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  1. Sketchy Trade

    You've already decided it is collusion and just need us to give you stuff to support your level of punishment? Sorry but think you're wrong and have no reason to hold up the trade or punish any owner.
  2. Chiefs/Bolts

    Seahawks just lost to the 49ers, I'd say they're struggling a bit more than the Chiefs.
  3. The Browns...

    People were saying Chubb was going to destroy the Browns, show them they were fools to pass on him in the draft. Never thought we could win 6 games, or possibly finish above .500 this season.
  4. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    OMG just got the gist of the question, no that is not collusion, it is simply two brothers who don't want to step on each other in trying to win a game.
  5. As a Browns fan I was in favor I'm not sure I buy into all of this analytics stuff, trying to boil down these situations to some sort of stat makes it sound very scientific, when it is anything but that. Mantras like "you should never punt" don't help the cause of those trying to justify the accuracy of these things.
  6. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    I thought he was under utilized last week against Seahawks too, but had 5 rec on 7 targets.
  7. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    League name should be Too Much Drama
  8. The Browns...

    Baker has re-energized this team, the undisputed leader in the locker room. The whole team plays with more fire, the coaching change has also removed 2 guys who dragging the team down with negativity. As for playoffs much of the help is not major upsets, BAL lose one of TB/LAC and PIT lose to NE & NO. The tow big upsets we needed were beating Broncos last night, and Bengals upset Steelers wk17.
  9. Chiefs/Bolts

    What issues are there with knowing what is or is not a catch this season? Have you been watching games this year, because this sounds like a 2016 or 2017 complaint. Don't want to give up a first down, stop holding the receivers. Bad calls are one thing, you're complaining about things which have been remedied and long standing rules.
  10. Team out of playoffs drops Joe Mixon

    Rosters should be locked if there's no legit reason for teams out of playoffs to make roster moves.
  11. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    AJ Green has played in all 16 games half of his 8 seasons, 15 games in another, 13 in another. Yes he missed 7 this year, and 6 two years before that. Over an 8 year career he has averaged 13.875 games per season. What about Julio, he went half a season or more without a TD this, why aren't you avoiding him? Sorry just bugs me how often people claim somebody is injury prone or misses a lot of games when it isn't really true. Sure missing 13 games over the past 3 years is bad. It could be the new trend for him.
  12. Wentz out this week

    Wentz is seeking input from people outside the Eagles medical staff, I don't blame him.
  13. Chiefs Homers - Hill

    He looked pretty good while hobbled in the Ravens game. He was out at one point, then came back in had a big catch and run down the sideline, looked a bit more hobbled and left the field, but returned again.
  14. Preparing for a butt-whipping?

    my league 2nd highest scoring team missed the playoffs, 3rd highest scoring team didn't get a bye and lost the opening game. Last week was a real scoring anomaly
  15. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Haven't seen the game but should be watching it tonight, its on NFL Network sometime today and I set it to record. BB is an out of the box guy, maybe he just wanted to keep the offense rolling and knows that Brady is near unstoppable on a sneak, so get it done on 2nd down. I suppose it is possible they confused what play it was, but looking at the play-by-play they were getting first down on each play to start that possession, so this was the first time it got past 1st down.
  16. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

    The Browns could win the AFCN north and the be the 4 seed (8-7-1), and it isn't that far fetched. - CLE win out (@DEN, CIN, @BAL) - PIT lose out (NE, @NO, CIN) - BAL lose one of next 2 (TB, @LAC) and from above lose to CLE in finale Some of those results are pretty likely, the wk 17 games would be the least likely.
  17. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    And that wasn't it (Q3, 7:58 left, on MIN 39, down 6-0), and they punted on 4th down. And a few plays before, 9:59 mark, 3-n-1 at MIN 26, Cousins sneak got 4 yards.
  18. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Browns were not utilizing rookie Nick Chubb enough, so GM John Dorsey traded lead RB Carlos Hyde, now its Chubb as lead back, Duke as COP/3rd down/relief We also saw some of the struggles between coaches (Hue Jackson and Todd Haley) and how that helped when the disagreeable people were removed. Hope it works out for the Vikings.
  19. High Stakes League?

    Well since you're posting on this forum I assumed you were talking about advice being given here, by random joes who don't know you.
  20. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    I get sometimes on 3rd or 4th and long you have some underneath patterns, so you have some positive yardage and a chance to convert (instead of 5 guys in long patterns all covered). Just this weekend I saw one in a game, unlikely to convert but the RB caught a short pass got to edge and nearly did it. Seems to me too many of the OCs are trying to be fancy with their play calls, to look like geniuses or get hose big plays.
  21. Tre'Quan Status?

    Was not in any way suggesting starting TreQuan over anybody, or that some one hit wonder was better than people who've performed well most of the season, Just saying right now after the week that transpired I can see a lot of second guessing.
  22. Tre'Quan Status?

    After last week who can you rely on? Rams and Saints players were nearly invisible, guys like Landry who had been quiet suddenly explode.
  23. Justin Jackson time?

    Discussion started last week in this thread
  24. High Stakes League?

    I doubt many people are putting that much effort into their free advice.
  25. Naturally

    I finished 4-9 in last place in our league, last week my regular starters would have scored more than all but one team in the playoffs (including both teams on bye). The high scoring playoff team had 118, good for top 3 most weeks in our league, with key contributors Mahomes, Cook, Hilton, Kittle, Lions-D.