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  1. Oakland Backfield

    We have 18 man roster, start 9, half my team doesn't start and is depth. So I'm bound to have some marginal players on my team all season, guys who would never start. Haven't been thinking much about who I'd draft where, I certainly won't dismiss an entire team's offense at this point. If your view is "no Raiders at their ADP" that's different from "passing on all their skill players". You're welcome to your opinion, I just happen to disagree.
  2. Oakland Backfield

    I've always felt that black listing every player from a team before the draft even starts, let alone in early June, is a bad idea. I can understand downgrading them if you think their offense will stumble, but the "do not draft no matter what" lists can easily backfire.
  3. While that is true, barring a rule saying something specific about reseeding not sure why owners would expect that. Unless it was done in the past why expect it now (maybe the scenario didn't occur in the past or wasnt as obvious). Cannot add a rule now because somebody thinks that is the fair thing to do. I just checked our league constitution, nothing specific about how playoff teams will be seeded, but its always been done the same way and nobody has wondered why we don't do it different. (Top 2 teams get a bye, they face the winners from the first 2 games, with #1 seed facing lowest remaining seed.)
  4. Jason Witten to retire?

    Oh God Cowboy fans still crying about that no TD by Dez in the playoffs. That was consistent with the calls being made at that time, nobody was robbed or treated wrong. Romo greatest Cowboy QB, no way. Its the Romo slobberfest in overdrive.
  5. Oakland Backfield

    Must be the elite RB skills of the over the hill Lynch.
  6. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    I suspect you're looking for one that lets you see similar information. I had a couple bookmarked, not sure how much I was using them recently, recall doing an online search for a new source myself. was another one I had, but when I looked that link went to home page and nothing here about ADP
  7. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Would be more in line with Austin's use, approx 16 snaps per game last year.
  8. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Cowboys ran about 62.5 offensive plays per game last year, makes the Austin projected numbers 20-40% of the offense. Elliot had about 17.5/game.
  9. So other owners left the league after a season was over in the past, made as many trades as they wanted because nobody knew. But since this owner is up front with the league and tells them he'll be leaving after this season is over somebody wants extra scrutiny on his trades, a vote by the league or commissioner interference. But nobody else ever has that kind of scrutiny? Sounds like you're screwing the guy who's trying to be fair because you're afraid he'll do bad stuff. I'd never play in a league where any sort of owner vote is a primary part of trade acceptance. I'm one of two commish in long time lead, we've got to approve the trades mostly to get administrative details (draft picks, conditional aspects of a trade). If the two owners agree, and somebody isn't trading an elite player for garbage all trades are approved. None have been rejected for being "unfair". Also if you cannot trust your commish, you shouldn't be in the league.
  10. C.J. Anderson released

    Problem with these player measurements is what do you use. Combine numbers may be more objective (no team enhancment), but they're also in the past at the beginning of a career. pro football reference has McCaffery 5-11, 205 Woodhead 5-9, 200
  11. Mark Ingram suspended first 4 games

    Alvin Kamara come on down, you've got a bigger role in the Saints first 4 games....
  12. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    One strange thing about Duke, last year in training camp they talked about using him as a slot receiver, and that never really panned out. I'm not sure why as it had some promise and the Browns didn't have much WR talent. Last year the bulk of his carries (almost 90%) came on 1-2 down, But there wasn't a second RB to split time, so he was doing that as well as being a 3rd down back. Over 60% of his receptions came on 1-2 down, 35% on 3rd. Duke Johnson rushing plays for 2017
  13. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Good analysis so far, I do wonder if the Browns had seriously considered their likelihood of drafting a top RB this year when signing Hyde. I think this year will be a tough thing to predict, probably Hyde early as Chubb learns and finds his role. But agree with those saying its a pretty good chance Hyde is gone after this year.
  14. Saints cut Fleener

    Hmm, his 2016 with Saints was pretty good, on par with the rest of his career. Then last year he missed some games, didn't get a single start (first year in his career) and was not targeted much (3 times per game vs 5-6 in prior years). He'll find another team who needs TE help.
  15. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    The big question might be when do these guys get a chance to play. If you believe what the Browns say, Mayfield is a clipboard holder this year. I could see him playing some in the 2nd half of season, but unlikely before that. And if they are decent after 8 games he could be left on the bench all season.
  16. Classy move, the right move

    I can hate the Steelers and their fans, but their are a classy organization
  17. Arrest Warrant Issued for Robbie Anderson

    Welp guess his attorney was right, so often these claims sound like "my dog ate my homework" that few would believe them.
  18. Jason Witten to retire?

    Lack of quality pass catchers will probably have more impact on Zeke than loss of Witten's blocking.
  19. Eagles Backfield

    Curious what exactly is the high injury risk with Ajayi. Sproles is old, and has missed a large portion of last year, plus all of one season early in his career. So I kind of get the label there, but otherwise he's missed only a hand ful of games in his 13 year career. Just curious how people determine a player is an injury risk (injury prone or whatever) and more importantly how reliable that turns out to be.
  20. Arrest Warrant Issued for Robbie Anderson

    Yep not showing up for court is moronic. I'm sure its somebody else's fault for not reminding him. According to one story I'm reading his attorney in Florida claims he (the attorney) was never notified of the court date. Hey Robby, mark your calendar, I see you have a n Aug 6 date for charges stemming from the music festival incident in Miami last may. It seems the reporters are better informed than Robby and his attorney.
  21. Jason Witten to retire?

    I've heard that other network is Fox with the Thursday night package of games, they are looking for alternatives to using Buck/Aikman for those and the big Sunday Fox games.
  22. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    I was reading a local story from CLE paper with a reporter claiming as many as 12 other NFL teams had Mayfield rated as the top QB in the draft, some of those came directly from GMs they spoke with, others from various sources. Not sure how much is really fact or just somebody feeding them a line. Also read an article how Browns VP of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith didn't have Mayfield at the top of his list until recently.Heard Hue didn't either but both came away impressed after meeting and talking to him and watching him work out. I think the surprise in this is not that the Pats considered drafting a QB, but that they planned to move up to 2nd overall pick to get one, and that their choice was Mayfield.
  23. 2018 NFL draft FF player winners

    Just looked at his stats from 2015, UGGH, was he in the dog house? He had almost 500 yards each of his first 2 seasons with WAS (a nice 4.6 avg 2nd year) then last year he plays in only 5 games for the Colts and has 5 carries, no passes thrown to him. Hmm, just reading a story that mentioned he got benched halftway thru 2016 by the Redskins, don't recall that, thought maybe he missed time with injury.
  24. 2018 NFL draft FF player winners

    Do the Colts even have a primary RB, with Gore gone its a lot of average guys left, and 2 rookie RBs drafted in rounds 4/5. Jones, Mack, Turbin. Maybe CMike gets his shot, or a rookie?
  25. Jason Witten to retire?

    Wow just saw a tweet from Spotrac, Cowboys have $21.275M in dead cap for Romo/Dez/Witten