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  1. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    You still just acting like a dick?
  2. ESPN+ Questions

    Everyone would like a la carte programming, not least of which people who don't watch sports and pay big money for ESPN in basic cable. I don't watch many channels either, but do peruse a bunch outside my core group. Still less than 10% of them would be all I need.
  3. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Because he talks like NFL players are treated like slaves.
  4. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    So like 99% of all your posts trolling or playing stand up comic. Otherwise good to see the lively "debate" over his ability to actually play football. I personally loved his kunta kinte shirt. Wasn't Kaep adopted by a white upper middle class family and raised without life in the ghetto like many others? Give me 10 Josh Jacobs over this guy all day.
  5. Josh Gordon II come on down, you are the next contestant on Throw Away A Multi Million Dollar career to get high He was about to get a 10 game suspension for another violation of the substance abuse policy, which of course he is appealing. Maybe this time it was his parents who were smoking the pot not him. And spare me any BS about how it shouldn't be a banned substance, or illegal . 99.9% off players manage to avoid. I recall he was mysteriously inactive on Sunday hut I never looked into it.
  6. Bold Predictions Week 11

    Raiders score 50+ Carr, Jacobs and Renfrow go off and I defeat the top team in my division 8-2 vs. my 2-8
  7. ESPN+ Questions

    Not sure if I'll ever cut the cord, may need to see how all that stuff works first. I like the convenience of DVR records it I turn TV on and watch when I like. I've done some streaming and it never seems that simple. I added an antenna when U-Verse bastards cut my local CBS during March Madness one year. It's still there and I check it occassionally, but at 30 miles from the towers I'm on the fringe of good reception.
  8. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    I thought there would be some discussion of the actual workout or how he might fit with some NFL teams. Should have known it would degrade into a bunch of stupid posts about the past. I hated all the attention it got, blame our horrible media for that. His kneeling is only disrespectful to some, and there are many reports of veterans supporting him. They know they fought to defend our freedoms, not to stifle them.
  9. His appeal was denied, he's done for the year, maybe somebody gambles next year after a rash of WR injuries.
  10. Ajayi

    Unlikely to play this week but never is a long time.
  11. Matthew Stafford for Week 10

    Stafford already ruled out for Cowboys game.
  12. ESPN+ Questions

    And Hulu Live is about to raise their price $10/month to $55. All these streaming services will continue raising prices, bandwidth will get throttled and internet provider will raise their rates. Before long cord cutters will be paying as much as people with pay TV. Especially if they need multiple streaming services to get the desired programming.
  13. Playoff Sleeper

    Nick Foles, he kicks for the Patriots who score a lot and may have gone unnoticed since he replaced Gostkowski. Oh and Gronk of course
  14. Ajayi

    Maybe if they signed him on Monday they might expect a contribution this week, but I don't see a guy signed on Friday to be anything more than a warm body just in case, if he's even active, for a game on Sunday.
  15. Amazing how suddenly without Newton playing and a bit of struggle by the Saints the Panthers could be playoff contenders.
  16. TNF

    You don't really believe that do you? ESPN is the biggest peddler of rumors, only possibly surpassed by Pro Football Talk before their alignment with NBC. I was on another board discussing it, also with my 3 brothers by text who were watching the game along with me. I'll pop over to the new thread at some point and express by opinion which won't jive with the media/Browns hating/Steeler loving masses who want Garrett banned for life, prosecuted for assault while Pouncey and Rudolph get no punishment.
  17. One big difference, Gordon actually had at least one good season before starting his string of screw ups. That has earned multiple second chances.
  18. TNF

    You obviously don't follow the Browns, they were stuffed repeatedly at the goal line last week. Stick to your Brady is coming to the Bears fantasies.
  19. Collusion?

    Go to his house and beat his ass.
  20. AB NFL Meeting update

    How much have you had to drink? This is simply
  21. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Maybe Jerry should sign him.
  22. Tonight’s game

    Never heard of that sounds wild.
  23. Fantasy Drama week 10 MNF

    Thanks for the clarification. We have deep bench, start 9 and 9 reserves, no limits on roster by position. But many times players are dropped that have value to somebody. For example the Zeurlein owner added Folk to cover his bye week 10 when NE signed him, then dropped Folk this week. The Pats kicker has definite value, and my only kicker is Myers who has a bye, so I've made the waiver claim. I'm not saying you did anything wrong just surprised any fantasy site would allow it. There really is no parallel in the NFL,since the entire roster plays in one game.
  24. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    According to the stories I've read, now because several teams contacted the league asking them to do this so they don't face backlash for inviting him to town for a workout. That's also why its secret who is attending. Some have said it was part of his collusion settlement with the league. Not sure we'll ever know the truth. Seems really messed up to schedule it then hours before sending info to the teams they contact his agent for the first time. What if he was busy? Family wedding, out of the country whatever.
  25. AB NFL Meeting update

    Might want to check Adam Schefter's twitter account since he is the one who reported that there was a meeting today, he should be on top of the details. Until then here are some stories for those starved of news about the most recent NFL flakemeister