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  1. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    She's the only one that can tolerate you?
  2. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Garrett will be gone, but not until the end of the season. Unless Jerry has decided Rivera is his guy and wants to just hire him right now to take over mid season.
  3. The Steelers

    OK, fair enough, but I don't see PIT beating BUF either, not even at home. I'd say good luck, but then I'd be lying
  4. TNF Erin Andrews Curse

    So last night I paid more attention, Erin was on the Cowboys sideline, which is also the more popular team, where the media would certainly focus more. AND THEY LOST... stay tuned will try to remember to update for remaining games.
  5. The Steelers

    Hate to remind you of this, but if the Steelers end 9-7 Browns can still pass them for that playoff spot by winning out (CIN, @AZ, BAL, @CIN), CLE would have the tie breaker on division record. Three winnable games and the Ravens in our house, and we've already beaten them in BAL. PIT will need to retain that 2 game lead on the Browns heading into week 17/ Titans have a tough road for sure, they need to win at least 2 or they're likely out. ESPN playoff machine (simply used winning % as default, and changed the Browns week 16 to beat BAL. PIT/CLE/TEN/IND/OAK all tied at 9-7 but Browns win the tie breakers.
  6. Riverboat Ron Fired

    Some Bears page, AKA some blog or other place on the web where Bears fans talk. Don't you know the best information comes from fans sitting around spouting their football wisdom?
  7. Brady getting a new Target??

    Aren't you the same guy that's convinced Brady is going to be joining the Bears? Do you simply believe every stupid thing posted on social media? These bozos in the media, when they say a trade is going to happen after the trade deadline it is clear they don't know manure and should be ignored. Deion was a great player, but a big loud mouth fool most of the time I've heard him since.
  8. The Steelers

    Kitchens ain't great, but inept is a bit over the top. He's a first year head coach, and until midway thru last year had never even been a coordinator at any level. I'd have preferred a guy with more experience, but then I thought Hue Jackson fit that criteria and he was a disaster. Tomlin inherited a team that had just gone 8-8, but won 10 or more games 4 of the 5 prior seasons. The team was stacked with talent, Ben, Willie Parker, Ward, Holmes, Heath Miller and several Pro Bowl players on defense. Most coaches are not that lucky, and with little to no experience they will to be in over their heads. When the team they take over has recently gone 1-31 and only won more than 6 games a few times over 20 years, that's a pretty big difference. The difference I see, we both play AZ and BAL, but you also play BUF and and NYJ while we have CIN twice.
  9. The Steelers

    Browns played those same four 10 win teams, but took thru week 8 (game 7). We beat BAL, lost by 4 to the Seahawks and got blown out by the 49ers. We had a closer game with the Pats. CLE & PIT split with both winning at home. To me these teams feel pretty even right now, despite being 2 back. I think week 15 is the key(figure they both win this week), CLE goes to AZ, while PIT takes on BAL.
  10. The Steelers

    The Browns have a better chance than those teams, and if you look at expected results could argue a better shot than the Steelers. PIT is 7-5, should beat AZ and NYJ, but may lose both of BUF & BAL, ending 9-7. If that happens and Browns win out (CIN, @AZ, BAL, @CIN) they would tie at 9-7 and CLE wins that tie-breaker. Colts and Titans are the other two more legit teams fighting for that last spot, Colts seem to be regressing and Titans have to play HOU twice, both teams also play NO. The AFC has a lot of bad teams, but I think the top 5 are all pretty good and any one of them could beat any other team, including beating NE in Foxborough. The 6 seed is likely to lose their WC game.
  11. Riverboat Ron Fired

    I doubt Mahomes is the same guy we see today if the Bears drafted him. People like to trash Andy Reid a lot but he played a huge role in Mahomes development. Browns passed on those 2 when we needed a QB and took Garrett, I regularly hear Browns fans complaining about that, especially when Garrett was injured, not yet excelling and now with the suspension. I'm a firm believer in a players development and resulting ability to succeed in the NFL is greatly influenced by the coaches and players around them. A garbage team with a revolving door of coaches has a hard time developing young talent.
  12. Riverboat Ron Fired

    Being let go now may actually help Ron get his next job, teams that may have interest can start talking to him now instead a month later. If the Browns were looking for a coach (they should not fire Kitchens) I'd welcome him.
  13. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    I think the OP needs somebody in LA for his story....since he keeps asking people if they're in LA.. Well I hope that is the reason
  14. Andy Dalton benched

    How many games has his star WR AJ Green missed this year? Dalton has definitely gotten a poor shake. Too many teams think a HOF QB is waiting there in the next draft, just for them. Some times average is as good as you can do, and with the right talent may be all you need. Trent Dilfer wasn't as good as Dalton, and his team won a SB. it is also the first year after the reign of Marvin Lewis who was a bigger issue with the Bengals than QB play.
  15. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    We have a cash prize for weekly high score, that keeps most players from submitting garbage line-ups. We don't need to make somebody wear a dress at the next draft of get a piercing or tatoo.
  16. Kenny Golladay's GREAT 2019 season

    He reminds me a lot of Calvin Johnson, more similar body and ability than DeSean Jackson. Megatron finished his career around 16YPC, and had some good years in 17-18 range. He had a few monster years in both yardage and TDs.
  17. Scorned Owners....DND 2020

    Not a will not draft, but a will not keep...Zack Ertz at TE, what a disappointing year. Same for Goff, probably go without a QB.
  18. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    I was really surprised he got another HC job, he is the only former Browns (2.0 new era whatever) head coach to get another NFL HC job.
  19. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    They lose, and don't win money. They get the first pick in the following years draft. It will be my second consecutive last place finish. We don't have a league punishment, sounds like something from an episode of The League. Maybe we're just old men (mostly in our 50s).
  20. Thanksgiving Day Football Thread

    Not getting past the divisional round is a lot more telling to me than that graphic. 3 playoff appearances with Garrett, 2 wins. The other part simply tells me that coaches are fired quickly in the NFL, and one guy has accounted for a bunch of SB appearances (5 in 9 years). Kubiak, Fox and Jim Harbaugh all took their teams to a SB since 2011, all 3 lost their jobs since then (all early in their tenure with the team). These days guys who last 8-10 seasons on a team usually have some success, but I'm not sure that making the SB is a good measuring stick.
  21. Thanksgiving Day Football Thread

    Raises his hand, still no PPR here, but we do have fractional scoring Curious where LordOpie got the notion that H2H post season has gone away from fantasy football.
  22. Frank Gore to BUF

    Because he was able to stay healthy and play for 15 years. His numbers the last few years are similar to Emmitts at the end of his career, but then Emmitt was clearly one of the best during most years of his career, and won several Super Bowls as a key part of his team.
  23. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Pierced your ears because you lost your league, that's got anything in my league beat.
  24. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    Same reason Bill Cowher isn't, neither one is interested in leaving the TV world to be under the microscope again. It was the same with Chucky until just the right deal came along. Also Billick just wasn't that good, his lifetime record as a head coach is 80-64, 55%, two of his final 3 seasons were below .500. And he's now been out of coaching over 10 years. Also the trend is towards younger (or first time) coaches, and away from retreads.
  25. Well now its 10-2. People talk about other teams not beating strong teams, like the Bills, but the Pats have now lost to two AFC contenders. Four wins against the NFC Least a combined 16-32, not impressive 3 wins against NYJ/MIA, zzzzz I'll give BUF and PIT as quality wins (PIT was at full strength), CLE isn't very good either. Not saying they are bad, but they are not the impressive power house beats every team they face Pats that some think they are. No matter where the game is played, I think all 4 (KC, BAL, HOU, BUF) can beat the Pats. Not saying they WILL, but they have the talent and ability, including coaching.