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  1. Mega Trade help

    tough one. i coudl see it either way but i dont think you're realyl improving or getting worse. I'm a joique fan so i prefer him and the WR's are nothign special.
  2. Julio for...

    i would absolutely do this. I dont see Gordon missing a beat. it's not like he is coming off an injury, he should be able to hop right back in there. He was arguably the top wr in fantasy when playign last year and that was with 3 different QB's. and like the above said, throw in jeffery and it's a steal.
  3. Who Will Have a Better Remaining Season

    depends if you need a rb or wr but for a flex spot, bryant.
  4. His team.... Rivers Gio Forsett B. Brown E. Sanders, A. Robinson, Harvin, Royal, Hopkins Graham, Julius I originally offered Forte Gates Crabtree for Sanders Graham and gio and that was his counter. I todl him I would do gio julius and sanders, he thought about it, and didnt bite.
  5. Here's the deal....PPR League, currently 3-5, must start QB-RB-WR-TE-WR/RB-WR/RB-WR/RB/TE. My Team Cutler-Romo McCoy-Forte-Fred Jackson Dez-Cobb-Floyd-Crabtree-Gordon-LaFell Gates-H. Miller I have some bye week/injury issues this week and I kinda need the win. I have been offered Gio and Julius Thomas for Forte and Crabtree. I could care less about the Crabtree portion as I would not let a deal fall through for him. What do you guys think? I coudl technically flex Julius. If I didn't have a decent TE, I would probabyl do it. my team will be really solid once i get through this week, but if I lose this week I would be in bad shape.
  6. Move(s) to make?

    Morris is your best RB in my opinion. Obviously I am not insulting you by saying this, as you took over the team, but the team is garbage. How many players can you keep?
  7. not a coward for stating his opinion redred. i think its time for you take off until next season. youre not handling this fantasy football stuff too well
  8. So close to the Title.

    how old are you red? you sound about 8. glad you lost after checking back and seeing your reaction.
  9. i remember seeing you on here a lot. yo0u put the work in and won, congrats
  10. Always start your Studs?

    def the wrong the title as cotchery is not even remotely close to being a stud. Tough loss. get em next year.
  11. So close to the Title.

    whta do you want me to say redred? you lost, get over it. you say youve been doing fantasy for 10 years i think it was, but yet youre surprised that somethign like this happened? it happens! suck it up.
  12. Aaron Rodgers vs Philip Rivers in Week 17

    i would feel confident starting rodgers although if Lacy is healthy, they may just pound the ball being that chicagos run d is a joke.
  13. How to deal with a fantasy loss?

    anyone that has played fantasy long enough and has experienced something like this. Suck it up and get em next year. i lost my big league due to a tie, a tie in teh first tiebreaker, then losing the 2nd tiebreaker. it sucks, but it happens.
  14. So how are all of your Championship games going?

    Won my work league, my pretty serious IDP/PPR league, and tied my very serious league and lost the tiebreaker. Crossing my fingers for Thursday!