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  1. Giant talent but seems to be putting himself in some unhealthy situations here. I hope " where there is smoke, there is fire " doesn't apply here. We shall see . You got the world by the balls right now zeke. Don't blow it
  2. awful news and my prayers go out to him and his children . I remember always going over the names he gave players and just cracking up with my brother. Burt "be home" Blyleven will always be tops for me . Sad stuff
  3. Definitely truth to this . Stewart could get all the GL carries and you also have Newton vulturing
  4. The bills are waiting until the last second to do a 1 dollar up bid..Gil style
  5. Could get crowded there if they draft Mccaffrey . Though, as an adp Dynasty owner..I am good with this
  6. It is only the opinion of a reporter but see below According to the New York Post's Brian Costello, a fourth-round pick is "about as much" the Jets can hope for in exchange for DE Sheldon Richardson. Analysis: This jibes with what has been reported over the past couple weeks, especially since the Eagles acquired DT Timmy Jernigan from the Ravens by exchanging third-rounders. The Jets are fully expected to keep shopping Richardson on draft weekend, but a possible hangup may be Richardson only having one year left on his deal. He's said to be looking for a $100 million extension. (That's laughable considering his off-field past and bad 2016.) A fourth- or fifth-rounder may be all that's offered, and GM Mike Maccagnan will have to weigh whether it's enough.
  7. I think Dallas makes a draft day trade and acquires Sheldon Richardson
  8. I wont say Tony didnt have his share of bonehead plays but people that truly know the sport , know that he was a great qb on very bad teams. Any success they had was mostly due to him carrying them. The one year with the nonsense dez bryant no catch where he did have that diesel O line and running game , just showed you how great he could have been with even decent talent around him . Dallas was awesome last year . Dak was awesome but that O would have been lethal with a healthy Romo stretching the field. They lost in the playoffs because of D though, not Dak. I wish Tony well and he can hold his head high. As a lifelong Cowboys fan , I thank him for what he did. Guy was a warrior
  9. As a dynasty owner of ADP, I strongly approve this message
  10. I bow to my CBS overlords Seriously though. CBS satisfies the needs for my main local. as someone said though, their ads make the page lock up on me a lot which sucks. The cost is more but spread out over 12 guys nobody gives it much thought at all. I have never had to put CBS to the test of dynasty league rigors
  11. It means you should lay your sword down and bow to the superior site that is CBS !!
  12. Im just busting balls. I dont even know what the hell you guys are talking about. Sometimes MFL loyalists get a little high and mighty. I saw this as a chance for a reality slap. All sites have their flaws
  13. But wait ?? I thought MFL was a God and only mere pee ons use cbs ???? Who is peeing now !!!!
  14. I think it was Bernie Bickerstaff