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  1. Zay Jones

    Going to post vetter numbers than Odel this week
  2. K Benjamin

    Plans to sign an extension through 2020. Early mentions of the deal mention unlimited McRibs, KC style.

    Bring on the Redskins! Too soon?
  4. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Makes sense, you’re husband wouldn’t approve.
  5. How have you kept your team afloat?

    Stripper glitter and 90 proof whiskey
  6. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    From a fantasy perspective, dude is done. The TE position has gotten thinner. If your buying, it’s because your 5-5 and haven’t come to terms that your year is over.
  7. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Guess everyone needs that old girlfriend who doesn’t realize its over and just won’t go away. Super fan on with you subpar cowboys and your obvious defeat in fantasy football. Please show me who not to start
  8. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Didn’t realize Ax e El f was a banned lingo lol
  9. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Baby Jane, could use some more Baby Jane
  10. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Swing and miss on that, been a paying member for 10+ years, forum member for 7. Dude wants to quite, he can ride iff into the sunset. No need to fish for pity on an fantasy football forum. Bye Felicia.
  11. big game tonight i need 53 points

    33 points ar best. If you aint first your last
  12. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Time to revisit “Dak is the future” posts...
  13. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Bye Felicia
  14. Gronkoutski

    I thought i could get 1 more year out of him, but it looks like i waited 1 year too long. I was hoping the incentive based contract would motivate him. I missed on this.
  15. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Looks like Gronk is dead weight