone, they will either cut him or trade him. He thinks they'll trade him in a way similar to the Texans trading Osweiler's bloated contract to the Browns with the Browns getting a nice draft pick (2nd round I recall). I told him trades like that are rare, so I wouldn't count on it. He's certain it will happen because not getting rid of Foles would be a disaster. Of course he also repeatedly says the Jaguars are the worst franchise, with the worst leadership in the NFL so anything is possible.
  3. Austin Hooper

    I see him on their list, and info on his projected stats. So he is there. I won't post the information here though.
  4. Josh Jacobs Ruled Out for Week 16

    Was it really posted here before it was in the Huddle News? You do realize the Huddle News is ever changing, and the home page list as well as the news feed page itself only shows so many items at once? If you look at his player page, there was info starting on Tuesday before 11PM (the night before this thread was started) indicating that Jacobs may not be available in the final 2 games. The info that he is "unlikely to play Sunday" shows 4:38PM yesterday, this thread was started 19 hours ago (its 2PM now, that means about 7PM yesterday, after it was reported on The Huddle News If you have a player on your team and are looking for info on him you should really be looking at the player, and not expecting some ever changing news feed to get you that little tidbit. One time when I asked about their news, and where does it come from, I was told it is a feed from Rotoworld. with the "Huddle Up:" portion written by the Huddle staff members. There are literally hundreds of ways to get news, the CBS site we use for our league shows the player news on each player, and icons like others do to indicate injury situations when looking at roster/line-up. There are plenty of legit issues with the Huddle lately, I don't think getting timely news to their members is one of them (PS I was ready to pile on until I did some research to see what news they've posted when.)
  5. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    Wow that blows, makes me wonder if IDP opens you up to more stat changes (who gets a tackle, what is rules a sack etc). I know they can happen with offensive players, changing a pass to run or vice versa and other stuff. Our league site (CBS) makes game results final on Tuesday morning, if there is a later stat correction that impacts a game it does not not alter the game result automatically. (Not sure it impacts anything automatically.) Would really make a mess of the Wednesday waiver run if suddenly team records are getting shuffled around and waiver order is changing.

    Oh did I hurt your feelings the other day, is that why you've been trolling me again? I play in one league, and had a horrible season, at 1-5 I was certainly not a strong playoff contender in week 6. But then I'm sure based on your name you're always the champion, well at least in that league with your 10 year old cousins.
  7. I'm not FROM Cleveland, was not born there and only lived there for about 6 years, until after college. Lived almost as long in my birth city (Gary IN, I know major cesspool), then 12+ in Los Angeles, now I've been in Akron suburbs (about 30 min south of CLE) for the past 30 years, well over half my life. You're an Eagle fan so you must hate Santa
  8. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    No way in hell the NFL gives him a lifetime ban, Kraft wont allow it. Repeated cheating and not changing is bad, like thumbing your nose at authority. I think most teams do some of this, but the Pats have (based on some stuff I've read) built an entire industry around gathering info on teams in an attempt to steal their plays/signs.

    He was putting it together last year (and last) with the Browns. He was set to return here and sign a contract, until the Browns traded for OBJ. His catch rate was really good last year at 64% but a small sample size, under 50% for his career. Tough situation to read in TB with QB and other WR. I do know many Browns fans were freaking out and claiming he's better than OBJ, since OBJ hasn't scored 3TDs in a game for the Browns
  10. So I went to bed early....

    Actually Mack did touch the ball a few times in the second half, quick glance at his carries and it seems every other one was minus 2-5 yards, and several were for no gain. Which is what my eyes saw, Saints D was nasty and the running game was getting stuffed often. 11 carries for 19 yards and getting stomped all night means not many rushing attempts. Congrats on your win.
  11. Why do people post random questions here about a league we are not a part of, using some league management software they do not tell us about, and expect a meaningful answer? Honestly is there not some league manager/commish or league site where you can ask these questions? I'e got a dark blotch of skin on my scrotum, what does it mean?
  12. Colts vs Saints (MNF)

    Don't bother, in 5 posts he'll change his mind and agree with you. He just says a lot of stuff thinking he'e witty and cool.
  13. Colts vs Saints (MNF)

    It should be lots of things, Super Bowl rings should be the least considered thing, if used at all. Any metric relating to wins is very unfair to assign to any single player in football. Yes the QB is important and touches the ball a lot, but they rely on 10 other guys on the field at the same time, 11 on defense, a bunch on special teams and subs. But that ship sailed long ago when they created a stated called QBRec. (I know PFR uses it, not sure if NFL has it, but hear many people in the industry talk about the W/L record of a QB, but not any other player (head coaches also have W/L record). I know that Brees and the Saints offense thrive on a lot of short quick throws, and that allows for an insanely high completion percentage. They play in a dome / good weather, but so do plenty of other guys. (Peyton Manning comes to mind, but haven't heard many use that to take away from his accomplishments.)
  14. Colts vs Saints (MNF)

    No argument from me, but these top X lists get rather hard, especially when you say all time. The game has changed a ton over the decades. I hear great QBs like Bart Starr and Otto Graham in discussions but have no clue how good they were. Let alone guys from before the modern era like Sammy Bough or Sid Luckman. Even guys in the Staubach era were ones I'm not as familiar with, as I wasn't watching a ton of football until I was an adult in the 80s. Not even sure who my top 5 would be for say the last 30 years, I start making a list then realize somebody got left off. Just with last 15-20 I'd have Brady Brees, Peyton, Favre and Montana. But I'm leaving out Young, Elway, Marino and others.
  15. Colts vs Saints (MNF)

    Must be because he's perfectly healthy and absolutely not on a pitch count Who was the last non QB to win MVP? I cannot remember, it has become the best QB award. His career completion percentage of 67.6% is off the charts, the last 4 (inc 2019) are 70% or better, he led the league in that stat 2009-11, 2017-19
  16. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    OUCH, that would have left a mark, and a strong dislike for Freddie Kitchens. Of course Andrews is the much better TE and much more likely to score. Njoku had played one game after returning from injury, and said something that put him in Kitchens dog house.
  17. Josh Gordon suspened indefinitely, again

    See my revised post. I've followed this saga closely thru his time with the Browns. He may have real issues, but I think a large part of it is not being willing to change, or tying hard enough.
  18. Josh Gordon suspened indefinitely, again

    Yes poor guy I'm thinking he just has no will power, this isn't heroin or meth with a physical addiction. Apparently he cannot function without being high, and that is against the rules for his profession, and against the law in many places. He better adapt. Hopefully he saved some of the approx $5.4M he was paid in his short NFL career, and can find a career that is less stressful or more tolerant of his support system. Sorry I really have no sympathy for this guy, plenty of people struggling with more serious addiction without all the benefits he's been afforded. YES I know that sounds kind of harsh, possibly because of the wasted resources my team spent on him and the many times he disappointed us. It is sad he was enabled by so many all along, and had no good influences or family that could help him be more normal before it got this bad. But he also just seems kind of dumb. He had a suspension one time that prohibited drinking during the season. Few days after the last game he flies (to Vegas?) with some other guys, including teammate Joe Haden. They're drinking on the plane and posting to social media. Upon landing he is informed he'll be tested, and did was shown to have been drinking, which wasn't allowed, until the NFL season (not the Browns regular season) was over. He was unaware of when the NFL season actually ended (usually a day or two after the SB), apparently he didn't care to find out before drinking, didn't have an agent who kept him informed, etc. Not just enabled, but entitled and clueless. I don't wish ill on him but I'm not going to be praying for him either.
  19. Lamar Jackson

    I was hoping Bake Mayfield was finally the real deal coming at time when the Bengals are a mess, Ben is getting old and the Ravens didn't seem to have a very good QB. (Based on watching Lamar play some last season in NFL.) Amazing how he went from a below average QB to one that is so good. I recall a piece on him where he mentioned having trouble throwing a spiral his rookie year in the NFL, ball was bigger and hard to grip, etc. He worked hard on that in the off season, and now he's amazing. I hate the Ravens, almost as much (at times more) than the Steelers. But if this means the end of Pats dominance (PIT too) I think I can live with that. He and Mahomes should have some monumental playoff battles. This, he is putting up much higher stats than any running QB in the past, and doing a lot throwing the ball too, which is a big surprise after last year. BTW our league is 6pt/passing TD, Jackson scored 42.8, the owner went 12-1 this season, and was the #1 seed. He also has Ingram (22.6) Hopkins (11.9) and Kelce (14.2) as some of his key players. He's never won a title, and may just do it this year and have a bright future.
  20. TE, David Njoku - Out

    Very puzzling move that he was inactive, apparently coach Kitchens was showing him who's the boss (for now). a surprise inactive
  21. The waiting is the hardest part

    leads of 94 and 106.6, are team scores over 300?
  22. Giants vs Eagles (MNF)

    They'll still probably win the division, but the NFC wild card teams are going to be good (SEA, SF, MIN, GB) and will slaughter the Eagles. Hardly a healthy WR, no Howard, that leaves the two TEs and Sanders to carry the offense. And if Lane Johnson is hurt long term, the OL is much worse.
  23. Giants vs Eagles (MNF)

    Prime time games, especially MNF have not been blockbuster big games for many years now, since NBC got the Sunday night package and MNF was relegated to ESPN. The big games every week are 1) SNF 2) late slot Sunday DH (e.g. Rams-Cowboys this week) 3) TNF (since Fox got the package, they're even allowing better games that would normally be on Fox on Sunday to go there) the rest get split among regional games with lower distribution and MNF Browns-Jets was a week 2 MNF game, did that scream big game with great teams? (I know some people thought Browns were a 10-12 win playoff team). Also don't forget, this is the 50th anniversary of MNF, and they along with the NFL worked to have a lot of the great matchups from the past to occur. Just like we've seen a lot of the past SB matchups being used for featured games with the 100th NFL season.
  24. Daniel Jones ruled out Monday night

    Your fantasy season was relying on the PHI D doing well?
  25. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    We're filming this series to show what an advance scout does They cheat, so of course we'll do some extra cheating to further illustrate, and we'll play dumb if we're ever caught. Not the Patriots, no way