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  1. Hunt suspended 8 games

    Mary Kay Cabot is a hack sports writer never has a scoop and does mostly sensationalist drama based BS stories. Most Browns fans ignore and laugh at her. The other source mentions teams that have an interest in Duke, that isn't the same as Browns shopping him. Dorsey gets asked about it I never hear him say they are shopping Duke, but they aren't dumb and listen to offers.
  2. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    You don't even know when you're high?
  3. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    Well except for Peyton
  4. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    Didn't he also draft Brock Oswelier ?
  5. Bell to the Jets

    Bell's agent, he's teaching his clients not to be slaves for the team owners oh boy
  6. Hunt suspended 8 games

    Who is reporting that CLE is trying to trade Duke? When Dorsey was asked yesterday at a press conference believe he said Duke is on the roster now and we play with the guys on the roster, typical GM speak. He won't tell the NFL world that there is no way they'd even consider trading him, he's not dumb and listens to all offers. They might trade him, but I would suspect it would be right before the trade deadline, only if Chubb is healthy, they have confidence in the other RBs (Hilliard is decent), and feel Hunt will be ready quickly. That could leave them without either Duke or Hunt for 1-2 games based on trade deadline and NFL schedule. (Trade deadline was Oct 30 last year, if similar this year that's week 8, depending on when Browns have their bye Hunt is available week 9 or 10.)
  7. OBJ to Browns

    Yep, like watching Garrett with that dumb look on his face when his team turns to garbage every season.
  8. OBJ to Browns

    I turned off probably half of the games during 2016-17 seasons in disgust. Some early season games I'd go for a motorcycle ride Sunday come home about 3-4PM, turn on the game and give up when it was ugly, moving on to other games. I've never been a bandwagon fan of any team ever. I grew up in LA and supported the Dodgers mostly, Lakers also and Rams some (moved right before Raiders arrived). After moving to CLE 35 years ago I adopted my new home teams, especially the Browns and joined some friends for season tickets. I just don't have much desire to attend the big crowd events, or like minded friends interested in the same. If michaelredd9 thought he was being funny and pointing out something about me and being a bandwagon fan he is as far off base as can be.
  9. Tyrell Williams to the Raiders

    Could be the last year for Carr to prove he's their starter of the future. His contract pays him $19.9M this year, and $18.9M next. But there is $27.4M in dead cap money this year, so unless they could trade him they are taking a big hit to release him. However for 2020 he only has $5M in dead cap. And if they are headed to play in Vegas in 2020 they might want to make a big slash with a big name (college rookie or FA) QB (along with AB and their other cast of characters including coach chucky.
  10. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Maybe he was in Las Vegas a couple years early
  11. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Guess there is going to be some guess work for now, hopefully a much clearer picture before the season. Would seem to be a very bad signing if they cut McKinnon, pay im $12.5M for 2018, use $6.5M in cap space that year, get nothing out of him, now cut him with $6M in cap hit. I suppose if he's done or going to be unlikely to return to where he was this year, it might make sense.
  12. OBJ to Browns

    Very few Browns fans are bandwagon fans, unlike many other teams (including Steelers, Pats, Packers, Cowboys). Sure some may be piling onto the train now, but there were many already there just waiting for our day to come.
  13. Tyrell Williams to the Raiders

    Couple days ago I was hoping that Browns might get Tyrell, or be able to resign Perriman, went far better than I hoped.
  14. Bell to the Jets

    I agree the system is out of whack, but most times when people say "the NFL needs to fix that" they're implying the owners need to give the players more. I'm guessing that isn't the case with you know based on your response, since you acknowledge that the NFLPA hasn't represented their players too well. I just don't want to see things like what happened with Bell last year being a regular occurrence, because it harms the sport I enjoy. Not sure why you think the owners are the one that will have/need to give something up. Of course they hate losing, but so do the players (not just losing out on money, but losing games, something many star players never experienced before the pros). Why either side should be more willing or compelled to cave isn't clear to me. Players can strike, but that rarely produces the desired results. Both sides need each other, players are not going to start their own pro football league and try to replace the NFL, no matter how many times we hear those rumors.
  15. Everybody wants to go play for BB and the Pats and maybe win a ring, fewer guys want to go to places like Jets, Bills, Cardinals, Raiders, etc. BB's model also works better with a HOF QB, and solid players in many other key positions. How many NFL teams have that going for them?
  16. Bell to the Jets

    Players agreed to these rules, if they're not to their benefit they should get better negotiators. If the players get their way the NFL will turn into the NBA with players running the league/teams. Do the fans want that? As for Brown and Bell, they feel like they won, they are still being paid millions, but they're not likely to have the success they did with the Steelers. Raiders are a disaster, and while the Jets added lots of pieces they were not exactly a team already on the upswing toward playoff contender. Plus the Pats are still in that division.
  17. Bell to the Jets

    Not sure it was ever really about the money, he felt disrespected by the Steelers and just wanted to screw them and get out.
  18. OBJ to Browns

    Yep will be a harder ticket to get, and I really have gotten used to the comfort of watching at home.
  19. OBJ to Browns

    I'm actually considering attending a game or two, after spending most of 2016/17 turning games off in disgust. I had season tickets for about 15 years sandwiched around the Modell's defection to Baltimore, but haven't paid to attend a game in probably 10 years (just a couple free tickets).
  20. OBJ to Browns

    I was in the dark as usual, if I'm not on here or another sports site I'm on I miss a lot of news. Don't get any feeds or stuff on the phone. Was home and watching stuff on my DVR and Youtube, then watched 11PM news and was like Total shock, was not a fan of trying to acquire him last year when there was talk about him, and the price is pretty steep but it makes them a serious contender now and for years to come. With rest of AFCN in decline the future is bright. Now if we could just get Brady/Bill to retire. PS Good point on Calloway, the RB/WR/TE group is amazing. OL is strong, Baker is going to have a field day with this team.
  21. OBJ to Browns

    GMs say that kind of stuff all the time, doesn't mean they just suddenly changed their mind are are totally clueless as some like to portray (especially fans of other NFCE teams).
  22. Did Gruden just land Bell?

    If the difference in the two offers is pretty small, he might take less to have the chance to stick it to his former team. That is what I meant by a discount.
  23. Did Gruden just land Bell?

    Bell probably gives the Ravens a small discount since it gives him a chance to play Steelers twice a year. (I bet some former teammates on defense will be looking forward to that as well.)
  24. Todd Gurley may have arthirtis in injured keee

    I'm certainly not taking League Champions word for it.
  25. Did Gruden just land Bell?

    Talk to me when you've supported a team thru thick and thin, mostly thin including the 20 years since they returned to the NFL. Many Steeler fans jumped on board in the 70s, or during more recent success. Few were around during the bad years, like the 80s when the Browns were a dominant team in the AFC Central, and went to 3 AFC title games. PS They were 7-8-1 last year, that is pretty dang close to .500, maybe you missed it while the Steelers were busy self destructing.