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  1. Artificial crowd noise

    I thought they did a good job with the crowd noise . On many occasions, I forgot it was fake and it was a game with no fans . I didnt mind it at all
  2. Adrian Peterson signs with Lions

    swift is dinged , no ? just a cheap insurance move to get adp. He can still perform
  3. Fantasy this year

    Good answer
  4. Fantasy this year

    what prohibits the NFL to do what the NHL and NBA did ?
  5. Fantasy this year

    The leagues that moved forward with the bubbles will succeed . The leagues that didn’t will crash and burn - Abraham Lincoln
  6. Fantasy this year

    I just checked my player news on Mfl for both my leagues and like 5 of my players have covid. This year is going to be nuts
  7. Jamal Adams traded to the Seahawks

    They got a stud but they also got a loudmouth volatile Ahole. guys in the league a few years and hes comparing himself to Tom Brady . On the field he is an absolute ball hawk and its a tremendous score . I wont lie and say I wish the Cowboys didnt get him. I think he needs to tone it down a bit though with the mouth
  8. If Snyder , and other owners , legitimately paid NFL officials to fix games , this will be one of the most enormous scandals the NFL has ever seen. It will rock the sports world #pleasedontbejerry
  9. The skins fell victim to cancel culture. The same people that defaced an actual Frederick Douglass statue were part of the skins getting cancelled . It’s a slippery slope to me but what do I know
  10. Hail to the Redskins will never carry the same steam . this wasn’t as much the power of protest as it was an absolute sabotage by the sponsors.
  11. Drew Brees

    Drew Brees and now his wife are fully on board with the ass kissing apology tour . He could have made his point by clarifying his comments without handing in his sack .
  12. Drew Brees

    I feel that Drew Brees body of work was all he needed to prove his character to me. These social media civil right pioneers dont impress me at all when its just words and no action. Brees has a body of work of action and he had to do the walk of shame . The social media aftermath of this tragedy is everyone tripping over themselves to show how anti racist they are and how white people are the debbil . When I see people march or make a donation or physically do something to help, I commend you and take you seriously and I appreciate your true efforts to a cause you believe in . When I see you just post pandering nonsense that in your mind makes you feel like hoards of black people are going to carry you to the barbecue , It rings very hollow to me . Skin in the game . Its more than pretty words and cute memes and Drew Brees has a ton of it . A real " family teammate" may have said to everyone during the time Drew was getting lambasted , before you roast him , look at all of the good he has done for the black communities . The fact that he disagrees with kneeling during the anthem shouldn't negate the fact that he has proven to be an ally in the plights that face black people
  13. Drew Brees

    What a kick in the F'in nuts. Here is a guy who has true skin in the game. He isnt a keyboard warrior wetting himself to show how anti racist he is. Hes a guy that donated millions of dollars to his impoverished community , many of which are black , and hes getting dragged through the mud royally because he felt the kneeling was disrespectful to the flag even though he agreed with the reason. Tons of NFL players on twitter blasting him even though most of them probably haven't done a fraction of the charitable work this guy has done. A shame to watch a good man get swallowed up in an internet shark tank
  14. Dak Prescott offered five-year, $175 million deal

    No way do I sign Dak long term for big money. Dalton isn’t the long term answer but he would be much cheaper than what Dak is looking for and just as productive . Yes, I draft A qb next year.
  15. Dak Prescott offered five-year, $175 million deal

    If the Cowboys let Dak walk , I think there will barely be a market for him . He should take whatever they offer him and consider himself lucky . He sucks