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  1. ASJ to be released

    Wasn't somebody here hyping him after the Pats signed him, predicting a breakout season? Agree on the overhype and just not being that good. A Yahoo story I read says "he was released at the start of minicamp as he reportedly sorts through some personal issues."
  2. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    So about as useful as farting in the wind, got it.
  3. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    In about 35 years time the number of games increased 4 times and overall increased by more than 50% over the oldest number. It has been 16 games for such a long time that is all most fans know. I remember the 14 game era in the 70s, and sometimes looking at stats I forget those guys played fewer games, so a season or career number meant something different. I'd be very surprised if any serious proposal has the season lasting longer. But that would mean playing on (or at least starting before) Labor Day weekend. More games in the season also complicates the scheduling a bit, what 2 extra teams do you play? Maybe another game in each division of the other conference where you don't play every team, sometimes referred to as placement games (Browns finished 3rd in AFCN, we play AFCN twice, AFCE once, and 3rd place from AFC south (Titans) and west (Broncos). So maybe we'd also play the 4th place team (3rd and 4th plays 3/4, 1st and 2nd play 1/2). Well that was easy
  4. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    More regular season games and less pre-season I'm on board with it, was a season ticket holder for 15 years and hated paying for those useless games. I know more teams have changed pricing since, charging more for regular season (even tiers for some bigger games) and less for preseason. I just wonder how the NFL is going to handle the schedule. If they don't start the regular season earlier it means moving the SB later. Even if they were to eliminate the off week before the SB it still means one week later. Some years ago the NFL changed their start of season to avoid starting on Labor Day weekend, which was common when I first had season tickets (early 90s). If they start earlier will they play on Labor Day weekend, or have a bye for all teams. Maybe start One reason I'll dislike it is I have an event I go to for the weekend in late August, if that turns into a full NFL weekend I'm missing more games or playing catch up on DVR when I get home. (I already do that a couple times during the year.) As for fantasy it will move up the draft from our traditional Tuesday after Labor Day and require being prepared earlier (which I have trouble with already). I can take it or leave it, I also think the current 32 teams with 8 divisions of four makes for very uniform scheduling and hope they don't change that. But with all the games in London I do wonder how long before they try to find an owner willing to move there. If this change occurs and they start 2-3 weeks earlier it will be weird for NFL to start before college, which usually starts 1-2 weeks after the first weekend of HS football in Ohio.
  5. Bart Starr

    Played before my time, but I do know about him. As for it being big news here, nothing much is big news in the off season. Just not enough people.
  6. I don't see it happening, takes too many guys cooperating over too long a period of time. As noted by others. early in their careers they'll want max money, later they may want a ring when they have a big pile of $, but that won't work well for a group of players.
  7. Tevin Coleman

    He's on my roster for last year and a potential keeper so I hope he does become the lead back with SF, because I am always desperate for RBs. The real question might be how much do they run the ball with a full season of wonder QB Garappalo? Maybe they throw the RB a lot.
  8. Yep plenty to do and see in CLE, outsiders continue to diss the place many who have spent little time here recently. My company has an annual conference for the users of our software and have done it downtown Cleveland for the past few years. We will continue that and many of our users from all over the US (including executives who go to nice places) say we are doing great things. We regularly hit various eateries near downtown from the warehouse district to East 4th. Last year we took a group of about 12 to Cleveland Chop, asked for a table, and were led to a nice private room behind the bar (after being asked if we minded sitting "near the bar") where we had excellent service and great food. (All on company expense reports.) East 4th has many great places, some of our people went to Lola's and enjoyed it, we have held large group outings at the Corner Alley. Other places there I've been to were all very good including Butcher & Brewer and Zocalo Tequileria. Shame the Tilted Kilt closed, I would go back there again Weather is going to be the key, and where they hold it. Local officials involved say the NFL really wants the lake as a backdrop, which means a few limited options right along the lake. That could be very cold if it is clear and sunny, let alone if we get a blast of winter. One person even mentioned Burke Lakefront Airport which has been used for Indy Car races and air shows in the past. One place I haven't been to yet that I'm going to check out is Bar 32 at the top of the Hilton Downtown, bar with patio looking out on the lake. Well that and Hofbrau Haus for some schnitzel.
  9. news items with no content behind them

    Well it was fixed, maybe that short term and each new batch of rookie players that get posted have the same issue until they get fixed Not a big deal to me, but as somebody working in IT if I think something is fixed and it is not I usually want to know. Today it is happening with at least a couple Strong start for N'Keal Harry D.K. Metcalf signs rookie contract
  10. This seems to be happening a lot more lately, maybe its an off season thing. I see info in the PLAYER NEWS area on the main page, then I click that particular entry to find out the details and there is no news item about them. Today's first entry is for John Ross he has info, the next 4 entries mention Darren Henderson, Noah Fant, Kirk Cousins and Noah Font again, only Cousins has content. Darwin Thompson and other entries (Daniel Jones, Deebo Samuel, Drew Lock) are all missing. Why post a teaser if there is no supporting info? Just seems really sloppy to me.
  11. Right you didn't attend the draft, you were just present nearby while it occurred. Was there even a seating area for fans to watch near the stage? (If so I suspect a premium price) Was it free to attend otherwise? (How else do you handle a crowd of 100K or more in the streets.) I live/work about 30 min from CLE, watching the draft doesn't interest me to begin with (last year was first time in ages I went to a bar to watch with friends, since Browns had 2 top 5 picks). As I get older I have little interest standing in an area packed with people with food/drink/bathrooms a long walk away. The Football HOF is already talking about having some tie ins and trying to encourage fans in town in NE Ohio to stop by (about an our from downtown CLE) for a visit.
  12. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    We used to think the same about Haslam, turns out he just needed to hire a competent GM and get out of the way.
  13. Leveon Bell Trade?

    The Bell saga continues, of course it could just be all BS rumors. None of these guys are above spreading something they believe, because they believe their source. Far from the first rumor that may be all smoke. Judging Bell's value this year will be very tough.
  14. Patrick Peterson Suspended

    Interesting was wondering if this was a first offense and thought they were usually 4 games at most. Must have been a super-PED
  15. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    Its a shame the Jets cannot be on Hard Knocks this year
  16. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    There are an increasing number of good to great QBs in the league, they are not all going to get into the HOF. Of those guys currently playing, Brady, Brees, Rodgers are locks. Ben is pretty likely, and Eli may get in as well despite what some think. I am not saying there is no chance that Wilson makes it, but it is still rather early in his career to crown him as a HOF player. Honestly short of guys that are first ballot HOF I'd prefer that people don't label people as HOF players. People were doing that with Browns LT Joe Thomas and it sounded silly considering the complete lack of success the team had during his time. I appreciate what he did, but wasn't sure if it was local media/fan talk or for real. After he retired I heard some talk by others that it was pretty likely, but still waiting to see before I crown him. (Some in the local media have referred to him as "future HOFer Joe Thomas" for several years now.) Phillip Rivers is a really good QB, posts some incredible stats, but lack of a SB win, or other huge moment on a big stage he is left on the "no way" pile by most.
  17. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Thanks for recapping his career, forgive me if I don't believe that guarantees him a spot in the HOF.
  18. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    I'm still trying to figure out when Russell Wilson got into the HOF. Seems more and more players with less than half a career played are being called HOFer by fans and media.
  19. Inman to the Pats

    Fixed that for you I'm trying to figure out if forever... was telling us he and his buddy were drinking while driving...
  20. Inman to the Pats

    Don't you know average joes signed by the Pats are a shoe in for 100 rec, 1500yds, 12TDs
  21. JAX LB Telvin Smith to sit out 2019 season

    Isn't that how you inform your boss when you decide to take time off?
  22. JAX LB Telvin Smith to sit out 2019 season

    Wow sounds like that announcement blind-sided the Jags management. Whatever his issues if he could post it to Instagram he could have informed them a bit before that. “We will not have a comment about Telvin Smith’s statement at this time," the Jaguars said in a statement. "We need to have a conversation with Telvin to understand the situation and the circumstances. If there is a way we can support him we need to understand that.”
  23. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    I'm trying to figure out where in that tweet (with the pictures of cleats dangling from a line) did he say he'd return if the Raiders wanted him. (If the Raiders did want him to return they could have talked to him and given him a contract extension, or made some kind of offer). Has he even officially retired? As in made a statement saying that, or actually filing retirement papers with the NFL?
  24. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    According to Huddle News Retired RB Marshawn Lynch is willing to play for the Oakland Raiders if they want to sign him, according to a source. Oh boy, apparently he didn't to compete with Crowell for playing time, but is OK with competing with Doug Martin (or didn't know he signed before announcing his possible unretirement)