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  1. Worst NFL idea ever

    And has already been a big issue with the NBA.
  2. Worst NFL idea ever

    Pretty stupid idea for sure. Does each player have to miss 2 games when healthy? Or just max out at playing 16 games?
  3. Tedy Bruschi recovering from a stroke

    Sure first tell me about when you weren't a jerk.
  4. RIP Jared Lorenzen

    Remember seeing him play once for the Giants, probably a preseason game and thought they had to use some LB due to injuries, then found out he was a pretty good college QB. Sad to hear, especially as I have some family members that are very heavy, including a nephew that is so big he is getting weighed on a livestock scale (he works on a farm).
  5. Tedy Bruschi recovering from a stroke

    Have a friend whose wife recently had a stroke, she was lucky and there should be no permanent damage. She is around 50, and when I heard about it I was shocked, this family has had their share of headaches, my friend had colon cancer over 5 years ago, now wears a bag for his poop. They also have a son with developmental issues, who will live with them the rest of their lives.
  6. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    We pay for $2 for every player added to your roster (trade, FA, etc) during the season, so streaming a position is usually not worth it. I rarely carry a second D, and same for kicker position. Plus our bench has 9 slots same as our starters (with no position restrictions) so plenty of room to stash extra guys. Basically I use what would be backup slots for K/D maybe even TE for extra QB/RB/WR. I know its not a common setup.
  7. Hunt suspended 8 games

    Plain Dealer/ Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot (MKC) still talking like there is some realistic chance he is suspended for more games, all wrapped up in stories about the Duke Johnson "I want to be traded, now I fired my agent whose rapper husband has a big mouth on social media". I miss real sports reporting, so much of it is drama filled BS. And when MKC does have sports news its always with some other NFL insider like Ian Rappaport as the source, with all the real details. She's the worst, not sure how she has a job (other than the attention I see every Browns story online get, hundreds of comments in no time, only stories about Trump get more).
  8. Gronk retiring

    Kind of a bogus comparison, no shirt in one with arms over the head flexing muscles, the other in a shirt with arms down by his side, body turned a bit to one side. Exactly what muscles are we expected to see in the picture on the right?
  9. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    I usually have a 2nd TE and last year it panned out, I had Zack Ertz as a keeper and either drafted or signed as FA early in season Eric Ebron. I later traded him for Davante Adams (his owner was trying to build a younger team and didn't want to trade his younger but not as good WR). Later I ended up with Greg Olsen when he returned and traded him for Josh Reynolds. Neither backup TE was ever going to start ahead of Ertz, and I parlayed one into a keeper player in Adams, who is probably my WR1 going forward. Never know when that backup could be a good trade asset.
  10. Doak Walker Award Winners

    Too many Browns busted draft picks on those lists, especially QB & WR). In general the QB list is a who's who of failed QB picks. Peyton was elite, Cam has had some nice stretches, DeShaun is on his way, Mayfield looked promising, Mariota/Winston continue to have struggles. The rest are banta fodder. Of the RB I was surprised to see Mevlin Gordon listed as elite, I hardly noticed his great year last season with all the other stuff going on (and Chargers buried in TV, in the Rams shadow in LA).
  11. Tyreek Hill again...

    Josh Gordon repeatedly lied to team and NFL officials and broke rules over and over. Doesn't matter what the rule is, in this case it happened to be smoking pot, and in one case drinking (because his pot smoking got him in a bind and he was then required to stay sober). Players agree to all these rules they are in the CBA. They have given the league (NFL HQ and owners) the right to be judge and jury. Hunt's issue was video, just like Ray Rice. If there had been video of AP beating his kid I doubt he would have every played another down in the league. Same might be true of Vick. Until Hill is actually suspended we're just guessing what happens and believing others paid to speculate and offer their views. Why get outraged that the punishment isn't right, before its been decided?
  12. Hunt suspended 8 games

    Nothing to see here, just TMZ looking for some dirt on Hunt. The whole thing was a minor disagreement with a friend of his, that occurred outside the club. We don't even know if he was drinking (he was supposed to be getting treatment for his alcohol and anger issues). Of course the angry mob of Cleveland sports fans who didn't want him signed to begin with are going nuts over this and saying the team should cut him immediately before he ends up a bigger distraction and possibly gets suspended longer. I will continue to trust John Dorsey.
  13. No the toothless a-holes are the Steeler fans His right what? Oh you meant you're right. Its write offer their
  14. And this is why we all hate Cowboy fans. America team, pathetic franchise clinging to their success from 20 years go, but of course Browns fans shouldn't enjoy their success from a few decades before that. I really hate any of these "studies" that use social media as a gauge, how many fans of sports team do you know that are on the teams fan site on Facebook. So its mostly based off casual fans. I don't buy merchandise, and my years of attending games (15 or so with season tickets with Browns 1.0 and 2.0) are in the past. So I guess I don't count as a fan of the Browns.
  15. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    (what is a catch) I feel it was cleared up for 2018 season, that whole bit with having to retain control of the ball as you go to the ground went away. Yes prior to that, since that play by Calvin it was maddening. My issue with replay is how they use it to look for any small thing to overturn a ruling, or change what is clearly obvious to the naked eye to be the opposite. I'm also not a fan of the reactionary rule changes, a bad call in a key game results in allowing review of PI, because the refs were obviously blind (or corrupt) in that case and played a major part in the result. I wish they'd use more technology to get rid of things like bad spots, was the ball over the goal line etc. stop relying on the human eye, it would be like still using stop watches and humans to time things like Olympic track, swimming etc.
  16. How to value Chubb

    It would be really foolish to trade Duke until Hunt is ready to play. Even then he may stay. Hunt is even harder to value in my view, no value thru first 9 weeks (2/3 of fantasy season) then he will be somewhere between Duke #s for last half of 2018 and his own numbers for 2nd half of 2018.
  17. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    If you're still hung up on "the NFL doesn't know what a catch is" I'm not going to bother trying to have a discussion. That was something from a season or two ago, not something that was a problem last year or going forward. I get it, some people expect no mistakes, perfect call on every play, no review to slow the game down, etc. They watch lots of sports, they can spot a bad call easily and think it is a simple thing to overturn the really bad calls and ignore everything else. But that isn't going to happen, replay is here to stay, it is all the major sports now. Yes it will add time, the hope is that isn't a lot of time and it results in the correct calls being made. (I personally don't really care much about the time, I watch most most things including sports on DVR to skip commercials other stuff I don't care to watch [including dead time that occurs with long reviews, halftime, endless pre-game hype, etc.]) The complaining by so many fans would hold more weight if those fans actually watched less of the sport because of the things they complain about, but I rarely see that.
  18. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    So get better reviews or maybe just don't have refs at all. That's quite a range of options there. How about we all wait to see how it works out before overreacting.
  19. Brandon Bolden

    Two differing opinions Michel #11 RB Michel overvalued
  20. Kyle Rudolph

    Appears to be just over $9M guaranteed, Spotrac doesn't have a lot of detail beyond the first year, but does clearly show $9.25M, with about $7.6M coming in 2019.
  21. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    Some teams have done that, with various ticket prices for different tiers of games. I recall the 49ers may have been one of the first when moving into their new stadium. From what I recall reading when this was done the pre-season prices were cut a bit, whiles others increased, the overall cost to a season ticket holder was unlikely to be lower than the prior season. (And you were still obligated to buy them if getting season ticket.) So at least some teams were recognizing they truly have a lower value.
  22. Leveon Bell Trade?

    Don't you know it is not hip or cool to use a safe. Got have your bling out in plain site.
  23. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    The "its just a money grab and not needed" comments are just dumb. The only money grab is teams forcing season ticket holders to buy pre-season tickets. don't think any of the other major sports do that.
  24. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    Seems like the typical sports fan overreaction to me. Is the guy still going to be a stud, hard to say. Worth #1 overall pick, huge risk. Worth a first round pick, still some risk. But ignoring him for 4 rounds, based on what we know now (which really isn't much) is silly. I hope his owner in my league thinks like this and doesn't use a keeper slot for Gurley.
  25. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    Is lacrosse the second sport Brown was GOAT in? I recall hearing he did some track and field at Syracuse. But in looking further I see he is in the LaCrosse hall of fame.