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  1. Super Bowl gambling thread

    One of my favorite props for the sb is will the longest score be a FG or a TD. I like to take TD. One bomb or pick 6 , or special teams long td and its over
  2. Garrett done

  3. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    I would welcome him with open arms to the Cowboys
  4. Garrett done

  5. Packers vs Niners

    Lets hope Jimmy Dilfer is up to the task
  6. Garrett done

    Another state is another state . It doesn't pertain to you as you were born in Philly , but the Philly fans that live in Jersey aren't true homers
  7. Garrett done

    Most philly fans I know live in south jersey . With your premise , shouldn't you be rooting for teams that play in NJ if you live in NJ ? I view sports as entertainment . I understand people rooting for their home teams and I think that's great , but it isn't as if those teams are made up of guys from your home state . The NFL is an entertainment business . As I stated , my brother brainwashed me as a boy and I like all of the teams he likes. This includes suffering as an Orioles fan . Stevegrab is right. The Cowboys have tons of haters . I have friends who like insignificant teams that flood my social media page the literal second the Cowboys lose . Its a part of being a fan of Americas team . I have enjoyed their glory years and I have diehard supported them throughout this entire drought
  8. Garrett done

    Odd bandwagon to jump on since they havent cashed in since the 90s
  9. Garrett done

    I said this about 20 posts ago
  10. Garrett done

    I was brainwashed by my older brother to like all of the teams he liked. It has been great on the Cowboys end..Not so much on the Baltimore Orioles end Like I said earlier . Americas team is an empty title. I get that . Clever marketing ? agree , but there is something to be said for not winning a title since the 90s and keeping that fan base and popularity
  11. Garrett done

    Being a fan of a hard luck team doesn't make you a better fan as those who are fans of teams that have had overall success. I have been a Cowboys fan since I was a child . No matter how many years it has been since they have won a SB , I have never waivered in my support . I have had the pleasure of watching 4 super bowl wins( too young to watch 72) It is a loyal fan base . How else would you explain them still being Americas team with such a long SB drought ?
  12. Garrett done

    Again, why would the networks flood you with Cowboys games ? Demand .
  13. Garrett done

    Ha ! I live in NJ. I know plenty of Jets fans . They are loyal . I was just twisting dcats titties. He obviously isnt the type to have some fun with on the boards
  14. Garrett done

    Ok so we both agree the Cowboys arent a strong team. Hence they are chosen for primetime for better ratings to use your own words. What brings better ratings ? A giant fanbase . These are facts . You keep trying to attribute this to delusion and ego. I'm giving you facts . Top road draw in NFL . Most valuable franchise in sports. Facts .
  15. Garrett done

    Americas team is an intangible irrelevant phrase . I don't understand why it upsets you so much that it is attributed to the Cowboys . Its sort of like in boxing when they talk about pound for pound. It is a phrase . It isn't a title that holds true value . and That they get more prime time TV than other teams is the only reason why the ratings are higher Proves my point . Why would a mediocre football team get more prime time games than anyone else ?