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  1. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    The rivalry spanned Montana and Young . "The Catch" was made by a ball thrown by Joe Montana
  2. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    For a while there it was practically a given that the Cowboys and niners were going to slug it out at the end to represent the NFC. The NFC was pretty fierce though back then. The Giants with LT, the Skins etc. It was some slugfest
  3. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Bill Walsh wasnt exactly small potatoes . I think Montana faired pretty well in the coaching dept
  4. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    The fact that Brady has done all of this in the salary cap era weighs big with me . Both the Niners and The Pats play in ridiculously weak divisions so neither Joe nor Tom ever really had to get their uniforms dirty until the playoffs . I always said Joe was the best . I hated him as a Cowboys fan , but I respected his game big time. I gotta give the nod to Tom Brady though . 8 appearances, 5 wins . All in the salary cap era. I just think he is the best ever Edit to add: Not to mention Joe had arguable the best wr in the history of the sport at his disposal. Aside from when he had Moss, Bradys wr have been a ragtag over achieving bunch , excluding Gronk
  5. Superbowl Proposition Bets

    I went very small to keep things interesting. I had Amendola over 5.5rec. I also had James White over 3.5 . He had 2 receptions in the first drive , and a 3rd that was nullified by a penalty. Then they shadowed him with Jenkins and he never the ball again
  6. Congrats to the Eagles

    Eagles coach has brass balls . One of the best coaching performances I have ever witnessed. Congrats Eagles fans. Big time season and that team showed giant heart after Wentz went down. A well earned SB win..Enjoy it
  7. Kudos to the Eagles

    After that pick 6 , the Eagles just beat the Vikings to a pulp. A very impressive win and a very impressive playoff run
  8. I think its too big of a game to risk it being watered down by really bad weather. Too big of a dice roll
  9. Kudos to the Eagles

    Last year , the Cowboys dominated and everyone said they were going to rule the roost in the east for a while . This year , they played a big boy schedule and ill be generous in saying Dak had some growing pains . Wentz is the real deal for sure and they will be formidable as hell, but lets not anoint them just yet . That being said , that was a gritty ballsy playoff win against a very potent offense. I tip my cap to them for sure
  10. Bills/Jaguars

    You can tell how exciting this game was when half of the posts in the game thread are about bad pizza
  11. Watkins, Sammy LAR WR

    Id give him one more year. Seems the Rams focal point is Gurley though, and rightfully so
  12. Watkins, Sammy LAR WR

    Maybe Sammy just isnt the stud fantasy wr that a lot of us thought he was. Just seems to underperform every year due to injury or just not producing
  13. DAL vs Oak

    I love Daks spirit . I love his drive and his poise as well. I just dont think at this point he is good at stretching the field at all. When it is like 3rd and over 8, I pretty much am surprised when we convert it . I supported him last year , but I said this about him as well last year when Romo came back . Romo was a true deep ball threat as well as just a QB that can consistently get you 12-25 yard passes as well. Last night , Dez got his 2nd reception of the year longer than 20 yards according to the announcers . That is pretty much disgraceful . Dink and Dunk..Dink and Dunk. Dak needs to develop a long passing game or this team goes nowhere . As it stands we need a lot of help to get in , but I am talking long term. He can run well, he has Giant heart . He has a lot of things I like. But a QB has to be able to consistently stretch the field
  14. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    F'in Davante adams and mccoy jam walk off ot touchdowns up my ass within about 1 minute of each other. Sunk me
  15. NO v ATL Game thread

    That Bull**** roughing the passer call was brutal to the saints . Cost them a td and ate like 5 additional minutes off the clock . That call was huge