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  1. This can't be real.. can it?

  2. Thank You Todd Gurley

    Thank You. You are the MVP of fantasy this year for many teams.
  3. Time to drop Cohen it appears

    Hasnt he had two touchdowns called back on the last two weeks due to penalty? Questionable penalties at that? Boom/bust
  4. Rob Gronkowski...Week 5...uh oh

  5. Derek Carr out 2-6 weeks with a back fracture

    The next Tony Romo?
  6. *Next year's team name
  7. Derrick Henry

    Starting Henry even if Murray is playing.
  8. They play each other and nothing else on the wire. Who has the better game?
  9. Superman concussed

    Married with three kids... Probably right
  10. Dwayne Washington hurt

    Lions just suck.
  11. Superman concussed

    *simply walk into Mordor
  12. Great team names for 2016

    Carson Wentz his pants
  13. myfantasyleague sucks

    My local dropped MFL for Yahoo this year. We lost a little customization to keep 100% of our money.
  14. Can my roster be corrected after week one?

    Kinda late in the week to request a change. Why wait for Monday with an issue that you found on Thursday?