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  1. WTF happened to Stevie Johnson?

    He cost me a game today....didn't need a lot...just for him to go play football. I hate this game.
  2. WDIS: Pick 3

    Need 3: > Eric Decker > Nate Washington > Marques Colston > Bilal Powell
  3. Paging Mr Fitzgerald

    When you find Fitz, can you send him to go get StevieJ.....I think they're hanging out in the bathroom together or something.
  4. WDIS - Wildon or Ridley

    Flip a 3 of 5. Probably have to go Ridley.
  5. If they let Luck throw today, TY should get his. However, ATL is considerably worse against the pass and Edelman may get more looks due to the "no other option" system Brady is working in. As much as I hate to pick a Patriots player...I say go Edelman.
  6. Miller or Rice?

    Yikes....even thought BUF isn't the greatest D, Rice isn't going to be 100% and he'll probably split carries. I'd use Miller without question in the FLEX...but as an RB1? NO is middle of the road against the run and MIA might get behind early...causing Tannehill to throw. Rice.......
  7. Chris Johnson or Joique Bell at flex?

    Absolutely....go CJ.
  8. WDIS flex: FJax, Snelling, or Shorts?

    Snelling. Thinking he's gonna get the goal line touches.
  9. Johnson.......I'm still waiting for Bowe to become a part of the offense - and until Smith can throw the ball farther than 30 yds down field, he's not gonna do much.
  10. PPR Richardson, Martin, Murray

    I like TRich for the fact that Bradshaw is down & out. I like Martin for the fact that the untested QB may be looking to TE and RB more if he's in trouble.
  11. Ridley Lawfirm Ball

    BJGE if only 1.....add Ridley for 2.
  12. WDIS: Multi

    Looking for advice/opinions. PROBLEM 1 Need 2 WRs and a FLEX out of the following: > Antonio Brown > Larry Fitzgerald > Marques Colston > Stevie Johnson > Josh Gordon > DeAndre Hopkins > Darren Sproles PROBLEM 2 Need a FLEX: > TY Hilton > Bilal Powell > Nate Washington Thanks.
  13. Fitz or Colston

    As long as Fitz is healthy enough to go out and play....Fitz. Hope you have a late replacement just in case.
  14. T.Romo or C.Palmer?

    Palmer. I dislike rib injuries more than the dreaded toe injuries. Romo's got history with the rib cage...maybe it's worse the 2nd time around and nobody's talking.
  15. Can't see Streater in front of Colston...when Colston gets hot, he's difficult to get under control.