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  1. Stupid question about weekly content

    Think they contain the same info, but in different formats. A cheat sheet by nature of its name is usually a single sheet with all the info. In this case all positions are covered on the single cheat sheet, where the player rankings have them separated by position, and also include more info (yardage, TDs, confidence factor). I don't usually look at the cheat sheets, and believe they are a newer thing.
  2. Coleman

    Isn't this pretty common. Injured player is not placed on IR, and is questionable, or out based on whether they practice during the week. He was ruled out last week, he is now questionable but could be ruled out for week 3 at some point later in the week. We've never had an IR slot so I've never dealt with it. But in principle I'd think it is for guys who are on IR, or definitely out for some period of time. I know it is unlikely he plays this week, but for some reason the 49ers list him as questionable. (I know there are rules and guidelines, and relates to if they practice on specific days or not.)
  3. CBS waivers ran a day early?!?!

    So you are proud that you entered your waivers a full day early and were rewarded by a glitch?
  4. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    Yes playing fantasy football will make you more aware of many things in the NFL and have you knowing lots of players that other fans would consider obscure (backup QBs, 3/4 string WR/RB, kickers). Also usually has you more in tune with NFL news about all teams, players cut, being traded, injured etc.
  5. Who are you done with?

    One thing to consider, since those are 6 games spread across 3 seasons (last 2 of 2017, only 2 in 2018, first 2 in 2019) who were the opponents, maybe they had really good run defense. Those games were @NO, CAR, @PHI, @PIT, @MIN, PHI Some of those are pretty good D, and 4 of the 6 were on the road. His career YPC is 4.3 and was 4.8 and 4.4 the last 2 full seasons (16/17). Maybe he's done after the injury in 2018, maybe he's being slowly worked back into it. Bench him sure, but drop a top 20 (Huddle ROS rankings) RB in fantasy football. That seems crazy.
  6. Ramsey to KC?

    Sorry I upset you
  7. CBS waivers ran a day early?!?!

    i'm not implying you changed it, I'm saying VERIFY IT. Whenever we have issues the first thing I do is verify our settings. We don't change things either, but this is computer software and data, not a stone tablet that cannot be easily altered.
  8. Ramsey to KC?

    Good point. The title should be modified to include that so nobody seeing it believes it, or wastes their time clicking here to read about it.
  9. PI replay

    How do you fix the system? I doubt it is simple. Or things the NFL is going to consider (like fire all these old farts and hire some young refs, something I've heard in various forms for years). I don't think making them full time is the answer either, because vast majority of these guys would not leave their high paying regular job to be a full time NFL ref.
  10. CBS waivers ran a day early?!?!

    We have waivers set to run every day, our first being Tuesday (Wed AM) and that went fine. We did have some issue after week 1, waiver order didn't reset and all players were shown as being ON WAIVERS until that Friday. We checked some settings, manually set waiver order and the first run (Wed AM last week) was fine. Make sure your settings don't show a waiver run checked for Tuesday. Contact their support to see about any issues or to try to address for future weeks. Not sure if you're thinking to undo and let them run again, that's a very messy situation to get into. One more thing to look at, are the players that were not added shown as free agents, or on waivers? What about players that were cut, is their indication correct based on your settings?
  11. PI replay

    Yes I understand that now and agree. Most fans and probably many within the NFL didn't understand the unintended consequences of allowing review of PI. Basically before it was not reviewable, and now it is, and that means it can be part of any review that is done, just like anything else they're allowed to look at. Ultimately I want the game called accurately, live while it is played as much as possible. But I like having review to help correct egregious things. Kind of like with the TD catch stuff, it got too be too much where they nit picked things and used super slow mo to show "nope right there bobbled it." when it all looked like a clear catch. It is the over analysis, and the focus on ticky tack stuff that dries most fans crazy. But how do you put into rules "only the blatant mistakes get corrected" without creating even more issues. Look how replay has come into all 4 major sports now.
  12. Eli benched

    Don't forget Manning has a no trade clause, so if he don't want to go somewhere he isn't moving. Not sure if he wants to stay and be the mentor, and be remembered for a year plus of mostly bad play, and a .500 (116-116) record as starting QB. Also not sure how much he fits into the plans of teams that could use a QB like NO, PIT, CAR. Now the Jets, that would be funny, especially since they play the Giants later this season.
  13. He just spits out a lot of stuff hoping he is right once in a while. As for Ben being 85, didn't they draft somebody they think can be his successor in Rudolph?
  14. Sarcasm is very hard to detect in the written word. If I say to somebody "Jesus I cannot believe this and that" I'm POed and not being sarcastic.
  15. If somebody is foolish enough to offer that should they turn it down? I don't like the deliberate tanking and fire sale, but that ship has sailed in the NFL. Seems odd that it bothers you this much, they're not a rival or any threat to impact the 49ers.
  16. Who are you done with?

    Yep I'm not a fantasy guru and speaking a bit more as a proud Browns fan (who is hearing lots of negativity locally after an important win following a horrendous loss and with an upcoming tough schedule). Also hadn't noticed Allen being that high scoring. I have Goff and he looked bad the first week, and not very good in week 2, the rushing TD saved his day (but I still lost and am 0-2). But I'm not benching him yet, thought my backup isn't great (Carr).
  17. David Njoku injury?

    Yes, the game was Monday night, that means a short week of preparation and time to get out of it. Browns RB Hilliard got a concussion week 1, and missed the game last night. That was a wicked hit that Njoku took. I'm not seeing any updates, not sure if they have practice tomorrow or not.
  18. Did they get the Jets and Cards 1st round picks?
  19. Roeth out for the year

    There is no way the Bengals win the division. And I think the Steelers take a major step backwards and probably finish 3rd. Even after a pretty good showing against the Jets I'm not sold on the Browns complete turnaround. They could still struggle (OL has issues, Baker too) and fail to finish above .500 I do agree the Ravens beat 2 pretty bad teams. Browns have a brutal stretch now (Rams, @Ravens, @49ers, Seahawks, bye, @Pats) so they're not going to be leading anything at the halfway point.
  20. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    Like most offensive positions scoring TDs is the key. Ertz was a beast with that last year, this year not so much as he has zero, but with almost 130 yards. Andrews has 2 so far, and over 200 yards. The real surprising thing is that BAL is throwing the ball a lot. We also need to temper expectations since BAL has played 2 really bad teams (possibly the 2 worst) to start the season.
  21. Roeth out for the year

    That's fine but that is different from your remark that I commented on. I don't disagree and think the PIT offense as a whole takes a major hit with the loss of Ben. But they were not some untalented nobodies after losing Bell/AB, which is what I've heard other fans say, because they never heard of Connor or Juju, since they don't really follow the sport. PS If you play fantasy football you need to follow the sport closely.
  22. Roeth out for the year

    Connor showed he was capable of replacing Bell last year, and JuJu isn't chopped liver. Steelers always seem to find some good WR and bring them along. I think too many people are seeing Ben down and somehow justifying their views that even with Ben this team wasn't any good. As somebody who follows them closely as a division rival, I won't count them as down and out until their record reflects that for a couple of seasons. Same as when the Pats lose a game or two, or even have a key player like Brady miss the season (the were 11-5 that year).
  23. Who are you done with?

    But Dak is a Cowboy, so Cowboyz1 gives him 100 starts to show he is good. Mayfield has a couple of mediocre games (last night wasn't that bad, some drops and they were without several key players [Njoku, Higgins, Hilliard]). Bench Mayfield if you like (Wilson is a good option, Josh Allen not really). Heck Rodgers and Goff are around 20 in QB scoring, guess I should bench Goff and roll with my backup...Lamar Jackson is the #1 scoring QB, maybe I'll trade Goff for him straight up.
  24. Week 2 Injuries

    Dang first Coleman now Jacobs, my RBs are dropping like flies. Paging Malcolm Brown, please report to the active list.
  25. MNF who cares?

    Cowboys games - who cares..... Way to judge a player on just a few quarters, I bet you cut Dak all the slack in the world. As for the game and the hit on Siemian, no word yet on his injury I did see he is having an MRI today. Myles Garrett feels bad, was not trying to hurt him and thought both of his illegal hit calls were wrong. The guy is on a quest to be a defensive stud this year, opposing teams better plan to stop him.