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  1. lacy for d Thomas and jordan reed

    I've accepted the trade, really don't feel good about it though =/
  2. Just received this trade offer in ESPN 10 team standard league. I would give lacy for d. Thomas (Denver) and Jordan reed. My rbs are: Charles, Reggie bush, lacy, Gio and joique bell. My wrs are: Calvin, dez, Dobson, been stashing Percy and crabtree. My TEs are: heath miller and wright. Needless to say TE is my weak spot. If this trade was a straight up lacy for Thomas, I would of decline already. I'm still leaning towards declining the trade. I've been starting Charles, Reggie, Calvin, dez and lacy in flex. So I guess it comes down to who do I want to start in my flex spot: Thomas or lacy. Another factor would be this is a 2 keepers league, you lose first round pick if you keep one, lose first 2 picks for keeping 2. What do you guys think?
  3. Trade: Torrey Smith for A. Foster?

    You are kidding right
  4. Started 3-0 this year. After Gordon had his first game, I traded josh Gordon and djax for dez. I'm currently 6-0. I figured, I'll never start 3 wrs so might as well get someone who is probably top 5 every week. I ended up starting blackmon (picked up waiver) as my 3rd wr = ="
  5. Reggie Bush - the Megatron effect

    Last week I sat Stafford and Calvin, thinking bush will probably be fine against packers. If Calvin is still out this week, I'm sitting Calvin, Stafford and bush
  6. Megatron

    If he is playing, I'm taking my chance with him
  7. Calvin Johnson inactive

    I have Stafford, bush and Calvin. Ended up starting Pryor, bush and blackmon....I might win this week
  8. How many teams are in your league?
  9. Calvin Johnson inactive

    Started blackmon to replace Calvin Starting Pryor over Stafford, I need Pryor to have a 20 pt game to win =(
  10. Dallas will beat Denver this week

    Nothing against Peyton, but I like underdog and I have dez......I hope cowboys beat them 48-45
  11. Sam Bradford is TERRIBLE.

    This is bad