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  1. Is Torry Holt Alive?

    Babe Leufenberg would be a step up here..
  2. Who else has lost or coming close to doing so?

    Im dwindling..I have ahman ,holt , horn and dillon left..down 13 facing carney ,stockley and Griese..Touchdown oriented league so 13 is a nice lead.
  3. Avatar Bet

    When did you join the party?????
  4. Lions Bad Snap......

    My game is so close I really needed the PAT from hansen and possible FG to win it..That blows
  5. Green Fumbles

    once again he is costing me big time.Hope he makes up for it
  6. Avatar Bet

    I just thought Id spice things up a little bit watching all the sigline bets this year I wanted to throw this out there.Im willing to bet my avatar that the cowboys will win this week.I will change my avatar to the Eagles logo until 1-1-2005.Here is my thoughts though.Since I would never ask for points and the mighty might Eagles who are the beasts of the NFC are at home against my beloved Cowboys I will only make this Avatar bet offer Valid if 10 Eagles fans agree to put up their Avatars and will make it the Cowboys Logo until 1-1-2005.If 10 Eagles fans reply to this thread that they are in we have an official bet which I would never welch on if I lose.
  7. Ahman to the bench

    If I had a better option I probably would sit him too.I do have a gut feeling though he may scratch out a classic Lambeau beauty and at least get in the endzone.Alot of people are afraid of the weather but Green bay players and fans feed off of it.Should be interesting..
  8. Anybody Owe You?

    Have any of you been carrying players all year that you were counting on and are now in the playoffs and feel that player owes you..Ahman Green and Michael Vick owe me big time and have to come through for me this week or Im screwed.Anybody else?
  9. Anybody Owe You?

    Michael Vick..For this week you have paid your debt to me.For that I thank you.Ahman please follow Michaels lead.
  10. Anybody Owe You?

    Vick owes me more than this..I never get to watch them.They suck..The 1 td was nice but I really need a better night.If he runs one in or throws 2 more he was worth the start.
  11. Avatar Bet

    Nsab Marauders11 Flyeaglesfly Stoney18 Avernus The Next Generation Hugh-mongus Dsarch21 Hop-Devil Keggerz Adding Mcnasty and Flypaste
  12. My All Irritant Team

    Id Add Peerless Price..Overrated waste of space Definetely totally agree on Shockey..Hes the biggest tool in the NFL
  13. My All Irritant Team

    "RB: Fred Taylor -- stealing from someone else, I'll say "how do you keep FT off your lawn? Put a goal post on it"."
  14. Avatar Bet

    Nsab Marauders11 Flyeaglesfly Stoney18 Avernus The Next Generation Hugh-mongus Dsarch21 Hop-Devil Keggerz Adding Mcnasty
  15. Vick on the big stage at home .Hasslebach playing great lately but playing a good D.Panthers good D.Vick burning me all year.Any opinions would be appreciated.Thanks.
  16. Avatar Bet

    We will just settle for your Avatar if you care to put it up.It took 12 hours to get the first ten so we will gladly oblige a late comer like yourself.Do you want in?
  17. Avatar Bet

    I dont have access to the cache of avatars that Avernus holds in his pockets like so many nickles and dimes (Godfather reference).Im in for the logo.I could never find something as demoralizing as Avernus could find.Im only speaking for myself on this bet.Its up to the guys you listed if they are in or not.They are more than welcome to jump in but it wasnt neccesary for them to get in.The point of making it your 10 to my 1 was because you guys think this is such a gimme and that Dallas is such a big underdog.I dont want to ruin the fun for those cowboy fans that decided to jump in but everyone that puts their name up is responsible for their own bet abd we are all on the honor system to hold up our end after the game.
  18. Avatar Bet

    Nsab Marauders11 Flyeaglesfly Stoney18 Avernus The Next Generation Hugh-mongus Dsarch21 Hop-Devil Keggerz Its Official .Here is the 10.
  19. Playoff Tie

    We use combined bench points.If that is tied than we go high individual bench player..
  20. Avatar Bet

    Keggerz made it Official.You have 10.Ill post names later.We got ourselves a bet..
  21. Avatar Bet

    The bet is team logo.I agree your Avatars are awesome ..
  22. Avatar Bet

    If you guys want to go all out than we can do it that way.I was going to do it for all the Cowboys fans and the whole point was to have all of the Eagles fans have to put up the star Vs only me since all of you eagles fans think this is such a mismatch.I dont want points.But since your home and top dog in NFC I thought it would be sufficient to have my Avatar vs 10 of yours .That was my original intentions here.Im in for my Avatar if the total hits 10.I dont have a chance to count right now since Im in work.Im not going to speak for other boys fans.Im willing to do this on my own but if anyone wants to jump in its totally up to you.Dont feel shamed in to it .
  23. Avatar Bet

    Cowboys fans.You dont have to put yours up.Thats not what this thread is about.3 more and we are in.I think if this thread was reversed you wouldve had the 10 offers by now.Is there 3 more Eagles fans out there ready to step up???
  24. Avatar Bet

    We got 7. 3 more and its a go.Once we get 10 Ill post all 10 just so we know whos in.
  25. Avatar Bet

    We got 5..Avernus in my opinion has some of the best Avatars ive ever seen.Itll be nice to see the Star next to his name for a few weeks..