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  1. Hunter Henry torn acl

    Got the update from The score app
  2. Hunter Henry torn acl

    Back comes Gates ?
  3. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

  4. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    I like the Jihad Ward trade too. I had high hopes for that guy in dynasty last year and he tanked but the talent is there
  5. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Im good with this. Didnt cost much and he has can br explosive at rare times
  6. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    oh B.o.i !!!
  7. Dez Bryant

    If I were playing the Cowboys this year, i wouldn't even field a secondary. I would just put every eligible person on the line to stop zeke.
  8. Dez Bryant

    So romo was elite. Finally, this board makes some sense. He dealt with injury as well in those 4 years. Even a decent passing qb will make dez relevant again. I love the heart dak has , but he cant throw deep. I was one of the few people that felt we were better off with romo. I agreed it was going to be hard to sit dak after what he did in romos absence, but i knew romo was head and shoulders above as far as a passer.
  9. Dez Bryant

    Depending on where Dez signs, you will see. I am right here.
  10. Dez Bryant cut

    a victim of a qb who cant throw more than 8 yards. Give Dez to Rodgers or Brees and hes tier 1 again
  11. Dez Bryant

    His lack of production is tied to Dak IMO. Romo spread the field and threw deep. Dink and Dak cant complete a pass greater than 10 yards. Give dez a guy like brees and he will be a no doubt tier 1 wr
  12. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    No troll necessary. We all saw you tout the chargers for the past 10 years and now you're johnny rams fan. Bandwagon guys always get called out. You can point out that you had a deacon jones lunchbox all you want.
  13. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Well since we already sound like 2 bickering teenage girls , i will add that i didnt unfriend. I rarely unfriend anyone
  14. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Be careful . If you challenge him on his bullmanure , he will block you A fraud on all levels