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  1. Huddle not accessible in the European Union

    Do we have any fixes for users from the United States who are receiving this message? Strangely enough, I can access www.usatoday.com but when I login to my huddle account I still get the error message...
  2. I guess we value Kamara and McCaffery differently. I'd rather keep Kamara. I can't start all 4 of them weekly and this week is the trade deadline. I am still left with 3 RBs who can finish as RB1s at any given time with Murray being more of a low end RB2/flex. My biggest issues are QB and WR. This solves my QB issues rest of season and my WRs are good enough that my RBs can compensate.
  3. Big Ben, Dalton, Eli, Brissett Cutler keenum Fitzpatrick
  4. Standard format 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB flex I figure I can roll with McKinnon, Fournette and Kamara as weekly RB/flex starters while playing matchups for WRs. Allen as a weekly start as long as his targets stay up. Hogan, Benjamin or Funchess will be the biggest decision.
  5. 1/2 point PPR i give up Jordy Nelson and Christian McCaffery and receive Carson Wentz and Kelvin Benjamin My Team QB: Tyrod RB: Fournette, Kamara, Murray, McKinnon, McCaffery WR: Jordy, Hogan, Funchess, Allen
  6. Trade Funchess for Abdullah

    Agreed RP. Before the waivers I was kind of thinking this was a decent trade as far as value was concerned, but now that I was able to grab a couple of decent RBs for this week I think I can hold for at least a week or 2 and see how things shake out. Minnesota is more of a run via the pass type offense which makes me think McKinnon should be solid ROS. McGuire is more of a fill in for now until Powell comes back. Maybe I can leverage the two of them into a better situation, but I would need to find a new trade partner for that. Someone who is hurting for RB help in the next couple weeks and is willing to do a 2 for 1 deal for 2 decent RBs for one solid RB. It'll be a stretch, but something worth investigating.
  7. Trade Funchess for Abdullah

    Would you consider it knowing that it would put me down to 3 WRs in a league where I have to start 3 WRs each week? Funchess is a better option ROS than anything on the waivers right now. I'll probably scour the waivers and dump Latavius Murray for a 5th WR at some point depending on how things look in MIN. McKinnon seems to have won himself the job, but no way of knowing for sure yet.
  8. Howard or Kamara?

    Without looking at the matchups or injuries I say Howard all the way. He is the lead back in the Chicago offense. Kamara is still splitting with Ingram.
  9. McKinnon or Aaron Jones

    Two schools of thought here you'll have to choose which is best for you. 1) Grab Jones and you will always be able to start the #1 GB RB. When Ty comes back you probably won't be able to play both, but at least you always have whoever is the lead guy. 2) Diversify and grab McKinnon. He looks like the back to own in MIN after the first game. It might vary week to week, but McKinnon clearly set himself apart from Murray.
  10. Flex spot

    PPR I'd lean Kamara, but it's tough to say how much more action he sees with AP missing. Standard I lean Crabtree for TD potential, especially with Carr returning this week.
  11. PPR ROS RB rank them

    I rank them like this: Kamara - Great offense where he is the primary pass catching back. Should see around 10-15 touches per game minimum. McKinnon - Good offense that can't run the ball so they run via short passing. McKinnon should see plenty of check downs and dump offs in addition to plenty of carries. Murray looked awful and McKinnon is clearly the back to own in MIN. Buck Allen - Only above Duke because West is out. Duke - Outplaying Crowell, but still doesn't see too high a volume of carries still with the Crow in the mix. Explosive player with plenty of pass catching opportunity and a few runs. Thompson - Rob Kelley due back this week could hurt his carries. Low volume. Blount - Week to week he is TD dependent most of the time. Cohen - Barely used in their last game. Not seeing the volume required to be relevant. Worthy of a stash to see how things develop once Trubisky gets more comfortable.
  12. Before waivers last night my team was pretty rough as far as RBs were concerned, it still is, but not as bad as before. Yesterday I was debating a trade where I give up Funchess and get Abdullah. Although after waivers were processed I don't know if it's really in my best interest right now to make the move. This is a 10 team keeper league, no PPR. Yardage bonuses for over 100yd rush/rec. Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 W/T, 1 TE, K, DST My Team QB: Carr/Rivers RB: Miller, L. Murray, Coleman, McKinnon, McGuire, Cook WR: Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Crabtree, Funchess TE: Gronk, ASJ Other Team: QB: Wilson/Watson RB: Zeke, Martin, Ajayi, Abdullah, Henry WR: Brown, Cooks, Fuller, Parker, Kupp TE: Reed Now that I was able to grab McKinnon & McGuire on waivers this week I don't feel this trade is the best bet. Losing Funchess kills my depth at WR and while I have 3 good starters, if anyone were to get hurt I would have to scour the waivers for a replacement if I lost Funchess. Would you make this trade or try to work on something better for Martin/Ajayi?
  13. Ameer Abdullah

    Can confirm. He was drafted 3.08 in my 12 team standard scoring league last night as the 17th RB off the board.