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  1. My friends and I say that line in your sig. From that Eddie Murphy movie, right ? Hercules . Hercules . Hercules
  2. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    I knew Denver would be a tough out , especially on the road, but I expected better from the boys. You have to show up against talented teams and they didnt. Im not in panic mode but it was an eye opening ass whoopin
  3. Janikowski placed on IR

    My kickers week 1. Nick folk unexpected bye and seabass. late scratch
  4. Just to update and again I appreciate all of your responses. CBS emailed me back . This can be achieved by clicking the box that says free agents are always on waivers . Then I uncheck that box when I want first come first serve after we finish waivers for the week . So have to manually do it but at least our wishes can be done
  5. This is my main local league that is over 20 years old. These guys are some of my best friends I will every have, but the maturity level is below anything you have ever seen and they love to make my life miserable. Because one Ahole started setting an alarm and grabbing fcfs at 2 am it threw our whole system in shambles . I would have loved to just keep it as is but I had to address it. Guys didnt want to burn their waiver spot so they grabbed the best fcfs before anyone else by waking up at 2 am . most of the league didnt do this but other guys started to follow suit just because they had to. I really need to run waivers wed, thur and fri with no fcfs until saturday . My friend is on cbs and does fa via auction. His commish manually switches to fcfc at the end of the week. I am hoping I can do that too using a waiver system. CBS help desk sucks and hasnt answered me yet
  6. first off. Thanks for all the responses man. I appreciate it above in quotes. This is exactly what I want to do but I want it set up so fcfs only starts after waivers are done for the week. I just dont know how to do that on CBS. I emailed their help desk too. A friend of mine says in his league his commish manually opens up fcfs for the week after waivers are done but I dont know how to do that and this commish is out of town or I would have called him
  7. are guys that clear waivers eligible to be picked up fcfs before waivers end for the week ? Example. Wednesday waivers run. Nobody put in for Player x , but waivers are running again on thursday. Can someone pick up player x on wednesday fcfs or is he only eligible for fcfs once waivers are done for the week ?
  8. I see there is an option to make free agent players always on waivers. This will solve my issue but my question to that is when I want to open it up to fist come first serve on Saturday morning, will CBS allow that or will they lock me in to no fcfs all year?
  9. To clarify the league gripe i made in post 1. We are pissed that certain guys are grabbing first come first serve at 2 am and we are trying to avoid that. We all have lives and jobs etc and it sucks that CBS runs waiver at 2 and some guys were grabbing the best fcfs at 2 am while everyone else is sleeping. I thought I could solve it by running waivers on consecutive nights. I didn't think fcfs still happened until you ended waivers for the week
  10. So even though I run waivers every night it still doesn't solve my issue that guys can pick up free agents at 2 am ? For example. I run waivers Wednesday. Anyone that isn't dropped or has a claim put in on them can be picked up first come first serve evenyhough we run waivers again the next day ? Please confirm as this is very Important
  11. Hi All. I commish a CBS league. We currently run waivers on Wed night and then its first come first serve the rest of the way. We are in our rules suggestion period right now and I suggested that we run waivers Wed, Thurs and Friday. I did this because CBS runs waivers at like 2 am. I actually had league members staying awake or setting alarms so that once waivers ran , they could pick up the primo first come first serve guys at 2 am My questions are as follows and this pertains to how cbs runs things 1. If I run waivers Wed, Thur and Friday, will the site automatically allow us to do first come first serve on Saturday since we dont have that listed as a waiver day ? 2. One guy suggested that dropped players immediately become available to be picked up. I dont see a commish setting to allow this. Currently CBS doesnt allow a dropped guy to be available until the next waiver. Ex. Friday is the final day of waivers. I drop player A. Is there a way to make player A available to be picked up first come first serve on Saturday or is he done until waivers run again the next week ? 3. Does CBS allow you to drop a guy whose game was played already ? 4. We have waivers set so a guy stays on waivers for the minimum amount of time , which is 1 day . They said that doesnt include the day he was dropped. Does this mean , if I drop a guy on Wed , he cant be picked up again via waivers until Friday or can he be picked up via waivers on Thursday ? Sorry for all of the questions. any help will be appreciated
  12. Ezekiel Elliot Possible Suspension

    Giant talent but seems to be putting himself in some unhealthy situations here. I hope " where there is smoke, there is fire " doesn't apply here. We shall see . You got the world by the balls right now zeke. Don't blow it
  13. Steelers release Ladarius Green

  14. Wife of Chris Berman dies in accident

    awful news and my prayers go out to him and his children . I remember always going over the names he gave players and just cracking up with my brother. Burt "be home" Blyleven will always be tops for me . Sad stuff