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  1. Search feature...

    No need to apologize, just know how good you've been with finding stuff in the past, wasn't sure if you were relying on the search tool.
  2. Official QB domino thread

    My mind is not set, you said it is, that's twisting my words. I offered additional information about Brady/Pats, I didn't just say "nothing to discuss, case closed, I know Brady stays with the Pats." Not sure what your issue was with my post.
  3. Official QB domino thread

    That's one way to twist my words around.
  4. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Well shorty's sarcasm meter was broken on my first point, but I was trying to mend fences and move on. I actually poked around a couple of the other forums and things really are dead here.
  5. Search feature...

    I would have sent Big John a PM and see if he can help.
  6. Official QB domino thread

    I'm reading now (including in Huddle News sourced from Ian Rappaport) that Brady and the Pats are waiting for some things with the CBA to shake out before the have any serious talks. No doubt his team will listen to any legit offers (in 2+ weeks when teams can start talking to free agents), but that doesn't mean he won't be an option for the Pats, or that the Pats have moved on from him. But I get it, just discussing that he is likely to stay with the Pats is boring.
  7. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Yes and you have such high characters, such a great stand up guy that never says anything wrong. Spare me your sanctimonious BS. PS Those bringing race into this are just idiots. PPS You never told me if Haynesworth should have been charged with assault for what he did? Were you bitching about him not being charged years ago when it happened.
  8. Official QB domino thread

    Take it all with a huge grain of salt. All these NFL experts need to talk fill time talking about stuff, and what might happen to Brady is a story that draws eyeballs. But its mostly just somebody spreading a rumor they heard elsewhere, some source that could be the janitor at team HQ.
  9. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    You and others talking about charging with a crime are way off base. It doesn't require being a Browns homer or having a bias to see that.
  10. Where will Mariota Go??

    Would learning under Brady for a couple years fix all his issues and make him a legit starter? He was pushed aside by Tannehill, not sure why people think he can still be a starter.
  11. Greg Robinson Arrested

    I already have mr champ on ignore. I wasn't even talking to him but of course he's got to wave his dick around to show what a big man he is.
  12. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    And you're still being a trolling tool, You're such a better man than I could ever be
  13. Playoff Expansion

    Its just a lot more football in a weekend than I'd usually watch. Don't do college, so Saturdays are spent on other things. Sundays are regularly NFL action from 2-3PM until midnight (watch all games on delay on DVR). Maybe its the compressed format (no commercials or halftime, sometimes no breaks between games), that has my brain a bit frazzled after 3 games are complete. Doing that 2 days in a row will compound that. I'm not complaining, or saying I won't watch. Just saying it is a lot more football than I normally consume on a weekend, 2 more games. Of course if a couple of games are blowouts that will open up some gaps and make it a little better.
  14. Burfict reinstated

    Somebody will probably give him a chance, we'll have to see if he's changed or not. His agent says he is trying to change his ways, to play according to the NFL rules.
  15. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    That is one pick (Hurst) that Ozzie Newsome got wrong. He hit it big with Lamar at pick 1.32, and later got the TE they needed in the 3rd in Andrews.
  16. Rumor: the Eagles will move on from Alshon Jeffery

    Nobody KNOWS that, its just some claim from somebody in the media.Just a reminder, not everything uttered by somebody in the media is an irrefutable fact, its becoming more and more rumor and speculation, and has gotten really bad in sports. I just read the original posted story and it reads like some kind of girls HS drama over who is dating who. Well this person says Jeffrey threw Wentz under the bus, this person say that isn't true. Each side has their believers. He's also coming off lis franc surgery in December, that won't make trading any easier.
  17. Greg Robinson Arrested

    OK got it. Many players have been in trouble for smoking, only a few completely threw away their careers (Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon come to mind, I guess Ricky Williams too). Now we can add Robinson to the list, though its pretty clear this was not just about smoking a little weed, but about a business venture to make money selling weed. Which also makes your "not addicting my ass, costs millions" post somewhat off base, since it isn't about smoking weed or any addiction. Your post just sounded like some anti pot person going on about how bad pot is for people. Not specifically addressing anything about the Robinson story, and its pot distribution/sale angle.
  18. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    I've got anger issues, I know that. My posts relating to Garrett and the fools claiming he should be prosecuted for assault are not based in that anger.
  19. Playoff Expansion

    Regarding the extra pay for that 17th game, it is part of the CBA being proposed and capped at $250,000. Which means that players making approx $5M or more per season are taking a pay cut on that last game, since their per game/week pay is already above that. Future contracts will be adjusted to handle this, and the 17th game part won't kick in until 2021 or 2022. Meaning lots of new contracts will be written after CBA approval and before the 17th game is played. None of this ruins the NFL, but that WC weekend with 6 games (most likely 3 each Sat/Sun at 1PM/4:30/8 time slots) will be brutal.
  20. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Cost millions to smoke it? Based on what his salary? The 157 pounds he was caught with were valued at around $800,000 or less, and that's enough for most people for several lifetimes. The details of this story are kind of sketchy, there is no report of them transporting it into Mexico or the US, just that they were driving along I-10 in Texas and were searched at a check point (on I-10 10 miles from Mexican border). Reports say they were driving form Los Angeles to Louisiana, so presumably he went to LA to buy some weed to take home. I didn't believe Nate Newton when he claimed it was for personal use and I wouldn't believe these guys. Oh boy this story has some more details I had not read before, including that they passed a border patrol car and the drug dog reacted to the smell from their vehicle so the agent radioed ahead to the check point. They also found glass jars and packaging equipment and a roll of cash. And an uber drive was along for the ride who Robinson and his buddy tried to get to take the fall for their drugs.
  21. Official QB domino thread

    They could try but "you run a crappy team and never win" is hardly justification or else many sports teams could have been forced to sell over the last 100 years. Browns fans are always hoping the NFL will force Haslam to sell, I just and ask them how often has that happened in the past?
  22. Playoff Expansion

    I'm more against the playoff expansion than the 17 game season. Playoff expansion does make it closer to half the teams making the playoffs, but still less than half (NBA/NHL were half or more at one point, not sure now as I don't follow either that much). It also means a really busy first weekend of NFL playoffs with 6 games, probably 3 each Saturday and Sunday in similar times as a Sunday in regular season. Yes it also makes the #1 seed much more important, and does devalue the #2 seed. But I think teams will still be fighting pretty hard over seeds, 2 is still better than 3 and so forth. This season the 2 extra teams would have been PIT (8-8) and Rams (9-7), neither team was that good, especially PIT struggling without Ben. The 17 game season should allow them to allocate games to be played in London, Mexico City and anywhere else without teams having to give up one of their small number of home games. (So far only the Jaguars are really volunteering, most other teams were required to give up a game, or were volunteered by the league.) I don't know that all of those games will be neutral site, it would be the most fair but so far they only need about 5 games, not 16. They'll probably attempt to alternate any extra homes games so all teams get them equally. One thing I'm wondering, is who will that extra game be played against? Somebody on another board suggested AFC vs NFC for finishing order 1-16 (so an automatic SB rematch, as well as conf title game losers, down to worst team in each conference [CIN-DET].) It messes up the current perfect schedule of 6-4-4-2 (6 games in division, 4 against a division in conference, 4 against a division outside the conference, 2 against teams in conference [outside divisions from 6 and 4] based on finish in division). One other headache with expanding to 17 games, that extends the season another week, pushing the SB out one more week. There is some talk of adding another bye as well, which means one week later. That may be difficult to handle short term with SB sites and dates already set several years in the future. The NFL does not want to return to starting on Labor Day weekend, but may have some tough choices to make there.
  23. Teams in need of new owners

    Browns have been a dumpster fire since they returned in 1999. First owner Al Lerner is the guy who flew Art Modell to Baltimore to meet with officials there and ultimately sign the deal to move them. He wasn't bad, but really didn't do much and didn't bring a lot of trust with him. Then his son Randy took over, he was more interested about his soccer team in London and hired various groups of rubes to run the team. Then we got Jimmy Haslam, a wannabe Jerry Jones type who supposedly learned a lot while he was a minority owner with the Steelers. That was complete BS because if he had learned from the Steelers he'd know that a new coach and GM every year isn't how you build a winner. He keeps changing the organizational chart around, at times with all top people (HC, GM, etc) reporting directly to him, and I think only one time (with Dorsey) had them all report to somebody who reported to him. Dorsey made some bad calls, but Jimmy's ego also got the best of him as he needed to be completely in charge again, Dorsey wasn't going to stick around and take orders from other people so he left. Now we've brought back somebody who was here when the Browns tanked and went 1-31, along with a new coach along with his coordinators with all 3 being first time at that job. Same for the GM. What could go wrong, well its the Browns so virtually everything. Well at least they had told Greg Robinson he would not be returning before he got busted with over 150 pounds of weed in his car.
  24. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    I'm 55 and sorry I'm not as clever and witty as you..... If it isn't starch in your shorts its probably a stick up your ass
  25. Deal for Dak?

    You are worth whatever somebody will pay you. Market pressures are at work in many places.