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  1. Trade Advice Clayton/McMichael

    Trade one of those RBs. You can't start 5 ... only 2???? Why trade from an already weak WR core? Trade from your strength and depth. Having 5 RBs will not help if they are only scoring on the bench. FF is about scoring the most points ... not having the best RB core.
  2. My season rests with Caddilac Williams

    I watched him his entire Auburn Career. He has great feet and great RBs have great feet. Think Walter Payton. He is somewhat of an injury concern, but I have seen him carry the rock vs. Georgia 40 times and score 2-3 TDs. He is pretty good and will be very successful at the next level.
  3. What's the perfect size league?

    I have played in 8, 10, 12, and 14 team leagues. I prefer 14 team Auction. 14 Team leagues allow you to play each team 1 time and 1 time only. That means everyone has the same schedule (no bitching about Team A got to play the two chump teams twice for easy wins). Plus it leaves 3 weeks of playoffs. Auction makes it fair for each person drafting and you can target the players you like. Also, finding players on the waiver wire is pretty tough in a 14 team league, and evaluating talent becomes the primary reason for making the playoffs.
  4. Auction SOFA

    Has anyone seen the Auction SOFA Results?
  5. Hi, I have been struggling the past couple of seasons to find Auction Results. There are only two posted here at the huddle. Its easy to find mock drafts but tough to find auction results (real or mock). I am in a 14 team auction league in a couple of weeks and have been trying to figure out how much the values shift compared to the huddle's projection. Any help would be appreciated? Thanks, Rug
  6. Player Rankings - Auction

    Yep 43% is 43%, which is why I listed it that way instead of $$$. I guess my point is... RBs are more valuable in a larger league b/c there are fewer of them and everyone wants 2-3 of them. With 14 owners it isn't possible for every team to have 3 starting RBs with only 32 NFL teams. Plus only 20-24 of these teams have a primary RB. With 14 owners its tough to get even 2 primary RBs. Supply and Demand. RBs costs increase with more owners since the supply is limited. I still use the huddle numbers as a good guide. They tend to clue me in when a player is a significant bargain. I just wish we could get a better feel for percentages in an 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 team leagues. I wish we had some larger numbers of teams with the mock auctions. It looks like FF is heading towards auction drafting in the next few years, and it would be nice to see more coverage of this emerging format. -Rug
  7. Player Rankings - Auction

    Yeah those numbers are a little out of bed for larger leagues. Our FF League has 14 Teams total, so alot of the values should be increased for a larger league since additional auction dollars are available. I don't think the difference of having a roster size of 16 or 20 will make much difference since the last few slots will go for the minimum dollars available. In our 14 team league, the last two years the top RB has gone for 43% of the salary cap, whereas the huddle has the top RB listed at 35%. And Last year, the top six RBs last year all commanded bids of 38% or higher. -Rug
  8. Mock 1 with grades

    Jamal Lewis didn't start right away his rookie season. I had him that year and it took until Game 4. Then he had a nice season from there for a rookie.
  9. Heap News?

    Heap is starting
  10. $500 question, S. Morris or D. Davis

    Stick with your studs. Go with Davis.
  11. Really need this quickie advice

    I am thinking of starting Morris over Michael Clayton. I think I would go with Morris over Greg Jones.
  12. Urgent help needed!

    The BUS!
  13. 1 pt for 10 yds Rushing/Receiving 6 pts for TD Thanks, -Rug