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  1. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    I think the Browns are going to be successful this year and OBJ will get his . I'm sure he will get twisted somewhere down the line, but he seems like he is happy. He loves Landry and the team has a great buzz about them. If they succeed as much as they seem like they could on paper , I think obj will be fine, especially since he will be part of the reason for it
  2. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    What a giant Ahole . Juju may had screwed up on that play , but at least it happened on the field while competing. Brown is a jealous twat who cant stand the fact that Juju became a team and fan favorite . I hope Browns career goes down in flames
  3. Randall Cobb signs with the Cowboys

    Kumerow had a terrific pre season last year . I took a flier on him. I was bummed when he went down with injury
  4. Randall Cobb signs with the Cowboys

    Reports yesterday were that Cobb was seen practicing how to catch ground balls
  5. Fitzmagic To The Dolphins

  6. Fitzmagic To The Dolphins

    I wish he was the Cowboys qb. Im serious
  7. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Time will tell on this. On paper , the Raiders bent them over only having to give up a 3rd and 5th for one of the best wrs in the game . If AB starts acting like a DBag, which is a high probability , then it takes the shine off of this apparent win for them . A severe malcontent outweighs talent in most cases.
  8. Any of you in NY City?

    Sure. What's up ?
  9. Jason Witten is back

    This is perfect. He has the 8 yard buttonhook perfected and that's about as far as Dak can throw
  10. I always assumed you didnt wipe

  11. I am totally taking a poopy so I had to post here. Guess which, Am I a wadder or a folder?

  12. Who Will Win?

  13. Who Will Win?

  14. Who Will Win?

    Seminoles is the huddle youngin survivor..