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  1. Doug Baldwin Value this year?

    I drafted him in one league, 12-team standard, and do not plan on dropping him yet; I'm assuming he misses at least up to week 4/5 with a Week 5/6 return. Seattle has their BYE week 7 so it's not out of the question they hold him out until week 8, but I find that less likely than him returning before the BYE. If he returns before week 7 I likely won't be starting him in that first match-up to be safe and see how he looks; after the BYE I would likely play him. I was definitely not dropping him for any of the "top" waiver claims this week, DJ Moore made sure of that. I could see the value in dropping him in a 10 team league if the benches aren't deep.
  2. How did this person win in a Tie Game???

    From the ESPN site, I see the following options: Regular Season Tiebreakers If a matchup in the regular season ends in a tie, ESPN gives the League Manager several options to break the tie and award a win: Can leave the matchup as a tie Home team wins the matchup The team with the most bench points wins the matchup (Note: This is your entire bench combined, not just a single player with the most points) The team with the most QB points wins the matchup The team with the most RB points wins the matchup The team with the most WR points wins the matchup Looks like it depends on what your league commish set it for. Here's the link, hopefully this doesn't break posting rules. I'll remove if so. https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003870271-Regular-Season-Tiebreakers
  3. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    Depends on the league for me. In a 12 team standard there isn't much at RB that is worth grabbing and a lot of the times people just go after anyone with the potential for double digit touches. I do agree with your assessment though. Even with Fournette out there is likely someone else on your roster that's a better start.
  4. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    If I was the Fournette owner I'd be throwing out a claim for a few bucks, but nothing big. I saw someone pay 30% for Yeldon this week, and they don't own Fournette.
  5. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Most interesting for me this week: Chicago D going for $12 out of $100 in a 10 team league - I'm not entirely sold that they're matchup proof yet and this seems like a lot if they aren't In a 12 team standard league one guy made the following two moves: Yeldon going for $30 out of $100 - The surprise for me here was this was not the Fournette owner. Enunwa $20 out of $100 - Jets homer Nothing else too crazy from what I can tell.
  6. JAX WRs

    The Jaguars have a strong defense and a run first mentality on offense. As long as the defense can keep them in close games and they can move the ball via the run I don't expect big numbers from Bortles or any of the WRs. The true value of Bortles and his WRs is during garbage time.
  7. Which players are on all your teams?

    So far I've got 4 season long leagues. No MFLs or best ball type. I've got the following on at least 2 out of the 4. Dalvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Josh Gordon, McCaffery, Jeffery, Burton, Agholor, Mike Williams, DJ Moore
  8. Start Breida or Peterson?

    Peterson for sure in the standard. No I would not consider Blount a better option. Peterson should see a decent carry quantity where I do not know what to expect from Blount. I think you'd be hoping for a goal line TD from Blount where Peterson could get you good value by being the primary ball carrier.
  9. Trade question

    This is the issue right here. No one knows what will happen yet. Everything is speculation and unconfirmed. You have to decide for yourself which you'd be okay with: 1) You make the trade, Bell returns within a week or two and you came out with great value 2) You make the trade, but Bell doesn't return until much later. Conner goes on to be a great weekly RB start and your trade value doesn't look so great 3) You don't make the trade, Bell returns and now you're stuck with the backup and possibly little to no trade value 4) You don't make the trade, Bell doesn't return. This can go many ways, if there is no definitive news on Bell's return you end up revisiting this question weekly. You could probably list a few more of these scenarios as well. In the end it comes down to which you're most comfortable dealing with.
  10. Player Profile Statistics - Game Log

    Thanks for the update WW! In the event that I want to check back on the game logs in the future, is there a way for me to look at the older design of the player profile pages? I noticed a switchback link in another thread, will that work for this type of scenario as well?
  11. I was attempting to look back at two individual players and compare their stats game by game and cannot find the game logs in the Statistics tab of the Player Profile page in the new design. Is the previous season game log table available in the newly designed player profile page? I recall the previous season game log being available in the older design.
  12. Huddle not accessible in the European Union

    Do we have any fixes for users from the United States who are receiving this message? Strangely enough, I can access www.usatoday.com but when I login to my huddle account I still get the error message...
  13. I guess we value Kamara and McCaffery differently. I'd rather keep Kamara. I can't start all 4 of them weekly and this week is the trade deadline. I am still left with 3 RBs who can finish as RB1s at any given time with Murray being more of a low end RB2/flex. My biggest issues are QB and WR. This solves my QB issues rest of season and my WRs are good enough that my RBs can compensate.
  14. Big Ben, Dalton, Eli, Brissett Cutler keenum Fitzpatrick