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  1. Amari Cooper re-signs with Dallas for big $$

    Just post the word LIKE next time I thought his mentioning that Cooper scores most of his fantasy points in home games seemed like an odd point regarding an NFL team signing, now I see from other posts its more about him being inconsistent.
  2. Was discussing this with people on another forum, the Packers website announced the signing of former Browns LB Christian Kirskey, including full contract details. Kirksey was not under contract with the Browns, having been released on March 10th. Can they announce this singing because he wasn't a free agent with an expiring contract on a team from last year, being released is different than somebody like Schoebert? Or should they not be allowed to announce this player signing, and violated some rule? (Would be surprised the people controlling Packers web site would not be aware of things and need approval from top management to announce things.)
  3. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    Nope totally serious. What other offers were they getting for Hopkins? Did they turn down first round picks for him? Is what they got better than him sitting out all season? I'm not saying it is a good trade by any means, and does seem like really low value (unless David Johnson suddenly looks like the old days).
  4. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    But people will still rip on the Texans for the trade and labeled worst in history etc. Sometimes you got to move on, would people prefer watching him sit out a full season like other players are doing?
  5. I wonder about that, how many people that normally don't watch the draft will watch this, because nothing else is on. I'm an almost never NFL draft watcher, Browns having 2 very high picks in 2018 was the first time I did watch. They could probably make money allowing people to text their boos and cheers to drive some crowd noise during the broadcast.
  6. If the biggest headache one has to deal with during this crisis is missing on watching and following sports count yourself lucky. Many others are facing a two week or more quarantine, stuck on cruise ships or in a foreign land for periods, actually sick with the virus and fighting for their lives, loss of income from their job, or maybe even the end to some jobs (as some hard hit businesses will surely close). And of course anybody with retirement funds are going to take a hit. If you cannot find something else to distract yourself with in today's era of online entertainment, you're probably not trying. PS So far health experts say there is no real way to know if things will drastically improve as it warms up, even though that is the case with the flu and other viruses. We shouldn't be hoping for that, hope is a terrible strategy. Do what you can to minimize contact and community spread.
  7. The overall mortality rate may not be very high, but for people over 70 or 80 it is very high, believe it was 15% for over 80 when I saw the numbers a couple days ago. If people are panicking that is on them, nobody is creating a panic for them. Those people rushing out to stores to stock up on things like TP because they hear other are doing it and fear being left out are just lemmings. This is a real serious issue, not some fabricated nonsense. A bunch of sports and other things will be cancelled, life will continue. Spend some more time with family, outside, meditating, exercising, etc.
  8. March Madness Bracket Contest

    I put the chance at NCAA tournament being played at around 10%. After virtually ever conference tournament has been cancelled, and NBA/NHL suspending seasons, MLB ending spring training, as well as the many other events being cancelled. It isn't about the potential spread with 10s of thousands of fans in attendance, it is about the players, coaches, refs, announcers, and many others on hand being potential chances to spread the virus. Hopefully fans will understand, but I've already some really stupid negative backlash to various announcements about cancellations or closed to spectators.
  9. Quinnen Williams Arrested

    Pretty sure his views are simple FAKE NEWS
  10. Great point. And things outside are so far not being heavily impacted like indoor events. I know some motorsports events (Formula One, the motorcycling equivalent MotoGP) have been cancelled, or closed to spectators. But those are very large scale international events. In MotoGP case many teams/riders are from Italy, and would not be able to race in various places if an event was held because many countries are requiring a 14 day quarantine after entering the country. I'm on a sports and broadcasting forum where there has been a lot of discussion of impact on sports, and it was mentioned that the NFL may need to consider what they do for the draft. Somebody even suggested that players would not be allowed to hug or shake hands with Goodell. PS Thanks to those who got the headline corrected, its bad enough the media does this, lets not contribute to the spread of false information. It is one reason I usually try to read or at least skim any linked story as I've found people to completely misrepresent what they linked.
  11. Quinnen Williams Arrested

    That's scary
  12. Is Melvin Gordon going to be a stud again?

    Gordon's career average is 4.0, and in 3 of the 4 years he failed to break 4, he was at 3.8 or 3.9, the other was his rookie season at 3.5. Not sure where you got 88 NFL games, he's played in 67 total games in 5 seasons according to his PFR stats You know what is interesting about Ekeler, his Y/A goes down every year, as he gets a bigger role in the game 2017, zero starts, 47 attempts, 5.5 avg 2018, 3 starts, 106 attempts, 5.2 avg 2019, 8 starts, 132 attempts, 4.2 avg What do his numbers look like with 16 starts and 250 or more carries? Of course the entire Chargers team is a question mark until they get a QB, Rivers did some things really well including checking down to RBs (both guys have decent receiving stats) I recall a similar trend with another RB who was the backup, and then moved on to be a starter. Michael Turner, during his time in SD had a 5.5 average (annual #s 5.2 5.9 6.3 4.5) and then in Atlanta that dropped to 4.3 (annual #s 4.5 4.9 4.1 4.5 3.6), a pretty big change. No doubt Ekeler is pretty dang good, and comes far cheaper than Gordon.
  13. No More Suspensions For Drug Use (CBA)

    Josh didn't follow the rules of the league when he joined, not sure this would make a difference. Some people just cannot follow rules. Don't forget in one case he was suspended for drinking, which is legal and not generally prohibited. (His prior strikes for substance abuse required he not drink during the calendar year, days after the Browns final game he was on a plain to Vegas with Joe Haden and posted pictures of him drinking. Problem is, the league year ends after the SB, not after your last game as a player.) As for alcohol vs. pot, there is no comparison on dangers. First off one is very addictive, the other not so much. Let alone I've rarely seen people that were high on pot getting violent, while that's a pretty common thing with drunk people.
  14. Burfict reinstated

  15. Quinnen Williams Arrested

    I was going to say for somebody who likes to carry a gun and wants to do so legally, losing that right is far more than a slap on the wrist. Curious where you live, must be outside the US because all citizens of the US have various gun rights.
  16. Official QB domino thread

    I think not not having a franchise QB currently is another factor in teams that will fit. Not buying that he'd go to SF and they'd ship Jimmy G back to the Pats. Dallas is the first team that comes to mind, I wouldn't include them if Dak was under contract, but the impasse there could be a factor. And Jimmy would sure love to make a splash, screwing Kraft over is a bonus. That assumes they can keep Amari Cooper. Zeke would take the pressure off TB. TEN is more a run blocking OL. Maybe IND is a fit (Brissett still working on a deal).
  17. Quinnen Williams Arrested

    I'm sure he simply forgot he was carrying his gun with him I've heard that excuse almost every time this happens, from athletes, celebrities even one of Akron's own city council members did this one time. Doesn't sound like the action of a responsible gun owner.
  18. Where will Mariota Go??

    One of my all time favorite avatars on the huddle forums
  19. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    The Huddle web site is now (for some years) part of USA Today, and do not have complete autonomy over things. That is when the forum purge started. It was before you joined the forums.
  20. And work on his golf game until he's on the PGA tour. Some think he is grossly overpaid, but when you consider CBS is probably going to spend 1.5-2 billion dollars to retain the rights to their NFL package, and how key Romo is to the image of NFL on CBS, its a drop in the bucket.
  21. NFL Work Stoppage?

    I think its a bit early to start predicting a work stoppage, when the agreement runs thru the end of the coming season. They've been working on this for some time already, and the owners quickly approved a deal negotiated by both sides. Now the players are balking, namely a few very highly paid and prominent players. At least the NFLPA representatives did agree to let the members vote, instead of just panning the agreement based on a few prominent guys. Not sure how likely the prominent players will sway rank and file members to vote against it. It will depend what issues they are concerned with and if it applies to most/all players or only the top 5% of salaries. This has me wondering, are those in the NFLPA doing the negotiating disconnected from the player reps and rank and file members? Because it seemed like there was not much positive from any players about the deal being offered. The owners group who negotiated the new deal certainly was in tune with the owners' desires, as they quickly approved it. There is still no word on when the players will vote. The sooner the better, so if they don't approve it there is time to negotiate and consider offers during the off season. As we go thru March-April-May that needs to be done, further into summer and training camp takes over there may be no more serious work on a new deal.
  22. Official QB domino thread

    Yes Jones hiring McCarthy was a a bit of a shock, I would have loved for the Browns to get McCarthy, hopefully Stefanski works out. An interesting article I'm reading on Brady. Basically it says that Tom and Bill need to meet and see if their goals mesh, if so getting a contract worked out with the Pats won't be complicated. Until that happens all the speculation of where he goes is a bit pointless. I don't doubt he'll test free agency, but I question the way some reports state he is "prepared to play elsewhere", as if he has closed the door on the Pats and won't even be talking to them. Mostly because "nothing has happened yet" and "sources close to Tom tell us....".
  23. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Evil corporate overlords What's odd is this getting brought up now, as if this is a recent development. This happened it seems like 10 years ago now.
  24. Search feature...

    No need to apologize, just know how good you've been with finding stuff in the past, wasn't sure if you were relying on the search tool.
  25. Official QB domino thread

    My mind is not set, you said it is, that's twisting my words. I offered additional information about Brady/Pats, I didn't just say "nothing to discuss, case closed, I know Brady stays with the Pats." Not sure what your issue was with my post.