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  1. Is this cheating??

    the trade should be reversed and we should all be able to bang the 8-1 guys wife
  2. Raiders vs 49ers Game Day Thread

  3. Melvin Gordon downgraded to Questionable

    sucks. I worked all weekend and usually do a league update sweep Sunday morning. This being the early game , I totally missed it and he is in my lineup
  4. Sammy Watkins moving forward

    Fools gold is a great description. Very inconsistent
  5. can DEN beat KC?

    Damaryius Thomas was truly just a product of Manning as far as him ever being an upper tier wr. The guy is wr 3 at best these days

    That's nothing. Our league commish gets to sleep with our wives
  7. Since sacking the QB is now 50/50 a personal foul...

    This is all about losing Rodgers last year. The NFL doesnt want marquee qbs going down for the year or the majority of the year. This pussification is here to stay
  8. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    a lot of mouths to feed in N.E. Edelman back soon. Gronk. Hogan . Gordon may be a boom or bust game type of guy
  9. Devonta Freeman ruled OUT for Week 2

    Starting to really feel this guys isn't worth the trouble. Lives on the injury report , and goes missing a fair amount of the time. Very frustrating player
  10. MNF - What do you need?

    I got a lucky win in my local. All my opponent needed was 40 yards from Amari cooper. I thought I was toast
  11. Hunter Henry torn acl

    Got the update from The score app
  12. Hunter Henry torn acl

    Back comes Gates ?
  13. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

  14. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    I like the Jihad Ward trade too. I had high hopes for that guy in dynasty last year and he tanked but the talent is there