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  1. Breida

    Does the 66 yard run not count for some reason?
  2. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Don't worry I'm sure there's a great job out there waiting for you that is centered around surfing the internet all day...
  3. Not sold on Saquan

    Even I can agree with that. He made a great play, let's pretend it didn't happen. Sure take away those sacks and turnovers and most defenses would look much worse too.
  4. Trouble brewing in the 'burgh

    AB's agent Drew Rosenhuas speaks, full thing I read below on Huddle news. Basically he doesn't want to be traded and was just taunting the guy that was taunting him on Twitter (the guy who no longer works for the Steelers, who would have had no input on trading AB when he was there). Maybe next time don't post it on twitter for everybody to see (social media whores). His personal matter is probably sand in his vag. And he wants to win he's passionate and so forth (sounds like Jerry defending Dez). From the Huddle news Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown's agent Drew Rosenhaus released a statement Tuesday, Sept. 19, explaining his client's recent actions, including a 'trade me' tweet and missing team meetings Monday, Sept. 17. 'The tweet yesterday was not in reference to anything other than Antonio responding to a person he knows,' Rosenhaus said in his statement. 'It was not directed towards a trade, or wanting to be traded. Any idea he was asking for a trade is not accurate. Antonio had a personal matter. I talked to the team about it. His issue was unrelated to the tweet or his relationship with the team. Third, AB has an incredible drive to win. He just wants to win. That's all that that is. That's not anything more than him encouraging his coaches and teammates to win. And that's what his entire focus is on. Any notion, any speculation otherwise, can be put to bed. This is a non-story that has been blown out of proportion. We can end this right here and now.' Huddle Up: Brown and coach Mike Tomlin are set to meet Tuesday, and the expectation is this issue will amount to nothing and blow over quickly in time for the next Steelers dramatic incident.
  5. Mike Zimmer leaves little to discuss!

    that didn't work, was trying to point to the post referencing Zimmer's classic comments
  6. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Was watching KC-PIT game yesterday, and the announcer was saying that Bell is being docked $850,000 every game he doesn't play. Nope, he is not under contract since he hasn't signed the offer. Even if he were under contract he is simply not being paid for work he is not doing, report to work and he'll get paid. Not sure if they just phrased it poorly or were trying to make the owners sound bad with that phrase. (Pay is usually docked as punishment.)
  7. Trouble brewing in the 'burgh

    All these fragile egos and their social media outbursts. The tweet was directed at somebody who is a former PR staffer for the Steelers. Why would he send a tweet saying trade me? Oh right, speak first think later. Also saw reports that AB had a heated argument with PIT OC on the sideline during the game. As a Browns fan I love it.
  8. He also missed a 52 FG that could have won the game in regulation. His 5 FGs helped my team to a narrow victory so I'm glad for that.
  9. my condolences to Seahawk fans

    I don't recall seeing much of a decent running game from SEA. I didn't recall the action of the 3rd quarter, checked the game log and SEA had 2 possessions, going 3-n-out in each, with all passes (one completion each series). Rushing numbers for SEA - don't look very good Penny 10/30 (long 10) - nothing much in 1st half, 5 carries for 18yds on TD drive early 4Q, 3 more next drive Carson 6/24 (long 9) - 3 carries on opening series, including the long of 9, see a couple other possessions with 1st down carry Wilson 3/17 (long 9) Davis 3/3 (long of 3) total 22/74
  10. touching QB = roughing

    The game has been changing for a long time, everybody has their own point on when things went too far, or what things they;'ve changed has been the worst. I guess for you it was a long time ago, and other things you consider worse. However over the last couple years I'm feeling it more myself, and hearing it from more people I talk to. First the catch rule, now the roughing rule. When a defender can no longer sack a QB without some form of roughing, and when we could not tell what was a catch it became very difficult to follow and enjoy the game.
  11. my condolences to Seahawk fans

    I thought their horrible OL and lack of skill players was the primary reason for them sucking. Plus the defense being a shell of its former self.
  12. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    He was already that due to not knowing what you were going to get from him, in his first game this year one reception on 3 targets for 17 yards and a TD.
  13. touching QB = roughing

    It is only going to get worse, according to the NFL the Clay Matthews sack and penalty is textbook, and the video will be provided to teams to remind them "this is a penalty". maybe they can hire some ballerinas to rush the QB, they might be able to twist and turn, fly thru the air while striking a glancing blow that is enough to take town an NFL QB.
  14. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    advice questions will not be answered here
  15. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    I think expecting Randy Moss type revival from Josh is misguided, he had the one really good year, every time since he's returned and been MEH. Now he's on a new team, new offense, new QB and a coach that won't take manure. They're not going to treat him like the Browns did, which means more stress for a guy on the verge of having a relapse (if he didn't already, reports are he was "out of it" when he showed up Saturday, and a player told the media he was high/drunk.
  16. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    Well that's easy Josh comes with a very small contract and isn't going to be screaming about not being involved. He's got baggage of a different kind, one that if it kicks in he's suspended and the Pats owe him nothing.
  17. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    One piece of Browns trash for another. Wow the Pats have been active with WR this year, saw this tweet
  18. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    Maybe they can rehabilitate him, that is if he hasn't already failed a drug test. I want the best for him but hope he doesn't do much, or else we'll hear from the usual Debbie Downer brigade of Browns fans complaining that the caoch, GM, owner, ball boy are idiots and should all be fired.
  19. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    Broncos offense is horrible, Thomas has disappeared, QB play doesn't look much better than last year.
  20. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    Is this the "what do you need Monday night?" thread Nothing this week, I won already in a close game by only 1.3 points. This is our first year with fractional scoring, and I was curious with the close game how it would have gone without the change. I would have lost by 3 points, I had far more players with those extra 7-8-9 yards rushing/receiving adding to my total than my opponent did. While he scored about 4 points extra, I got about 8 extra. Good luck to all you guys that need something tonight.
  21. Dan Bailey

    Off to the waiver wire..... shame he hasn't had his bye already.
  22. Dan Bailey

    Bailey wants a lot of money, has already turned down several offers. Wants to play for a contender too. Is he hanging out with Dez? Browns signed their kicker, Greg Joseph formerly with the Dolphins.
  23. Last year the Browns had very little talent at WR and Duke Johnson led the team with something like 80 receptions.
  24. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    Its SOP for the lord of dopieness. he thinks this is his private playground and he's allowed to go around insulting people. Long overdue for the ignore list, his 1 tidbit of useful info per year doesn't outweigh the negative. To be clear, he eventually explained his reasoning after being lazy and trying to justify playing time with a draft pick, which others called out. OK, Big John, DMD somebody want to explain this message to me, why am I not allowed to ignore LordOpie, is he a protected citizen of the Huddle? "You are not allowed to ignore that member."
  25. Why is Sam Bradford an NFL QB?

    Some QBs who have started NFL games in the last couple of years are reasons why Bradford keeps getting a chance Nathan Peterman DeShone Kizer Geno Smith Blaine Gabbert Drew Stanton Brett Hudley Mike Glennon Josh McCown Besides when's the last time any QB looked very good with the Cardinals, even Palmer had numerous problems producing there, staying upright being one of the biggest.