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  1. who would you rather have?..........

    Jackson, he's younger, got more upside. too many other options for patriots, and they can also win games by only scoring 14 points. don't know if the rams can say the same.
  2. trade offer

    Um, no, no, and no, unless you're really impressed with davis' ability to surpass the 50 yard mark in rushing.
  3. Shipp vs. Mewelde

    i have the same question, except i would need to drop moore to pick up shipp. i also have arrington, so i'd be interested in any other answers to the question about mewelde moore or shipp for this week.
  4. WDIS? WR

    is it that hard? i guess it might be, c'mon throw me a bone here....
  5. WDIS? WR

    wow, no takers, huh? let's give it a little bump and see what you think? thanks.
  6. WDIS? WR

    Jenkins against seattle curtis against arizona booker against jets ne thoughts, i'm leaning toward jenkins cuz he's the clear #1, even though that doesn't mean much, also a good matchup...
  7. Struggling with this last decision. Both crappy matchups. Johnson is more of the stud, but I'm partial to RB's over receivers for a flex position due to guaranteed touches. Whaddya think?
  8. Another WDIS

    gotta disagree with most, agree with the last, reggie williams is turning into leftwich's number one target, start him.
  9. S. Jackson has become available...

    um, yeah, grab him. having a hard time deciding who to start b/c they're all good is a good problem to have. he's definitely an upgrade over rod smith or even chris brown (at this point), so i'd grab him. has your trade deadline passed? if not, see if you can put two stud rb's together to get manning or an elite wr
  10. Griese injury

    Never had a hip flexor??? How do you sit down?
  11. Thinking about benching Droughns

    i must dissent. start jackson. he's looked great in the limited action he's had. he's at home (i think) against the 49ers, and denver will most likely have to pass the ball well to win the game b/c the chargers are something like 24th against the pass and 2nd against the run.
  12. Do you agree with starting WR of HIS QB?

    But here's the crazy thing about fantasy football. You never know who is going to score the most points, so starting a receiver for an opponent's qb can be a good cautionary strategy. In this case, it's not, b/c Brady spreads the ball around so much that you could start Branch, and Brady could have four td's-two to graham, one to brown, and i dunno, one to kevin faulk for that matter. However, in this case, Branch is a better option than Smith, so start Branch, just for, well just for being himself.
  13. WDIS RB Poll

    looks like a clear consensus . the poll only let me pick one, so i would go with mcgahee and taylor against the bengals pls see mine thanks
  14. Trade Denied

    quit before the season ends
  15. QB help

    harrington - how did that happen? he's the most experienced which is what you want at this stage of the game. pls see mine. thx