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  1. I bow to my CBS overlords Seriously though. CBS satisfies the needs for my main local. as someone said though, their ads make the page lock up on me a lot which sucks. The cost is more but spread out over 12 guys nobody gives it much thought at all. I have never had to put CBS to the test of dynasty league rigors
  2. It means you should lay your sword down and bow to the superior site that is CBS !!
  3. Im just busting balls. I dont even know what the hell you guys are talking about. Sometimes MFL loyalists get a little high and mighty. I saw this as a chance for a reality slap. All sites have their flaws
  4. But wait ?? I thought MFL was a God and only mere pee ons use cbs ???? Who is peeing now !!!!
  5. I think it was Bernie Bickerstaff
  6. they could win the AFC east if they picked up Fred lane
  7. Ealy needs to earn his hype. He has been lackluster . Maybe he lives up to his potential there .
  8. Sproles is better than Charles
  9. :yawn:
  10. I still think the Giants would make the most sense . I dont care to see him twice a year against my boys , but I think the Giants would be nuts not to go after him
  11. I know we have big defense needs , But I wouldnt mind the Cowboys going after him. I believe we lack a solid wr2
  12. He is the kind of guy that ends up on the Pats and scores 12 tds
  13. sure
  14. Since 2001 they have won the division 14 times (Jets won it in 2008 and 2002) in that time frame , their "competition" Buffalo Bills 83-130 Dolphins 98-115 Jets are 105-108 all under .500 Im not a hater. Im an NFC guy. I dont mind that Pats at all and I think Brady is a legend . I'm just stating the facts regarding their path to the playoffs every year. its a cakewalk
  15. You can cook the numbers any way you like. My point is simple. You are virtually guaranteed a playoff spot every year , which most teams have to dogfight for. Im not saying the Pats arent an awesome team , but the Jets , Fins and Bills havent scared anyone in ages . Cruise to playoffs and division win, get bye week when you earn a few wins out of the division. They hardly break a sweat until the divisional round. Its the old 49ers all over again. Awesome team , legendary qb and coach , but division was a bunch of patsies