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  1. FA Tracker

    PIT never really needed to have that big pass catching TE, not with a good running game, and good WRs. Miller did have 2 pretty good seasons, making the Pro Bowl both years 2009 76rec (on 98 targets), 789yds, 6TDs 2012 71rec (on 101 targets), 816yds, 8TDs He only averaged 75 targets per season during his time in PIT, but 100 in each of those. You need opportunity to produce.
  2. Emmanuel Sanders To The Saints

    Jarvis Landry ? 2017 MIA 121 rec, 987yds, 9TDs 2018 CLE 81rec, 976yds, 4TDs lower numbers but not sure that was disappointing, and it was with Tyrod Taylor and a rookie QB, not a HOF QB like Brees, he'll also have Thomas taking tons of pressure.
  3. Broncos Release Joe Flacco

    Except he's (Elway) still there and not likely going anywhere until the messy ownership situation is dealt with.
  4. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    You're worth what you can get somebody to pay you.
  5. NFL has closed all team facilities

    There's no reason to postpone it or the season at this time. Closing team facilities evens the playing field. I'm sure the ratings will be high, I rarely watch but will probably tune in for a bit, just to see how they are handling things. How will they have media connection to the top players, as well as the NFL team decision makers. I have to think the traditional war room is gone for many teams, replaced by a video conference on something like Zoom. Of course everything after the draft is in question, but no reason not to proceed with that.
  6. So what new thing are you doing?

    First full week is almost done, it is getting better some but living at home alone and not having any contact still sucks. After finishing some food I cooked before last weekend I'll probably get some carry out meals this weekend, see who's open and how they are managing. Errands on the weekend including a trip to my office get an Amazon shipment of an order placed before poop hit the wind. Also going to stop in at my church and process some donations (we hope) to try and keep revenue flowing (the bills haven't stopped coming).
  7. Rams Release Todd Gurley

    From what I can see on its a little over $20M dead cap hit, but they are saving over $10M by releasing him now. it was a horrible contract in many ways, for example his 2021 roster bonus (5.5M) became guaranteed tomorrow, as did his $5M 2020 salary. It was an impossible contract to trade, in order to get some cap relief I think they needed to wait until after 2021, and continue paying him more. Even if he were still himself that would be hard to stomach, at his suddenly diminished ability it was a no brainer.
  8. The right way to do Social Distancing

    Well I have what I have, which is only 70% alcohol, that was what I had in the medicine chest and the fresh bottle in the store. So as long as I don't dilute it much it should work. Doing 25% aloe vera would cut the alcohol to about 55%. Never had the need for hand sanitizer much, so I never had the stuff around. And early on I didn't think it was necessary to have it. I wash my hands and generally avoid getting sick much. But now if I leave the house, I want to have something with me when I go elsewhere and touch things. I'm tempted to go get a small empty pump bottle from the store, and take it to work and grab some from the giant bottle that is sitting outside the bathrooms (there's maybe 5 people at our office, probably more like 2-3, compared to nearly 40 normally, so we should have plenty).
  9. The right way to do Social Distancing

    Thanks, I've seen something like that as well, I think I have the other 2 ingredients and may try that. For me its mostly when I'm out of my own home that I feel the need, and many places (at least recently) where I was around others (work, church, gym, store) had either gel sanitizer or wipes available.
  10. The right way to do Social Distancing

    Northeast Ohio has been hit pretty hard, and all of Ohio has been near the leading edge of closing things down. However I have yet to hear about any limits being placed on number of people in a grocery or other store that is open. When I was there Saturday afternoon it was very crowded, from the aisles (with workers nearly on top of each other restocking shelves) to the front area by registers. Yesterday around 7PM it was less crowded, and many of the items which were unavailable on Saturday (TP, bottled water, bread) were available, but in limited quantities and variety, and still no hand sanitzer at all. Cashier told me they are restocking regularly but stuff like Purell is just not available.
  11. The right way to do Social Distancing

    Instead they carry it back to wherever they live, and whatever part time job they have preparing your food and beverages. YUMMY As somebody who is now working at home indefinitely, whose church and gym closed, in an area where all restaurants and bars are closed, shopping malls, and many other places, I'm basically in isolation, I'm not self quarantined but its pretty close. I was at the grocery store yesterday, and joked with the cashier as we were finishing up that "even we are not observing proper social distance, way less than 6 feet between us. Then as I walk away I see she grabs her Purell and squirts some in her hands cleaning them. I still cannot find the stuff, but haven't been running to every store at every hour of the day either. For now some rubbing alcohol in a squirt bottle will have to do, when I'm out of the house. What was surprising for me to learn is that many people I work with are also struggling to work remotely, even though some already do that with some regularity (1-2 times a week). And quite a few of these people have one or more spouse, kids, pets at home with them (at least part of the day). For me its just a matter of staying occupied, trying to get out of the house regularly for a bit each day, and during the evening pushing all the bad stuff aside for some entertainment and a couple adult beverages. Once the weather is a bit warmer and less rain I'll get the motorcycle back on the road and start taking some rides. I'll need to plan accordingly, either pack food or make sure that there is some place to get a bite to go wherever I'm headed. I know the government may frown on me moving around freely maybe 100 miles or more away from home, when we're supposed to basically "stay home, remain in your local community" but I need my mental health therapy.
  12. So what new thing are you doing?

    Work from home now, don't really have a lot more free time except for the hour so for my daily commute round trip. The extra half hour in the morning is sleep. Without dual monitors and working some form of remote connection, it means getting by with less capability than at work. Things can get slow, or freeze up and need to reboot something. Isn't bad once in a while, but now with more stress and bad attitude, even less than 2 days in some of it is annoying. All communication by email, chat or phone, no face to face meetings with people. That started on the first day (yesterday) having a conference call with a prospective business partner, all of us pretty much strangers and but bonding over the time of crisis. I'm watching a lot more movies without sports (thanks free HBO channels last weekend). Will probably start doing some more video gaming, especially some shooters to vent my frustrations with live.
  13. Stefon Diggs to Buffalo

    If the contracts were guaranteed they'd be for far less. Also the players should fight for these things if they are important, instead of making sure they can smoke weed and not be tested for it. I guess we know what's important, or possibly what was more likely to be allowed by the owners without some major concession by the players. I remember players getting angry that Goodell could suspend for stuff "how can he be the judge, jury and executioner?" because you allowed it in your contract with the league.
  14. Stefon Diggs to Buffalo

    But Bill O'Brien and the Texans are idiots for letting Nuk go for so little. You know since every team that would trade for him was totally willing to redo his contract and pay whatever he was demanding. I understand why NFL players want to redo their deals, limited time to play and some deals they're playing under did not represent their value. But the owners don't have to agree, and the players don't much leverage except the ugly holdout. I've never signed any long term employment contract that stipulated what I would be paid with some sort of annual increase or anything. But then I've been at the same place for 30+ years, feel I'm well compensated and appreciated. Salary started at X and there's been regular increases as well as some forms of bonuses. If I wasn't happy and wanted more I could walk at any time.
  15. Just simple panic shopping, we use toilet paper, we'd hate to be without it, so we hoard it. When this started I had about half a 12 pack of TP left at home, but I also had a 12 pack of 1ply I bought my mistake once that will serve as my emergency supply. But I don't regularly use hand sanitizer, so I don't have any, and cannot find any now. Its in most places I need it, but cannot even carry it in my car if I need some. I'm headed to the grocery store today after work to get some things I need, might get some more beer, and next time I'm near the liquor store another bottle of whiskey. And this week we're having a test of employees working from home, half today and half tomorrow, in case we are forced to close our office.
  16. Austin Hooper & Jack Conklin to the Browns

    Its also not the death of him as some are predicting, and foolishly labeling him as Manziel 2.0 The offensive coaching was horrible last year, OBJ was banged up all year and didn't get much quality practice.
  17. Falcons release Devonta Freeman

    Pretty good info for not looking up stats, 1056 & 1079 in 2015/16. He played just 2 games in 2018, then played 14 last year but his YPC dropped below 4 to just 3.6 while still getting almost 200 carries. Then after Coleman's rookie year (2015) his carries dropped off as Coleman's increased. With Coleman gone left year he should have had a much better season. Maybe he never fully recovered from the injuries that held him oust most of 2018, only thing I could find was the groin which sidelined him in October.
  18. Amari Cooper re-signs with Dallas for big $$

    Just post the word LIKE next time I thought his mentioning that Cooper scores most of his fantasy points in home games seemed like an odd point regarding an NFL team signing, now I see from other posts its more about him being inconsistent.
  19. Was discussing this with people on another forum, the Packers website announced the signing of former Browns LB Christian Kirskey, including full contract details. Kirksey was not under contract with the Browns, having been released on March 10th. Can they announce this singing because he wasn't a free agent with an expiring contract on a team from last year, being released is different than somebody like Schoebert? Or should they not be allowed to announce this player signing, and violated some rule? (Would be surprised the people controlling Packers web site would not be aware of things and need approval from top management to announce things.)
  20. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    Nope totally serious. What other offers were they getting for Hopkins? Did they turn down first round picks for him? Is what they got better than him sitting out all season? I'm not saying it is a good trade by any means, and does seem like really low value (unless David Johnson suddenly looks like the old days).
  21. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    But people will still rip on the Texans for the trade and labeled worst in history etc. Sometimes you got to move on, would people prefer watching him sit out a full season like other players are doing?
  22. I wonder about that, how many people that normally don't watch the draft will watch this, because nothing else is on. I'm an almost never NFL draft watcher, Browns having 2 very high picks in 2018 was the first time I did watch. They could probably make money allowing people to text their boos and cheers to drive some crowd noise during the broadcast.
  23. If the biggest headache one has to deal with during this crisis is missing on watching and following sports count yourself lucky. Many others are facing a two week or more quarantine, stuck on cruise ships or in a foreign land for periods, actually sick with the virus and fighting for their lives, loss of income from their job, or maybe even the end to some jobs (as some hard hit businesses will surely close). And of course anybody with retirement funds are going to take a hit. If you cannot find something else to distract yourself with in today's era of online entertainment, you're probably not trying. PS So far health experts say there is no real way to know if things will drastically improve as it warms up, even though that is the case with the flu and other viruses. We shouldn't be hoping for that, hope is a terrible strategy. Do what you can to minimize contact and community spread.
  24. The overall mortality rate may not be very high, but for people over 70 or 80 it is very high, believe it was 15% for over 80 when I saw the numbers a couple days ago. If people are panicking that is on them, nobody is creating a panic for them. Those people rushing out to stores to stock up on things like TP because they hear other are doing it and fear being left out are just lemmings. This is a real serious issue, not some fabricated nonsense. A bunch of sports and other things will be cancelled, life will continue. Spend some more time with family, outside, meditating, exercising, etc.
  25. March Madness Bracket Contest

    I put the chance at NCAA tournament being played at around 10%. After virtually ever conference tournament has been cancelled, and NBA/NHL suspending seasons, MLB ending spring training, as well as the many other events being cancelled. It isn't about the potential spread with 10s of thousands of fans in attendance, it is about the players, coaches, refs, announcers, and many others on hand being potential chances to spread the virus. Hopefully fans will understand, but I've already some really stupid negative backlash to various announcements about cancellations or closed to spectators.