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  1. Why are running backs and wide receivers ranked slightly differently in the Top 200 PPR vs Huddle PPR rankings by position? For Example: Top 200 WR 6. Amari Cooper 7. TY Hilton 8. Brandon Marshall 9. Allen Robinson By Position 6. Brandon Marshall 7. TY Hilton 8. Amari Cooper 9. Alshon Jefferey
  2. Hey Big John, Any last minute suggestions or wisdom would be appreciated. I have Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Kyle Orton. Here's my QB plan: If the weather looks acceptable, I'll play Stafford. Otherwise, I'll wait until 4:15 to make my QB decision. If Detroit loses, I'll play Matt Ryan. If Detroit wins, I'll play Orton since Atlanta will have nothing to play for. (30 yards=1pt, TD=6pt) Any thoughts? ----------------------------- I can play 2 RB + 3 WR + 1 Flex. (10 yards=1pt, Reception=1pt, TD=6pts) Here are my choices: CJ Spiller Ryan Matthews Ben Tate Dexter McCluster (RB in our league) Victor Cruz Brandon Marshall Denarius Moore Mike Wallace Demarius Thomas ------------------------------ TE Jerod Cook or Jermaine Gresham? ----------------------------- K Alex Henery or Sebastian Janikowski? -------------------------- This week #17 stuff is brutal. I've lost Reggie Bush and Matt Forte down stretch. Thanks to the Huddle for helping me get to the final week tied for first. Any ideas or tips to help me bring home the trophy?