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  1. 13 hours ago, DMD said:

    i guess I need to change a filter


    Yes like several years ago, at least we can use the name Sanders again ;)


    4 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    That said, I really think they should just stop testing for weed personally, I don't quite get the motivation 


    That may be true, but until they do it is a banned substance and players are ruining their careers to be able to get high. 


    It is also still illegal in much of this country, so carrying it around in your car (while speeding [not just 5-10 over]) isn't too bright, even if your employer isn't testing for it. 


    This whole story has me seriously questioning Hunt's character and ability to deal with minor issues in life. 

  2. Thought this was being covered somewhere already but could not find it. (If there is an appropriate thread for this, it can be moved there)

    most recent article


    Not only was there Josh Gordon weed in the car when Hunt was pulled over for speeding in CLE suburb of Rocky River. The cops found and open (unsealed) bottle of alcohol, along with the Josh Gordon  weed (less than a gram) in a backpack with Hunt's name on it in the back seat.


    The car is registered to his mother (Hunt grew up in Cleveland area) and Kareem claims the Josh Gordon weed was his brothers. 


    Now it comes out that Kareem told the cop he would have failed a drug test last week. But for some reason all Hunt got was a citation for speeding (77 in a 60) and a stern warning from the cop who was a huge Browns fan. 


    Oh and why was he drinking and getting high and driving around? Because he's lost everything, he's going through a lot right now....because the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl without him.  Wow that's some brilliant manure right there, do stupid stuff and lose your job with team one, feel bad they're succeeding without you, and do more stupid stuff which could end your job with team two and possibly have you suspended some more from the league. I'm sure somebody will take a chance on him, I'm done and wish the Browns were too. I suspect they wait and see what happens as he becomes RFA, but better to just be done with him. 


  3. 40 minutes ago, whomper said:

    I thought of Stevie Ray too when I heard the news . I loved that guy . Kobe was a ferocious competitor . That's why people that aren't even Lakers fans gave him respect on top of his obvious talent . He seemed like a doting father and an all around good man . Horribly sad situation , especially with his daughter onboard . I feel terrible for the other families and passengers as well. I saw there was a Father and mother with their daughter who passed as well, and of course others . Just sickening


    I am not a huge Kobe fan, even disliked some things about him early in his career. But I acknowledge his greatest as an athlete and being the face of the NBA and a champ for the Lakers. This tragedy didn't really shake me that hard, the last celebrity to die that really hit me hard was Robin Williams. This will impact people differently, I know some people that are heart broken and can barely function, others who it barely impacts. Having lost people in life already (including parents who were 80, a brother who was only 65 and some friends at 50 or less) I've had far more personal losses in life, so its rare to be that sad over losing somebody I didn't really know.


    Most of the people that died left close loved ones behind

    - Kobe & Gigi - Kobe's wife and 3 kids

    - Coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa - have 2 surviving children

    - Christina Mauser (Kobe's assistant coach for travel team) - husband Matt and at least one child

    - Sarah & Payton Chester (mother&daughter) - husband and 2 sons 

    - pilot Aara Zobayan - no mention of a family from what I've read, but even a 55 year old single guy like myself has some family who care and will miss me

  4. On 1/24/2020 at 2:32 PM, League_Champion said:


    But when you are crazy you don't believe you're crazy, everyone else is crazy. That's why many with mental illness never get the necessary treatment. It has nothing to do with money.


    Yes the person needs to admit they need help, then try to find it. Do you really believe that somebody who is a celebrity and has money doesn't have easier access to mental health providers than a homeless vet?  I do not, and also read these other celebrities offering to help Delonte West, are they as willing to help the non celebrities, the poor, the homeless? Again I think not.


    One more thing, I still think some people do things to try and appear to have some form of mental illness simply to excuse their irrational behavior. For a while I thought that was the case with AB, not so sure not. 


    On 1/25/2020 at 12:18 PM, irish said:

    Was just gonna post the same thing. 


    The Archdiocese reached out to a number of community and civic minded leaders seeking counsel on handling the pending media attention that would come with the release of the clergy names in November of 2018. Greg Bensel, Senior Vice President of Communications for the New Orleans Saints, was contacted and offered input on how to work with the media. The advice was simple and never wavering. Be direct, open and fully transparent, while making sure that all law enforcement agencies were alerted. 


    Facts don't matter to trolls and guys who think they always have something witty to post. 

  6. 26 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    I mentioned lack of ethics.  I see reports of police criticizing TMZ reporting the story before family could be notified.


    Would they have criticized LA Times or ESPN if they reported it based on the same information and with the same timing? 

  7. 2 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    Here's a full list of prop bets from Westgate William Hill.  I don't do prop bets, and there are a ton of them here.  The only one I kind of liked was the -300 on "will a team score 4 times straight". I don't see that happening.  But it's still 3:1 so you need to wager 300 to win 100.  They have the over at 54.5 in which case I think I'd take the under.  27 a side is pretty high scoring.


    I saw a list of prop bets that included AB being arrested during the Super Bowl, I suppose that could still happen, but wonder if it was done based on the recent problems and there being an arrest warrant for him.

  8. 14 hours ago, League_Champion said:


    It's sad what's happening to Delonte West. 

    True, but plenty of people that never had the opportunities he's had suffer thru that and worse. It bothers me that celebrities who hit rock bottom get all this attention while others (including many veterans) are ignored. 

  9. 2 hours ago, League_Champion said:


    Unfortunately I think he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Not because he deserves it but because of where he played and that he's a media sweetheart. They all love the Manning's. 


    You make it sound like he's totally undeserving and its just his name and playing for the Giants that gets him in. Lets not ignore those 2 SB MVPs and beating the Pats dynasty twice, including the season they were 18-0 going into the SB. 

    Not that you're biased against the Giants in any way.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Chief Dick said:


    Oh come on. Garrett sucks. We all know it, the world knows it, and for whatever reason the Giants don't know it. 


    It's a miracle Garrett could even inspire his own hands to clap. 


    Meh plenty of people thought Reid sucked after failing to win a SB in Philly. Or that Marty Schottenheimer sucked because he couldn't win the big game. Heck Belichick sucked with the Browns originally, but look at him now.

  11. On 1/21/2020 at 1:28 PM, Gourdeau said:


    My assessment as an unbiased onlooker....


    There are a lot more things that San Fran needs to do in order to win this game so I think you're right on that.  I disagree with you on a few things.


    First, The WR assessment is a strong advantage in KC's favor, especially when considering D Williams out of the backfield. When Sammy Watkins is the 4th option, and your 5th option runs a 4.3/ 40, that is frightening. 


    I would also argue that while San Fran's defense is better, I don't believe they have a strong edge in this particular matchup. The 9ers secondary is very vulnerable with the Chiefs speed at WR. The KC offensive line is ranked 4th in Pass protection this season so I don't see them being bullied by the 9ers d-line like we've seen. On the flip side, the 9ers o-line is ranked 15th in Pass pro, so the defensive line of KC could certainly swing the defensive battle a bit towards KC. KC's defense is greatly improved over the second half of the season. Honey Badger has been an absolute force, So again, I agree, overall, 9ers Def ha the edge BUT to me, in this particular matchup, its a slight edge. 


    I also don't agree that the coaching edge is with San Fran. Lets not forget who designed the defense that shut down the 18-0 Patriots in 2007. Spags has a lot more weapons on this defense than he did back then. Chris Jones is a run stopping force and he came out of last weeks game without aggravation of his injury. 2 more weeks off will work wonders for him.  Andy Reid is an absolute force coming off a bye week (17-3). People will argue he has had some late game management issues, that's somewhat fair but overblown in my opinion. If we are going to knock him for that, lets not forget who the OC was for the Falcons in that utter collapse vs NE a few years ago. 


    Ultimately this should be a classic game.   


    QB: Strong edge KCC

    RB: Strong edge SF

    WR: Strong edge KCC

    TE: Very slight edge to SF for Kittle's blocking (rec is a push)

    PK: Push

    ST: Edge KCC

    Defense: Edge SF

    Coaching: Edge KC


    34-27 Chiefs


    Surprised you're the first one to disagree with SF having the coaching advantage, even Chief Dick didn't support his guy. Shanahan is very good, I wish my Browns hadn't let him get away. But Andy Reid is much more experienced and has a great staff (Spagnolo, Bienemy).


    I do hope it will be a close game, doesn't have to be the final drive but I hate feeling like games are over at half time, which has been the feeling since the MIN-SF game started in divisional weekend. 

  12. On 1/22/2020 at 2:41 PM, 1fastdoc said:


    I was holding out hope until I saw the video of him berating the cops.  I understand being hot headed on the field but what the hell was that?  Call the cops, they do their job and you taunt and insult them??


    I finally agree, he's nuts.  Probably bipolar from the limited stuff released to the media.  I can't imagine any team being desperate enough to take that risk.  I guess when we drop 5 players in the fall for our rookie draft he'll be on my cut list.  Right next to Jordan Reed.


    He's headed for Delonte West territory. 

  13. 4 hours ago, DMD said:

    A two-time Super Bowl MVP alone is a golden ticket to Canton. Plus a 16-year career. Plus holds all NYG passing records. Plus most passing yards in a single postseason (1,219 - 2011). Tied record (8) for most game-winning drives in a season (2011).  4 Pro bowls.  Third all-time for consecutive starts by a QB.


    4 hours ago, irish said:


    I gotta be honest and can't believe I'd be in the minority, I'd hate seeing Eli in the HoF.  He is not a HoF caliber player, even with the 2 SBs.  He was average at best. 



    Hmm who knows more about football?  

  14. 20 hours ago, stethant said:

    So let me unpack this a bit. We watched Garrett's offense, with Garrett's playcalling for 9 years in Dallas when he was head coach, and the team never made consistent progress to excellence. The Cowboys O-line is insanely talented, their QB Dak Prescott is a potential star, and they have more than enough RB and WR talent. The defense is salvageable.


    The NY Giants, on the other hand, are a dumpster fire of a franchise with a star RB, a TE with potential, and really very little else. What magical thinking leads you to believe that Garrett's performance as an OC more than a decade ago, with 9 seasons after that to evaluate as a head coach, has any bearing on what he's going to do in 2020? 


    Who are these "plenty of guys" that coached a team for 9 years, got fired, and then became a successful OC of another team? Maybe Josh McDaniels but he only lasted 2 years and then went right back into the system he came from.


    Child, please!



    Oh no, not the child please ending, how will I live that one down....


    You assertion that Garrett is a failure and unfit to be an OC is opinion, based on the Cowboys not winning enough as head coach. My point is that many guys who failed as head coaches continue to do well as coordinators or assistants. Romeo Crennel, Jim Scwhartz to name a couple. 


    I don't like Garrett, I just see this silly argument all the time "Oh that guy failed as a coach, why would anybody hire him to do the dishes."  Just another broad statement from sports blowhards. 


  15. On 1/21/2020 at 1:38 PM, Gopher said:

    Cap space is a big problem for MIN.  Other than that, they need to address the O-Line first and foremost.  Then address the O-Line.  Then maybe draft a CB.  Then look at more O-Line depth.  See a pattern?  :lol:


    SO you're saying they need some better OL ;)   

  16. Just now, michaelredd9 said:


    Foles' 2020 salary is guaranteed.  All that would be saved by cutting him is a $5 million roster bonus for the 2021 season that guarantees on 3/20/20.  He won't be cut.


    Yep I tried to point that out, but this Jags fan sounds like somebody whose team hasn't won a playoff game in 20 years or more, and he's fed up and not going to take it anymore. 

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  17. On 1/20/2020 at 8:33 PM, stethant said:

    Pretty sure we had nine inexplicable years of Garrett as a head coach to know he sucks. If the Giants improve, he will not be the reason.


    Awesome opinion, have any other baseless platitudes to share?


    People who follow football KNOW that plenty of guys that failed as head coaches were good assistants/coordinators before/after their HC gig. 


    In Garrett's 3 years as OC in Dallas they won 13, 9, 11 games, in that first year they were 2nd in points scored (18th and 14th the other 2)


    I guess he had nothing to do with that.


    I'm not saying he is certain to succeed as OC with the Giants, only that dismissing any chance of it based on his time as head coach is what simpletons do. 

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