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  1. They're BACK

    I'm only missing Kevin Jones from my 2 local rosters but maybe that's a good thing. It will force me to start someone else.
  2. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    I'm not excited for Bennett to Arizona for his numbers, I'm excited for him leaving so I can get some solid numbers from Mewelde.
  3. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    We need a "fingers crossed" smilie.
  4. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Maybe Kurt Warner
  5. Willie Parker will lead the league in rushing

    I love this combo personally, especially in a high scoring offense. If you have the QB-WR combo you hit on all passing td's and sometimes double if they hook up, but lose on all td's on the ground. This way you get all team td's...I look for these combos on certain teams.
  6. New England's CB depth a concern?

    No, don't start Big Ben (assuming this is a very cleverly disguised WDIS post). The thing that gets me is NE has no depth at CB yet they carry how many WR/TE's? Maybe cut loose Fauria or someone else and get some D help back there.
  7. An interesting observation ...

    I thought by your title that your entire league was made up solely of TE's.
  8. Brooks just had to call a time-ouy because the away fans are screaming so loud.
  9. Patriots - Steelers Avatar / Sig Bet Anyone ?

    I'm in for the Pats
  10. Sunday's Couch Commentary

    And look at what? Where does it say that?
  11. Larry Johnson

    How long until the 67-33% goes to 50-50 and then swings to 67-33 for LJ?
  12. Jamal Lewis

    Imagine what Palmer's numbers would've looked like if he didn't have those 2 over thrown balls to CJ in the endzone.
  13. I was wrong !

    These are going to be the 2 "easiest" games for Pittsburgh this year. And these weren't scheduled for an NFL first place team, these were scheduled because the AFC North ended up going against the AFC South this year.
  14. I was wrong !

    Let's just remember who those 5 quarters have been played against so far before you go nuts here.
  15. Ricky Williams

    I don't have him at all, but he's on someone's roster in every 12 team league I'm in (4 of them).