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  1. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    I really like Peterson. He coached one of the best super bowls I have ever seen
  2. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    Fair enough
  3. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    I am not saying the team is devoid of talent . Every team has a good player or two but I am tired of hearing how with this talent we should be blowing through people . I think some of that is them being over rated . If you're that talented , you don't lose to the Eagles 5th string
  4. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    There we go again with the "so much talent" line in regards to Dallas. Maybe these guys aren't as talented as you think . Although Dak showed some signs of improvement this year , I still stand behind my stance that I have had for several years now in regards to him just not being a good qb. We talk about our line like they are our line from 92 , but I see them get pushed around more than dominating . Our secondary sucks . Our best attribute is our LBs . aside from that , we pretty much suck head to toe . Our chance to make the playoffs was in our hands against a depleted eagles team and we couldn't muster 1 touchdown. The Eagles deserve the playoffs..we don't. If we do manage to get in , of course I will support my team , but we will get embarrassed. The Seahawks will beat us by no less than 17
  5. Dallas solves problem.

    We obviously have more problems than him but hell yes he should be fired . He has been shanking Fgs for weeks now . It not only obviously takes points off of the board , it also is deflating to the offense to come up empty on these drives . Good riddance
  6. Post Any Lamar Updates Here

    This was the best I could find lamar
  7. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    It should be Kris Richard . We always pass on the young fired up guy that everyone likes . Its about time we get the young intense guy
  8. Just for that im gonna F his wife !!
  9. I hate my team

    He hates these cans !!!!
  10. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    I find it adorable that some of you guys really think Kap still wants to play football. He can take his Kunta Kinte shirt and half white afro and shove it up his ass . The NFL doesn't owe him anything. He made his bed and now he is laying in it as far as being a player again
  11. A 17-game regular season? It could happen.

    This will push the fantasy superbowl back one week as well
  12. Is this collusion? Is this a legit Trade?

    None of my leagues allow trades that include future compensation . If your league allows this , the move is hairy as hell, but I guess it stands. Very shaky though because its essentially Juju for myers which on its own would be extremely questionable. The whole thing reeks
  13. Vikings vs Cowboys (SNF)

    The coaching issues started even before that series where we gave zeke the ball. Dallas starts every game flat and spots the opponent at least a TD or 2 . They are never fired up and ready to go. I blame the players as well as the coach as these are grown men . Its time to let Garret go and I don't like the murmurs of him being replaced by Moore . I want the Cowboys to hire Kris Richard. Let us for once take a shot on the intense guy that everyone on the team likes , especially since he is within our organization Im still not thrilled with Dak , but I admit he is better than I have given him credit for . I still feel we need to stretch the field more . The O line is good , but slightly overrated edit to add: Cook is a beast. I love the way that guy runs . The Vikings have a great team , and they did it without Theilan
  14. Roquan Smith

    What do you think is going on with him ? They said he was acting "unusual" . I hope he is ok. Hes a young player and super talented
  15. Hi all. Im not looking for a draft board im just looking for a grid to use at the draft. Small grid just paper size to list my leagues draft picks . Its 12 teams and we draft 15 rounds . I keep finding draft boards or graph paper etc. Can one of you sons a bitches get me a 12 team 15 round draft sheet grid ?
  16. Based on the fact that he cant throw
  17. anything over 15 million a year is overpaying for Dak and even that is generous. A large contract to Dak will further insure we wallow in mediocrity forever . I love his character , but he is an average at best QB that should in no way shape or form be getting paid amongst the elite qbs
  18. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    great stroll down memory lane here. Superballas avatar is hysterical
  19. I have enough back hair for both of us
  20. Never quite understood the supposed "burn" regarding people from NJ and not pumping our gas . When its zero degrees and I am in the confines of my warm car when someone else is pumping my gas, I often reflect on it . You on the other hand or out there pumping gas with nothing to keep you warm aside from your Moses Malone jersey and back hair
  21. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Uhg. Don't be a twatty little stalker because I twisted your titties in the fan thread
  22. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    I guess the whining Saints fans got their way . Murica