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  1. Dak next week?

    I'm leaning this way as well. I'm debating Dak vs. Wentz. Wentz hasn't been very good and is facing Seattle coming off their bye.
  2. Josh Jacobs

    He’s had a couple of nice catch and runs out of the backfield tonight.
  3. Engrams is out and I need to pick one up. These seem like my best bets. Everett seems to have good match ups for TE in the next few weeks with Pittsburgh and Chicago coming up.
  4. Marquise Brown was just dropped and is banged up. Crowder's stock should go up with Darnold back. And Lazard seems to be Rogers' new BFF, but it's only been one quarter. I need a backup in case Cooper can't go. Looks like Hollywood is pretty iffy, so maybe it's down to Crowder or Lazard? .5PPR.
  5. Gamble on Hill playing?

    Moore is my only other option. I'm favored on paper, so I think I'll play it safe and go with him.
  6. Or should I play it safe and go with Moore this morning?
  7. I’m planning on starting Kamara and Ekeler ahead of them. Thanks!
  8. Tate value ros

    I’m debating the same thing and am thinking I’ll do it. Jeffrey was also just dropped in our league but he’s so injury prone that I’m leaning Tate.
  9. .5 ppr, should I pick up Jeffrey (just dropped) or Tate and drop John Ross? I’m looking to improve my bench. Thanks!
  10. 1/2 PPR, Fournette or Chubb this week? Seems like Fournette has a better match up. Chubb has been better, but not exactly lights out either. Thanks!
  11. Latavius Murray or Alexander Mattison?

    This. .... and this.
  12. Doesn’t the commissioner have to approve the trade? I think they may have up to 48 hours. Nice trade, BTW.
  13. Freeman Was just Dropped

    Chubb and Kamara were my keepers which got me off to a great start. I have Hopkins, Hill, Golladay, and Moore as my top WR. I’m hoping one of these RBs will start to go off so I can flip them as you suggested. I think ill drop Mccoy for him.