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  1. Who wins this trade

    lol That's why you never veto trades.
  2. Ingram. There will be no need to overuse Bradshaw against Oakland, so Ballard will be in a lot.
  3. Sudfeld or Finley?

    That's not the same boat at all. Choosing between Sudfeld and Finley is a difficult decision to find the lesser of two evils. Choosing between a stud like Gates and a scrub like Sudfeld is like choosing whether to use toilet paper or sand paper to wipe yourself.
  4. Flex Position - Driving Me Crazy!

    Wayne is like your best WR--and you had to ask?
  5. Unfortunately, you din't handcuff Lynch; you handcuffed his handcuff. Handcuffing is highly overrated anyway, in all but a few cases. Foster/Tate leaps to mind, and Spiller/Jackson may be another one. But you don't really think you can plug in either Turbin or Michael if Lynch goes down and get the same kind of production, do you? Besides that, handcuffs are useless in bye weeks. You're better off with a quality RB3 that you can use in case of injuries OR bye weeks.
  6. Cruz is probly the start, but Antonio Brown isn't a distant second. Roethlisberger lit up Tennessee last season, and with no one of any consequence running the ball, he will probly do it again this week. If there's any way to start both, I would.
  7. WDIS? Need a WR3

    Nicks and Smith.
  8. Well, the question is, what should he do with this offer? You could use it as a paperweight. You could use it to attract and exterminate vermin. You could take it out once, sleep with it, and then never call it again. The possibilities are endless...
  9. In a non-PPR, you go with the player who will have the most touches--i.e., the most opportunities to score. That's generally a RB. Richardson.
  10. Little is a legitimate WR3 for the first couple of weeks minimum, as he will be the #1 WR in CLE until Gordon returns from suspension. Playing the #27 pass defense in the season opener won't hurt, either.
  11. Need Help 2 Leagues

    Well, he said pick 2, so yeah, Wayne is one... I'd probly go with Shorts as the #2, just because I think TB will be the Hamster show in the second half against the Jets. And then Moore for sure in the second one.
  12. Trade Advice- Hilton for Blackmon

    Sorry for all the shortsighted responses in my absence. Over the last part of 2012, Justin Blackmon put up numbers that would extrapolate to 1409/9 on the season--those are WR1 numbers, and that was as a rookie! Once Blackmon gets back from his suspension, he will be an every week starter for you. Hilton is on your bench. 'Nuff said.
  13. who would you give up to get romo

    He might pull a Peyton Manning though...
  14. Stick with 1 Defense

    Cards and Chiefs top the list (Chiefs because of an impressive secondary and a schedule that includes San Diego and Oakland twice, as well as Jacksonville, Tennessee and Buffalo). They also face Manning twice though...